Zoella Beauty Snowella Christmas Collection 2017

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As soon as I spotted the Zoella Christmas collection online, I knew I had to share it with you! I love Zoe's beauty products and this collection has seriously impressed me! There are so many gift sets to choose from and the packaging looks even better than last year if you ask me. How amazing is the name too (Snowella) - I love a good pun. I love that's there's a gift set or product for every price range too and I'm almost sure they would be on 3 for 2 closer to Christmas too. Snow'ella is said to be a very fresh fragrance and I can't wait to give it a sniff! 

Winter Wonderhand £6: hand cream with enriched peony and mint. 

Snow Balmy Lip Balms £7: star shaped lip balm duo enriched with peony and mint, 

All Four You Mini Mist Set £16: includes Blissful Mistful, Snowella, Gelateau and Bake My Day. 

I'm Dreaming of a Bath Filled with Bubbles Gift Set £14: includes exfoliating mitts, body lotion, bubble bath and a bow head band. 

Snowella Fragrance Set £14: Includes a Snowella body mist and a body lotion. 

Brew Me a Bath £14: includes bath milk powder and bath tea bags with the uplifting Snowella scent. 

Snowella Body Mist £12: A slightly bigger sized body mist at 100ml. 

Owning A Volkswagen Golf For 3 Years

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Way back in November 2015 my step dad had come into some money after he had been working so hard and very long hours to try and raise enough cash for himself to buy himself the car that he ever wanted. As my mums car was in need of some TLC and needed so much work done to it she decided to get rid of it as it wasn't worth the money and hassle to fix it as it would cost more then what my mum originally paid for the car in 2005, So while my mum was on the look about for a new car my mum was driving my step dad's car while he wasn't at work to get out and about before the car was in a car accident. As my mum couldn't carry on using my step dad's car as he would need it for work so when my step dad was at work me and my mum would be stuck indoors, The insurance company offered a small settlement fee so my mum could go and get herself a little run about until she found something that was more suitable. My mum managed to find a small Mercedes that was from 1999 witch she found on her way to Dursley one afternoon. The car only cost £1000 and it was only a run about until my mum found something more reliable, The car didn't even have a CD player and only a cassette radio and no clock (until we found it in the dashboard) the seats were really uncountable and when you drive over a bump in it you can feel the full impact and it was something unbelievable when i was in the car with my mum going all over these bumps you could feel everything! As my mum had the car for a while i was experiencing some back pain and i wanted to know what was causing the pain as some days it would be really bad and i have never ever suffered in back pain before, Anyways i had to go out and get some food shopping one day and i also had bad back at that time and i really didn't wanna go out as my bad was in chronic pain but as there was no food in the place i had to go and get some, When i stepped into the car it was very hard for me due to my bad back as my mum was driving to the supermarket she went over this speed bump and i felt the full force of it and plus i Hurd a massive crack in my back! I thought that i did some damage as the crack was so awful and i couldn't go and get my food shopping that i went out for in the first place as my back was completely gone! After a few days i went to see my doctor and he said that i had pulled a few muscles in my back and take some painkillers for the pain and rest as long as you can until you get back on your feet, The reason for me pulling my muscles was due to the seats in this Mercedes car and the seats and i just couldn't bare sitting in in those seats ever again. In the end it was time for my mum to go out and fund another car that was more reliable and had better features and seats.

