How long have you been blogging for?
I originally started my blog in Oct / Nov 2008 when i was living with my dad in Mid wales and as my dad lived in the county side there wasn't a lot for me to do on the weekends as i was also attending collage in the week. I decided that i would make a blog and write about all the things that i love and also make a review / post about each item that i had bought,  In January 2015 i started up my own little business called 'Princessonfilm.

Why is your blog/YouTube called 'PrincessOnFilm'?
I just wanted something that was appealing to my audience and my viewers on YouTube and as i have had so many usernames since the early days and some of them just didn't fit in with the content that i was making and also writing about,

How did you make your blog?
I have been working with  Albemarlepr on Etsy for the last couple of months and she currently designed my current blog theme and my custom banners and post signatures.

Do you do the photography yourself?
Yes, 99% of the time all the images you see on here are taken by myself, unless stated. I get inspiration for other images from Pinterest and other bloggers. 

What camera do you use?
I currently don't have a camera at the moment and i am using my iPhone 7 plus to capture the most important images until i am able to get around to buy a good quality camera.

How do you edit your videos?
I use i Movie On my iMac 21inch from 2013 and my MacBook Pro from 2015 when i am travelling and see my dad

How do you edit your pictures?

Do you allow sponsorship or advertising on your blog?
Yes! Email me on Princessonfilm@gmail.com to discuss placing an advert here or working together on sponsored content.

Can I send you a product to review?
Yes, reviews are always 100% honest and completely my own opinion. If the item you send has a flaw, I will point it out. I also reserve the right to reject anything that does not fit within this blog. Contact Paul at Princessonfilm@gmail.com for further details.

Illnesses & Disability 

How did you end up having Viral Encephalitis ?
I caught Viral Encephalitis though a tummy bug that i had a couple weeks before and i was on the sofa for about a week until my mum saw me turn for the worse.

Did you nearly loose your life due to the infection ?
Yes i was nearly close to death as i was really seriously ill with the infection and my mum & dad thought that i was gonna make it.

Did You Attend Any Special Needs School Due To Your Disabilities? 
I attended The Longford School AKA (The Milestone School) between 1995 - 1999 witch was a special needs school for children with special needs that provided special learning for each child who was there, I also had speech & walking therapy once a week on a Friday afternoon and also swimming lessons on a Wednesday afternoon witch was in the Chamwell centre across the road and the pool is still there to this day. The school has done so much for me and helping me achieve everything that i am today without there help and support i will still be in a wheelchair and unable to speak and i would need looking after 24 /7, The school means so much to me and also what they have done for me within those 5 years and i will never forget the time i was there and enjoying every single minute of it.

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