Guest Post Guidelines

Although I write the majority of content on Princessonfilm, I welcome guest posts from fellow bloggers. If you are a blogger and are interested in submitting a guest post, please read through the following guidelines before contacting me. If you are a brand or company– or a freelance writer looking to promote a brand or company– please note that I do not accept content contributions but can work with you on a sponsored post.

General Guidelines
Princessonfilm is a lifestyle and wellness blog with the main focus being chronic illness, Particularly Viral Encephalitis and the side effects from the infection itself but all illnesses are very welcome. I Like personal essays about the challenges you have faced, the lessons you have learned or how you have adapted to live as well as possible with a chronic illness. I am looking for posts that will uplift, help, encourage or support fellow chronic illness sufferers. I also welcome healthy recipes too. and also posts about travelling with a disability and advice posts relating to a chronic illness.

Some Specifics

  • Posts must be original, unique and only submitted to Princessonfilm. Posts must not have been published or submitted elsewhere (including your own blog) or be slated for distribution on other blogs or websites.
  • Posts must be a minimum of 500 words in length.
  • Please ensure that your submission is error-free before sending it to me.
  • Write using a conversational tone.
  • If you mention a statistic or fact within your post, please link to the source where you found your information. I prefer peer-reviewed studies and credible websites please.
  • You may link to up to two of your own blog posts throughout your submission if they are relevant to what you are writing about but I do not accept links to other websites.
  • Please don’t hyperlink within the text and instead put links in brackets, e.g []
  • There will be no payment for guest posts. Guest posts are an opportunity for cross-promotion. I will promote your article on social media and expect you will do the same.
Looking to Submit?
Please send me an email with a brief introduction of who you are, info on your blog and an outline of your post idea. Once I have reviewed your idea, I will let you know when you should send me the full post for consideration. Please note that I reserve the right to refuse any guest post submission if it doesn’t follow the guidelines outlined on this page or if I feel that it is not a good fit for my blog for any reason. When sending your full blog post please also include an author photograph and short bio, with links to your blog and social media accounts. By submitting your blog post you also agree to me editing your submission if I deem it to be necessary.

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