Zoella Beauty - Jelly & Gelato Collection

Thursday, 20 July 2017 No comments

I have been a fan of the Zoella Beauty range since it first launched and I have been a fan of Zoe since before she even started her YouTube channel as I was a blog reader first! I recently stocked up on a tonne of products as they were so cheap on Feel Unique in the sale. Zoella Beauty has just launched a brand new collection for Summer and I can't wait to get my hands on it as I love sweet scents!

This collection includes eight gorgeous looking products, I can't wait to get my hands on them all! I have already ordered one of them to make sure that I like the scent before I purchase them all but I have never been disappointed with Zoe's products so I am sure I will own them in no time. The eight products in the Jelly and Gelato collection are:

Gelato Shower Sauce £3.75 (will be £5)
This one of two shower gel products in the collection and this is the one I have actually ordered! I have always liked the formulations of the Zoella Beauty shower gels so I am sure this won't disappoint. Available - HERE

Gelato Bath Wafers £3.75 (will be £5)
I think I might have to order these next as they sound so interesting! These are fizzy bath wafers that have been enriched with extracts of Elderflower and Pomegranate to help brighten, smooth and tone. I love a bath product and these are available - HERE

Gelato Body Pudding £6 (will be £8)
This is a lightly whipped body moisturiser that has also been enriched with extracts of Elderflower and Pomegranate to help brighten, smooth and tone. This is to be massaged into clean skin for a soft yet fragrant finish. This product is available - HERE

Gelat'Eau Body Mist £6 (will be £8)
This is the perfume from the collection and I can't wait to see what this smells like! I have always loved and rated the Zoella Beauty fragrance mists, I have gone through a few of each scent and they are so long lasting on the skin and how cute is the name! This product is available - HERE

Gelato Shower Shake £4.50 (will be £6)
This is the second shower gel related product in the collection but this will not only cleanse the skin, it will also moisturise too! It has been blended with extracts of Elderflower and Pomegranate to brighten smooth and tone. This product is available - HERE

My PIP Assessment - The Experience

Monday, 17 July 2017 No comments

I knew that the day was just around the corner for me when i had to finally put the claim in for PIP after being on DLA for almost 25 years of my life, I knew that my DLA wasn't awarded for life anymore due to the new terms and conditions of the new disability changes by DWP and i would have to face the dreaded assessment to see if i would qualify for the new benefit. I knew that DLA was being replaced with PIP and i just didn't wanna face it all and carry on as normal as i never had a issue with my current claim for DLA and everything was paid on time and it was great, I have been reading months before i actually put my claim in for PIP that there was a lot of people loosing there entitlement and just living on the normal weekly rate and not being able to pay bills and live, I just didn't wanna be one of those people who would face the chop and loosing everything and not being able to pay my bills and rent.

My current claim for DLA doesn't run out as i am awarded it for life but due to these new changes by the DWP that i just had to wait until September 2017 when the DWP would send me the details over to claim for DLA.  As my claim was running out the i deiced that i would apply for PIP myself rather then the DWP contact me about claiming as i wanted it done and sorted before September as i have a big event coming up and i didn't wanna have that worrying me and upsetting me on a very special day! I finally apply in January 2017 and they asked me a few questions over the phone about my disabilities and illnesses and told me that i would need to fill a form out and send it back within a weeks to see if i would be able to claim for the new benefit. The form was completely different to DLA and there were more paperwork that i had ever seen just to apply for the new disability benefit and i don't know how i managed to fill the form out without my mums help i do not know but i sent it all back and then i waited for a assessment letter to arrive to see a health professional.
I was reading viva the internet and support groups how people had to go though these awful assessments to claim PIP and being turned down for it and not getting the right support and needs for each person who had a disability and also not understanding about there illnesses!

My DLA has been with me since 1992 and i am very thankful to the people who actually put the claim in for me almost 25 years ago to help with my needs and disability, Back then DLA was just being introduced and as i was just coming out of hospital i didn't know anything about the new benefit at all and i wasn't well at all as the Encephalitis damaged my brain so much that i wasn't able to talk and walk until i was about 10 and i was in a really bad way until then. I cannot really complain about DLA as it has helped with a lot of my equipment over the years and without it it would of been very hard for my mum to look after me and also has helped me to have social life to go out with friends and family and get the things that i love so much,
The assessment for PIP was one of the worse that i have ever experienced for calming any kinda benefit and i must say that i would never ever wanna be put though it ever again even if it is a check up as they were horrible and very rude to me and also didn't have a clue about my disability and illnesses,  I had to attend my assessment at the docks (witch was new to me as i have never been there for anything) of course my mum went with me to the appointment as i cannot remember half of my life and when i became ill so it was very important that she came with me. The person who was doing my assessment was looking at me while i was walking into the assessment room and when i sat down and saw that there was paper towel covering the glass on the door and i was looking at my mum and she was looking me saying whats going to happen,