How long have you been blogging for?
I originally started to blog sometime around October / November 2008 where i wanted something to do and writing a blog seemed to be a really good idea, As i was living in Wales at the time and there i was studying full time at collage so i spent most of my spare time and weekends blogging on all kinda subjects from Fashion & beauty, As there isn't any transport there i was able to keep myself busy by doing blogging and writing about the things that i enjoy about anything that i fancied.

Why is your blog & YouTube channel called PrincessOnFilm?
When i started blogging and making Youtube videos making up and creating a username for both platforms was the hardest of them all, I have been though so many different names since 2008 for both my blog & YouTube channel since creating it. I still cannot remember what my very first username was! The last names that i had created for myself was Dazzin_princess & Sparkleonfilm
before i decided to change it to something more practical  witch was PrincessOnFilm i think that i made that username up within one hour of me creating it. Everyone seemed to like my new name and it fitted to my personality and also what i write and blog about.

How did you make your blog?
Since having my blog in 2008 i have always had issues with themes and what i wanted my blog to look like and i have always used bloggers free themes and templates that was already installed for you when you first open up your blog, So over a few times a month i would keep changing it and in the end i wanted something more professional and more practical to something that was more me and presentable, I was looking at other bloggers templates and they looked really professional and i wanted my blog the same. So at first i tried to instal those XTM files and i think i failed on them a few times after i watched tutorials on how to do them and now i am a wiz kid on how to instal them so for a few weeks i used free XTM files until i decided that i would buy my themes from Etsy I have worked with a few people from Etsy for my Templates and blog buttons.

Do you the photography yourself?
Yes, 99% of the time all the images you see across my blog on here has been taken by me personally and members of my friends & family unless stated. I usually get inspiration for other images from Pinterest and other bloggers.

What camera do you use for taking photos for your blog
Currently i use my Apple iMac 21.5 Inch late 2012 for my videos and editing, I also use a MacBook Air 13.3 inch late 2014 for my travels and also to edit my videos and photos while i am on my travels and then i use my i Phone 7 plus Rose Gold 256GB to capture my favourite moments and also to share my photos and videos on Instagram.

How do you edit your videos?
Since December 2013 and may 2015 i have been using iMovie on my iMac 21.5inch and my MacBook air 13.3 (when travelling)

How do you edit your pictures?
I tend to use Picmonkey quite a lot and sometimes i use free editing software and for creating collages i use Be Funky & for creating cut out shapes i use Lunapic

Do you allow adverting on your blog?
Yes please email me on Princessonfilm@gmail.com to discuss placing a advert here and more information.

Can i send you a product to review?
Yes, reviews are always 100% honest and completely my own opinion, if the item you send me has a flaw, i will point it out, I also reserve the right to reject anything that does not fit within this blog, I work with many brands for sponsored content too. Contact me at Princessonfilm@gmai.com for further details and a copy of my media kit.

How tall are you?
I have always asked myself the same question i think i am 5ft 11inches but i could be wrong i know that i am the same height as my mum but i could be wrong.

Do you colour your hair?
Yes i have been colouring my hair since 2009 because i just hated being jet black all the time and i wanted a big change for my hair, So sometime in 2009 i made the choice to go and have my hair coloured and spent 3 hours in the salon and i looked like Natalie from Cascada witch suited me very well, Ever since that day i have to have my hair done every 6 weeks and as i wash my hair every 2 days as it gets so greasy (and i have tried everything to shift it) and the colour doesn't last that long.

How did you start your business with Google?
I really didn't know that YouTube and blogger was all part of Google when i first opened up my blogger and YouTube account, Back in 2008 Google + didn't even exist and everything was so simple and straightforward. When Google + was up and running i had to connect all of my services like YouTube and blogger into Google + I used to run Google Adsense on my blog but i never did find the service very useful and didn't make hardly anything.

Have you been professionally trained / Taught on how to do makeup & Skincare?
Yes i have been officially trained and taught by professional beauticians & aestheticians, I attended a 2 year beauty course between 2008 - 2009 and this gave me the chance to learn all about makeup and also skincare. I also provide skincare advice and treatment to friends & family and also offer advice for there issues they might have.

