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Welcome to my beauty corner of the internet where i like to talk all things beauty and lifestyle! The reason why i started this blog was because as i am unable to work full time due to my illnesses and disabilities and i wanted something to keep myself busy and occupied during the day and as i have led a very hectic lifestyle i thought why not blog about it online though a blog.

In 1991 i suffered from Viral Encephalitis from a bug that i had a few weeks before and i nearly lost my life due to the infection, The infection has made me disabled for the rest of my life with incurable illnesses and physical disabilities on top and i also suffered brain damage in the process leaving permeant scaring on my brain.

In 2010 i was awarded a self taught / trained beautican & skincare specialist for my skills and knowledge when i attended collage in Newtown Powys between 2008 - 2010

I have been writing and making Youtube videos since January 2015 on 'Princessonfilm & updating the world with just about anything that i fancy writing about, I am absolute thrilled and delighted how far my blog has come within those 3 years and of course all of my new followers though social media. I wouldn't of thought 3 years down the line that i would still be here writing on my own blog and people still reads my posts its just incredible.

As i am totally obsessed with beauty & Makeup i also collect Zoella Beauty & Lifestyle , Tanya Burr Cosmetics  Minions Yankee Candles & Lush bath bombs!
    And i am a huge fan of Cascada Vic & Bob Wayne's World (Wayne & Garth) Red Dwarf BBC 2 idents from 1991 - 1997  Volkswagen Golf GTI's Britney Spears Fragrances Disney Impluse Spice & Primark

I also have two gorgeous dogs Crosby & Star and a rabbit called Sooty (Who is kinda old now)
who i basically spam over on my instagram and facebook stories with tonnes of photos and videos,

my dream is to own my make up / beauty brand with Superdrug witch would be affordable for everyone who is on a low income / budget and this would offer everything from foundations concealers and powders makeup bags and loads more!

I am a total social media addict and you can find me at:
Facebook: Princessonbeauty
Google+: PrincessOnFilm

For any PR requests or anything else please feel free to email me at:


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