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Monday, 8 May 2017
Do you remember?  it was 1997 and the Spice Girls exploded on the scene with there amazing products and there official Merchandise, I was only 8 years old when Spice main actually took off and i can remember listing to there hit single Wannabe when i was 6, I knew when the Spice Girls started to bring out some of there products between 1996 & 1997 i knew from that day in 1996 when Wannabe went to number 1 that these Girls had more to offer then just music. When i was 8 i was attending my special needs in 1997 when the Spice girls brought out there amazing products and i cannot really recall seeing any of there products in my local stores only the impulse Spice and there amazing lollipops by Chupa Chups witch i saw in my local co - op store, I didn't expect to have any of the Spice girls official merchandise and products as my mum thought that it would be kinda too young for me but my mum one day brought home some of this spray that was made my Impulse and she said that you will love it as it has Spice Girls written all over it, As i was unable to speak very well at the time my mum sprayed some on me and i said i love that scent and since that day in 1997 i have been a huge fan of the Impulse Spice spray for over 20 years. Impulse had made this stunning can of spray and it was very colourful and attracted for girls my age to have something that was made from the Spice Girls in a Spray witch absolutely smelt like heaven, I had a few cans of it in my childhood days and when my mum would go shopping she would always get about two or 3 cans as it was very cheap and it would go on and last me a few weeks at a time, There campaign for the product was very huge and very popular as there was also a few more products that was also added to the campaign including there famous 1310 - 2 Buffalo platforms witch was signed by all of the 5 girls for a Competition with impulse to give away to a lucky Spice Girls fan, I believe that Liz west who has the biggest Spice Girls collection has these and she was the lucky winner of this amazing price, I don't recall seeing a lot of the other products that they produced as i was reading that they also brought out a limited edition perfume edition in a glass bottle and also a roll on deodorant witch i would absolutely love in my collection that was only available in Mexico in 1997 so i really don't know if you can personally still get this on eBay as i would love one.
There is no other Impulse fragrance that beats this amazing product from the Spice Girls anywhere and also the scent reminds me of my childhood and when i smell it it just takes me back to the time when the Spice Girls was around and i can also remember seeing the advert for this and i absolutely loved it and how it was made,

The Official Impulse Spice Ad

I have had so many Impulse sprays in my lifetime and if Impulse did bring this back i think it would be as popular as it was almost 20 years ago and it would sell so many amounts and as the Spice Girls are no longer they can still produce more products to add to there current line and also make a bigger version, I don't think that Impulse actually makes this spray any longer as it was almost a decade ago and theres no harm and then asking Impulse about it and seeing if we can get it back on our shelfs, If it did make a return i would buy every can as it would last me for a long time to come and it would be a massive seller as well. There was also so many products that was also produced and also was available throughout the world and these were.....
  • UK Shower Gel
  • French Perfume Spray in 75ml & 25ml extra
  • German Perfume In Glass Bottle 
  • Mexican Deodorant Press Up
  • Official Post Card
  • Austrialian Postcard
  • Promotional T- Shirts
  • German Campaign Programme
  • South America  Programme Campaign
  • 1310-2 Buffalo Platforms Signed By All 5 Girls for Impulse Giveaway
  • Press release Bruch with the Spice Girls & Impulse 
  • Promo CD with Impulse With Spice Up Your Life 
  • Sample Versions Of The Spray
It was a massive thank you to the Spice girls almost 20 years ago that they bought out some amazing merchandise and products that i will never ever forget including the Chupa Chups lollies and that amazing range in ASDA for Christmas 1997, There is also a rollerball perfume version that was also produced and i am trying my hardest to get hold of it to add to my Impulse Spice collection as i would love to see that and also use. I am quite lucky that i do own some of this amazing spray and of course i do have the German perfume in the glass bottle that has never ever been used witch i am gonna try and get some more off as i would love to try it one day but i don't wanna use it,

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