Do you collect anything if so what is the collection called?
I used to collect Cascada cd's and i had one of the biggest collection in the UK. After that i had no space left in my room i decided to sell my collection to someone in Belgium! Back last year i started to collect minions and then it was Zoella Beauty & Tanya burr cosmetics,

Who is your Best Friend and where did you first meet?
I met my best friend Kerry in 2002 in year 8 when i was transferred from year 7 after 1 week as there was a mix up when i left junior school as they held me for one more year, Kerry was the first person that i spoke to when i went into year 8 and we were about 13 at the time and for some reason we just clicked straight away and we did everything together like sitting to each other in class and going to the library. As i lived a while from Kerry i often used to walk home with her each night as she lived just around the corner and my mum would come and pick me up at teatime. I got to know Kerry and her family so well that i used to spend a lot of time with her and her family having sleepovers every other weekends I first met Kerry's sister and brother around the same time and we all got on very well together,
Kerry also helped me a lot when i was at school with Bullying and she always used to stand up for me as i was disabled and my weight was my main issue when i was being bullied and she used to tell them to leave me alone and then she would also tell our tutor as i was to scared to say anything. We left school and then attended a collage course and we were then again put in the same class witch was lovely and at the end of the course we had our differences and we fell just fell out with each other. We got back in contact with each other and then are friendship as now so close that i now call Kerry my sister as we have been though a lot since we were 13.
As Kerry suffers with Epilepsy Fits i have always been there for her when she does have a fit and i have also been trained on what to do when she does have a fit and she did have a few when i first met her and it was a very scary experience for me to watch someone to go though, As i also suffer with Migraines and she was there for me when i had my attacks at school she knows what to do when i have attack and its like we look after each other these days, We have been supporting each other ever since. As Kerry has her own place now with her fiancĂ© it is so easy to get to and she lets me stop over when i can just to give me a break from things as she knows that i do have difficulties and she has been very supportive about this, There is no one else that i can call my best friend and my sister in law as she has been there for me and has understood my special needs and disability and she has never asked me for anything (like some people that i have met) and i always help Kerry out as much as she does for me,
She has been there for me over 17  years now and her family too and she will always will be my best friend for life!

How often do you see your dad is it often or not very often?
Thats a very hard question to answer because my dad does come down and sees me when ever he can get here, As my dad now lives in Mid wales witch is over a 3 hour drive from where i am and as my dad has health issues and also back problems he cannot sit in a car and drive for long periods of time with his chronic back pain. He has always tried his best to come and see me but as times are getting really hard and my dad's health isn't good i don't know when i will see him again this year or not! Train fair is over £50 - £70 witch i can easily afford but its still a lot of money to spend on paper!

When do you buy yourself anything luxury & do you still shop on eBay!
I have cut back on so much stuff over the last couple of weeks and everyone wants to know what's wrong with me as i am always asking for something, I tend to buy myself something luxury if i need it and also will i get any use from it, I still shop on eBay for some things but not everything i have stopped buying clothes on there now and i look elsewhere for clothes. I use eBay for things like black trousers and things that i need if i can't get in the shops.

When will you be making any more YouTube videos?
At the moment i am kinda unsure if i wanna continue with making any more youTube videos as i am not getting anything with it and there are more better vloggers out there then me, As my health is always been a struggle for me it is very hard for me to make any videos so at the moment i don't know whats gonna happen. What ever happens i will continue to keep blogging though.

What is Lazy eye Amblyopia and how does it effect you from daily basics
Lazy eye is a vision disorder that effects my right eye and gives me very poor vision and i am unable to see clearly with out contact lenses, I have been struggling with this condition since 2002 when i had my very first eye exam in 2002, I have been wearing glasses since 2002 and contact lenses since 2013. I was diagnosed with Lazy eye Amblyopia in 2014 and i was told that my vision isn't gonna improve it will get even worse when i get older. It is not nice having a vision disorder at all and i wish i was able to see clearly without glasses and contacts and it does get me upset all the time as being able to see is very important, I am due to have Implantable Collamer Lenses surgery in the next couple of months as my vision has gotten so bad that it would be better for me.

What is your favourite shop & why?
That would have to be Primark in Bristol as there is so may products to choose from and i sometimes never find what i need when i visit my store in my local town. The store in Bristol has 3 floors and there is so much to choose from you can spend all day in the shop and come out with 2 or 3 bags full of clothes shoes and accessories for under £90. There is also a costa coffee in Primark in Bristol now so it makes life so much easier for me when i am shopping in there.

Love Rianna X

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