Do you wanna know some specific questions about me and my lifestyle and even my disability! well this little F&Q witch i have put together is all about me and my life and it will give you a guide about myself and also for you to get to know me a little bit better. Every question is written and answered by myself.


How Did You Become Disabled?
I became disabled though a very serious illness called Viral encephalitis when i was 2 and i nearly died from the infection itself, The infection itself attacks the brain and the nervous system and causes your brain to swell up like a Balloon, It has caused me to have permeant brain damage (just a very small amount) and scaring on the brain and with other illnesses from the infection itself. I am very lucky that i am still alive today! Read more here :

Do You Get Teased & Bullied Due To Your Weight & Mobility Problems?
Yes i get teased and bullied every single day of the week and when i am out and about with my mum and my dad, It isn't my fault that i have got Mobility problems and weight issues due to the way that the Viral encephalitis attacked my nervous system and it caused me to have walking difficulties until was 10 years old, I was in a wheelchair for 5 years due to me not being able to walk and also to get out and about as i had to rely on my mum and dad to take me places while i was in the wheelchair so it was very hard for me to have a social life when i was a kid. I do get asked quite a lot when i am out and about on my own why i look like i am having a baby? and i just reply that i have a weight problem and when this happens i just wanna cry and go home and eat more and more. I also spent 5 years having walking therapy to help me learn to walk again and i also had some special walking shoes that was made for me in Somerset witch also helped me to learn to walk and these were made specially for me when i was about 3 years old. I have been taught to learn to walk again the way that the Physiotherapist taught me and thats the way that the Physiotherapist taught me and thats how i walk to this present day in time.

Did You Attend Any Special Schools Due To Your Disabilities?
I attend The Longford school (what it was called back then) back in 1995 due to my physical disabilities and i left there in February 1999 after 5 years of be being there. The school helped people like me who had issues with learning and walking and talking issues and a lot more. The school also provided special days out for us that was funded by the government and i had a lot of trips with the school including go karting and big kids day out events and even more, The school and the teachers was absolutely wonderful and they got me where i am today and i cannot thank them enough for there hard work and teaching me all those years ago. I also had swimming lessons in the school across the road witch was called the Chamwell school (Back then) that was for really physical disabled children witch also had a hydrotherapy pool in there with special equipment in there for lifting children in out and of there wheelchairs into the pool. We would spend about 2 - 3 hours in there before it was time to go home. The pool itself means so much to me as it taught me how to swim and it was one of the best pools that i have ever been in. My mum also took a cleaning job at the school before i left and she had also loved the staff and the teachers and was always helping the Children out if they needed help. The old building (The longford school) was being knocked down in 1997 (as i can easily remember this happening) and making way for the Milestone school as this new building was being built i was in the process of leaving, The new building now stands on the car park site today!

Do You Get Called A Benefit Cheat & Scrounger Because You Don't Look Disabled Enough?
OMG! Yes all the time and it makes me feel sick that there are people out there who claims and theres nothing actually wrong with them, I am truly thankful to people in my life who has helped me and supported me when i came out of Hospital when i was a disabled child and of course my mum who has been helping me and supporting me ever since that day in 1992. I just hate people looking a me and when i go out and about as they say oh you don't look like theres nothing wrong with you! and looking at my parking badge and thinking oh she's just to fat to walk, I just hate having to fight what i deserve and people should understand that i am clearly disabled and i am not faking it!
I wish that i could go to work full time but due to my disabilities and illnesses its impossible for me to keep up a full time job.

What Has It Been Like Growing Up As A Disabled Child Into Adulthood Being Disabled?
It has been extremely difficult for myself and both my parents as no one knew that i would become seriously ill with a stomach bug that i had a few days before, At the time when i was taken seriously ill my mum had been running a full time card business from home and she had to employed a few people to help her out with the card business as my mum would be working very long hours and even working throughout the night so she could get the cards box up and ready for shipment in the morning, it was very difficult time for my mum as she had to had to run and cope with running a full time card business look after the household and also look after two children (witch i was physically disabled), It was very hard time as i can remember growing up at the time as my dad was always working to provide for his family and he was hardly home to see me and my brother. It was a very hard time for all of us and now i am a full grown adult things hasn't really change a lot over the years for me.

How Did You End Up Having Viral Encephalitis?
My mum told me many years ago how i ended up being disabled though Encephalitis as i asked her when i was old enough to understand what had happened to me on that day in 1991! I also asked her what caused me to have the infection in the first place and then she told me everything and i was very shocked!
 As my mum remembers that i was feeling very ill with a stomach bug for a few days and i would also refuse to go and sleep in my own bed as i was sleeping downstairs on the sofa with my blankets and my pink panther. As i was sleeping for a few days my mum thought that i just needed some rest and some sleep to try and get rid of the bug and then a few days later my mum saw me having fever fits and turning blue and dripping in sweat. My mum knew that there was something Seriously wrong with me and she called our local doctor surgery straight away to get someone to come out and see me.
The doctor didn't take long to come out and once they had checked me over they said get her to A&E immediately as i was in a very bad way!

Do People Ask You About Your Childhood And Also What Had Happened To You?
I sometimes get that random person asking me about my childhood and my illness, When i tell people what had happen to me they just cannot quite believe how well i have adapted to the challenges that i face on a daily basics and also saying how lucky i am to be still alive, I also sometimes cannot explain to some people about my illness and disability because it is so painful to talk about and i will also start to cry because it is a very serious thing that i went though.

Do You Collect Anything If So What Is It Called?
I currently Collect Zoella Beauty Zoella Lifestyle & Tanya Burr Cosmetics i have been collecting Zoella beauty items since Zoe launched the collection in 2014 and i have been loving her products ever since! I also buy her Christmas products though each year. I have also started my Tanya Burr cosmetics collection in 2014 with her amazing lip glosses and makeup pallets, i also buy her Christmas products though each year as they are so amazing, I have spend quite a bit on my Zoella & Tanya burr collection but it is well worth the money and it does last for a very long time and i will never stop buying these products!

Why Is It So Hard For You To Loose Weight?
I have been trying to loose weight ever since i was 5years old and back in the day i wasn't able to walk until i was 10 due to me having the Encephalitis witch made my walking very difficult for me to walk anywhere without my wheelchair, As my walking was very badly effected i was always in a wheelchair when i went out with my mum so it was impossible for me to go out and get the much needed exercise. As i love my food so much and even my Pepsi it is very hard for me to get to my ideal weight and i keep trying and i keep saying to myself that i am gonna quit the Pepsi but it is so hard when theres people in your family that does drink the stuff and i don't know what my next stage is about loosing weight!

I Hurd That You Have A Addiction To Pepsi?
Everyone has asked me this question and the answer is Yes i do have a Addiction to Pepsi i cannot control how much that i drink or how many cans and bottles i have every single day, I have tried to stop drinking it for a day or two but i get these very bad withdraw symptoms and it is't the nicest things that you can have and it also makes me very sick as well. I have tried everything to stop my addiction and i will continue to drink it even more,

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