How long have you been blogging for ?
I originally started my blog sometime around Oct / Nov 2008 when i first discovered blogger while i was living with my dad and attending collage full time in Mid Wales, My blog was a little hobby of mine that i worked on over the weekends while i wasn't at collage writing about all the things that i love like Beauty & Skincare! In January 2015 i started up my own business called Princessonfilm.

Why Is Your Blog & YouTube Channel Called Princessonfilm ?

I just wanted something that was more appealing towards my readers and my audience as the name i had chosen before hand wasn't fitting in with what content that i was creating and needed something that would work with Beauty & Lifestyle!

How Did You Make Your Blog ?
I have been working with the lovely and super talented Albemarlepr for the last couple of months and she has currently designed my current blog theme and my custom headers and posts signatures.

 Do You Take The Images For Your Blog By Yourself ?
Absolutely all the images that you see throughout my blog has all been taken by me otherwise stated.
I sometimes get inspirations from other images from Pinterest and other bloggers.

What Type Of Camera Do You Use For Taking Photos & Videos?
I currently don't have a camera at the moment as i am trying to find one that is suitable for the content that i am creating for a ideal price, I am currently using my iPhone 7 plus for taking my most important images and i use iMovie on my iMac 21inch from 2013 & My MacBook Air 13inch from 2015 while i am on my travels.

How Do You Edit Your Photos & Videos?
I tend to use Picmonkey Befunky & Canva

Do You Allow Sponsorship & Advertising On Your Blog?
Yes! Please feel free to email me on Princessonfilm@gmail.com to discuss placing an advert on here or working together on a sponsored posts.

Can I Send You A Product Samples / New Product Launches To Review ?
Absolutely yes reviews are always my 100% honest and completely my own opinion, If The Item that you send has a flow i will also point this out in my full reviews on each product. I also have the right to reject anything that doesn't fit within this blog.
Contact Rianna on Princessonfilm@gmail.com for further details & more information!


How Did You End Up Having Viral Encephalitis ?
To be honest with you all i cannot remember how it all came about as i was only 2 when i fell ill in 1991 and my mum has only been the one who has told me everything about what happened to me because my dad doesn't remember anything when i ask him, The infection stared while i was unwell with a stomach bug that i had a couple of weeks before and i was also refusing to go to bed on my own so my mum allowed me to sleep on the sofa! Anyways a few days later my mum saw me having fever fits and saw me turning blue and she knew that something serious was wrong with me that she deiced to call the doctor to come out to see me. The doctor turned up and accessed me and told my mum to get me straight to A&E as i was seriously unwell! My mum drove me to hospital and rushed me in just in time and minutes to spare.

Did You Nearly Loose Your Life Due To The Infection & Also What Was The Symptoms 
I really cannot remember when i was lying in a Hospital bed and all my family beside me and having no strength in my arms and legs and being really confused, As the infection was so bad that i had a number of hours to live as it effected my never system in my brain and swelling up like a big balloon and this made me loose the ability to use any of my limbs plus my speech was very badly effected.
It was a very difficult time for all of my family because no one knew if i would make it or not and my mum even told me that i had a vicar beside my bed reading my last rights so things was very serious indeed.

How Did You Make A Full Recovery & Also What Has It Left Me With?
I made a full recovery while i was staying in Hospital for a couple of days having a course of strong antibiotics! When i was allowed home i was a different child from the day when i arrived as i was now disabled for the rest of my entire life and i wasn't able to walk so my mum had to wheel me out in a wheelchair from the hospital for me to get home! As my brain was badly effected from the infection it has left me with permeant scaring on my brain with  Moderate learning disabilities, Mobility problems, Codanation problems, incurable illnesses with no cure and many more! I am so lucky to be alive and living the life that i lead to this day!

Did You Attend Any Special Needs School Due To Your Disabilities ?
Yes! i attended the Longford school between 1995 until 1999 as the old school doesn't exist anymore it is now called the Milestone School. The school helped children like me who had physical disabilities and help them to achieve better learning, The school also offered me speech and walking therapy one day a week and also swimming lessons on a wednesday afternoon witch was in a special hydrotherapy pool witch is still there! I have some very fond memories of the school and i loved my time there for the 5 years that i attended there, The staff helped me in so many ways and got me where i am today and to lean a fully and independent life!

How Do You Support Yourself As A Disabled Person ?
It has been extremely difficult time for me throughout the years as there wasn't a lot of funding for me when i was ill and my mum had to provide everything for me buy buying me special nappies and equipment witch didn't come cheap! I have been kinda lucky that i have been receiving help from the government for a number of years and i have been able to go out and buy the things that i want without asking my parents for money all the time. I also get the odd discount cards now and again and they do help me out quite a lot. As i have a learning disability i sometimes find it extremely hard to budget my money especially when it comes to paying bills on time and also spending without me knowing about it! This has been the most difficult thing for me since i had a learning disability and i hate.

I See That You Have Lovely Things In Your Bedroom and How Do You Afford it?
I am very lucky that i have been getting government support since i was a child and this has enabled me to go out and buy the things that i want without asking my parents for money! I do sometimes ask my parents for a little bit now and again to help me out if i get stuck and this isn't all the time,
I am not spoiled person and i am not wealthy at all i am very lucky to have the things that i absolutely love and i am able to buy them! I do not earn any money from making blog posts and youtube videos and sponsorship deals, my blog is a hobby of mine that i enjoy doing.

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