When my mum bought that car she said at the time that she really didn't like it but that was the only car that was available in her price range at the time and she said that she wouldn't buy a Mercedes ever again not that model anyway! At time my step dad had bought himself a limited edition Clio that was a lime green colour and it only cost my step dad £500, and it got him from A To B and he was thinking about getting a new car as the car that he had was kinda small and it only had two doors so getting people in and out of the back was kinda hard and my mum hates 3 door cars. Sometime in November 2015 my step dad wanted to get his savings out that he had been saving for years so he could go and by his dream car a BMW X5! The process to get his savings was a nightmare as my mum had to fill out a lot of forms and do everything for my step dad to get his money paid into his bank as my step dad just didn't know how the process works and what was involved to get your life savings out of the savings pot and i must admit it took months for it to be all completed.
As the process was going on for the funds to be released my step dad spotted a second hand car market called Mill House Motors, My step dad had gone in there perviously to see what cars were available and to see if they had any BMW's X5's of course they didn't have any of those cars in stock and they were quite rare to get hold of one in a manual transmission as some of the models were only automatics, Anyways my step dad done a deal on a BMW 520 series and my step dad had also put down a deposit for the car to make sure that everything was ok with the sale and to see if anything needed to be repaired before picking it up the following week!
When my step dad told me that he had bought a BMW i didn't believe him at first and thought that he was telling me lies as i knew that he didn't have that much money to go and buy a brand new BMW as he didn't have that sort of cash in the bank, When i saw the information about what he had bought and the car then i believed him and asked when do you pick it up and he said on November 15th 2015 and i asked could i come and see the new car and he said yes!

When we drove up to the place my step dad said theres my car and i saw What!!! Thats my car over there and i said what that black BMW? and he said yes and i went OMG! it was so clean and shiny that i couldn't believe that we would be sitting in this car in a few minutes and it looked so comfy inside and it was so clean and professionallycleaned. As step dad was sorting out the paperwork and doing the deal my mum and I started to look at some cars as my mum needed a new car kinda bad due to the issues that she was having with the Mercedes and it was causing my mum and i chronic back pain and we also wanted a cd player in the car as tapes no longer exist for cars so it was the perfect time to get a new set of wheels. my step dad said if you need a car so badly that i will buy you one for your Christmas present and my mum said no i am fine and i will get one when i have the funds available of course my step dad couldn't refuse the offer and i said to my mum just go and pick something and then we went off and had a look at some cars, As me and mum was looking around this place there wasn't a lot of cars that we liked the look of only this his horrible Peugeot (and i really hate these cars as they have no power to them at all) and they were asking a lot for this car mind and it was so ugly and so small inside, My mum asked the owner for the keys to take a look and have a test drive and i can remember it was very small and cramped and i really didn't like it at all and i felt that the seats were so uncomfortable. When my mum started the car it sounded like the pistons was falling out of the engine and it just reminded me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car makes when they drive it in the film it was a horrible car.

Suffering From Hemiplegic Migraines For 17 Years - How Do I Manage With Them ?

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It has taken me a while to come on and actually write all about my Migraines and what really
happens during a attack, I have had a lot of people including doctors what type of Migraines that i actually do suffer with as they have never Hurd of them before and they also ask me all about the symptoms from each attack that i have. When i tell people about the symptoms when i am having a attack i explain to them that i am having a Stoke and i cannot do anything bar lying in bed in a dark room and they are very shocked to hear that i am having these symptoms with the attack and i also tell them that i cannot walk & talk and i go paralysed on the right had side of my body (either side) and i also loose my memory for unto 24 / 74 hours and they say you poor thing you must be so brave that you have these very rare Migraines and coping really well with them. Some people don't actually know what a Hemiplegic Migraine is as they are very rare and only a few thousands suffer from them and they also do have the symptoms of a stroke with them and it can be very scary for someone my age when i first experienced the attack almost 17 years ago.
I first experienced a Migraine sometime in 2002 - 2003 (I don't know the date for sure) when i started high school I was also moving house at the time also as we were fed up where we're were living and i was also being bullied so it was a good idea to move somewhere quite and peaceful,  As moving house is very stressful and it was a lot of hard work that we hadn't had no tea as we were busy sorting everything out that my step dad decided to go and get some Fish & chips and then this is when the trouble began for me. When i first told my mum that i had a headache (as i never had one before) and told her that my head was banging and i was also loosing my vision she told me that i was experiencing a Migraine attack and told me to go to bed in a dark room and take some pain killers,  It took me a while for me to get to sleep because the pain was so bad that i was crying in so much pain that i wanted my mum & dad so much, The pain was something that i had never experienced before and i couldn't call my mum as i wasn't able to speak as my mouth was numb and my right side of my body was also numb so i couldn't do anything for myself. My mum came up to check on me and to see how i was doing and i tried to explain to her that the pain was very bad and i couldn't move my arms and legs and it felt like i was paralysed from the waist down. My mum just couldn't understand why my Migraine was so bad and also why i was having these kinda symptoms from a stroke she was puzzled, My mum watched me for over a week and these attacks were coming on every morning around about 3.00 am and this made it impossible for me to attend school so my school life was sadly ruined for me since that very first attack.

As my Migraines wasn't getting any better my mum made me a appointment to go and see my doctor and to see what the next stages were as i was so fed up that i couldn't go to school and i was so unwell and i just wanted to get better more then anything, The doctor gave me some tablets to take (and i cannot remember what they were called) and they told me to take 2 tablets every night before bed and see how i get on with them and if they stop the attacks for me. Well after 2 weeks the medication didn't do anything for me and i had to go back to the doctors where they decided to send me to the hospital for further treatment and medication, When i attended the Children's hospital for my Migraines and they also asked me what was going on with the attacks once they come on and also the symptoms that i was suffering with them, I explained all this to the doctor and they gave me some more medication and asked me to come back in a few weeks if nothing had improved for me. Well the medication never worked for me and these attacks were very slowly getting me down and i just wanted to go to school and have a active life, The next time i went to see my doctor at the hospital they were going to do a MRI scan just to double check if my brain was ok and if there were any problems causing my attacks to be so bad, The MRI Scan that i had was a very fighting experience for me as i had never ever been in a scanner before (well my mum told me that i had one years ago but i don't remember it) and my mum was with me on the appointment as i was so scared about going in that tunnel on my own, The staff who was looking after me told me that my mum can come in and talk to me while i am having the scan done witch made me feel a bit better and getting on the bed was very hard for me and they put a cadge over my head and then i went into the scanner. When i was in the scanner all i was looking at was a square piece of metal that was placed on top of the scanner and i could still here my mum and the nurse who was taking my pictures and then the noise of that machine was very loud and at the time i wasn't given any headphones to listen to any music and the total time of the scan took over 2 hours and when i came out of the scanner i was so stiff that i had to be put in a wheelchair because i couldn't walk and if i have to have to go though a scan like this again i don't think i would because it is to fighting for me to go though all over again.

New Zoella Lifestyle Collection - 2017

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Zoe is killing it with all of her new launches at the moment! Just a few weeks ago she released her Jelly & Gelato beauty collection which I loved and now there is a brand new lifestyle range! I have to admit, I am a long time Zoella fan so I always love seeing what she releases.

One thing I have noticed with this collection is that it is a little more expensive than the previous collection but I do really love the range! I think I will probably pick up a few pieces soon and with Superdrug having it on 3 for 2, it's hard to resist! A few of the items would also make perfect 'blog photo props' so of course, I am going to have to get some! Not to mention, I am literally redecorating my bedroom as we pink to Grey and Pink so this collection was made for me!

Notebooks & Stationary

I love the stationary products from Zoella Lifestyle and I have found them to be such good quality! The stationary products in this new launch are:

Make Your Mark Pencils £5: a pack of five pencils each with a quote - HERE.
Stay On Top of Your World Book £12: a weekly planner with sticky notes in a notebook - HERE.
It's The Little Things Jotters £10: A5 notebooks in two designs - HERE.
Wonderful Journal £15: a lined journal - HERE.


There are a few pillows in this collection and I am in love with all three of them, they would go perfectly with my new bedding! The three pillows are:

Cloud Nine Cushion £15: a scatter pillow with pom poms - HERE.
Easy Doze It Cushion £18: a square cushion, the most colourful out of the three - HERE.
Sweet Dreams Cushion £18: a mainly grey cushion with a cute cloud - HERE.