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Thursday, 16 March 2017
I have been looking around for a new type of entertainment for my room and my TV for a while now as i used to have SKY as i found that this was a lot of money when i hardly ever used it, I only wanted SKY for basically for SKY 1 to watch the Simpsons UK Gold & Dave to watch my comedy programmes etc! At the time my brother decided that he would cut me off from his internet so i couldn't use it anymore and told me to get my own provider! As we already with Virgin Media it was very hard to get a new line installed when my brother is the account holder for the TV, Phone and internet so it wasn't easy. So in the end i decided that i would go with SKY for the TV and the internet and when i agreed that i would sign up to them i didn't realise that i would also need a land line installed for the internet to work, I wasn't very happy with this because there was a £15 per month line rental charge including everything else what was included. I originally started my contract with SKY on 14th November 2014 and i had the family bundle witch was about £35.00 per month with the internet and the phone line and all i paid was £10 for the set up as at the time i was still insolvent and getting things like this would be very hard but it was very easy and straight forward, My bills from that period went up and down all the time as you could add different packages and box sets all the time and my highest bill that i ever had was over £189.00 as i added F1 sky sports channel and that made the bill up to the amount witch was a lot of money! I fell behind with the account just before Christmas 2016 where there was a outstanding bill for £219.14 and in that time i fell ill with my depression and then i decided that i would rip it all out witch i did and a few weeks later my brother decided that he would allow me to share the internet once again.

Since then i have been using a Freeview indoor Ariel to watch TV as i have got a Freeview TV witch i didn't know nothing about, I have bought a few of these Ariels and none of them gives out a good signal sometimes i could get a really strong signal if i lean it out of the window and stay there all day and then if i move the Ariel it would loose the signal and i wouldn't be able to find a new place to put the Ariel. As my TV is on the wall just beside my window it is very hard to put a Freeview indoor Ariel by the window as my power leads are not long enough and sometimes i wish that i just stayed with SKY And just have the SKY Q installed as i was really upset about it. Within a couple of months of me watching no TV i sometimes used the internet to watch the things that i wanted to watch and then there would be my TV on the wall just doing completely nothing, As the TV is kinda special to me as it was a gift from my auntie who bought it for me back in 2014 for my SKY to be installed so its very special to me and it means a lot to me. As i was getting so annoyed  as i wanted to watch TV again i was gonna ask someone to come out and sort me out a Freeview Ariel to put outside on the roof and feed it back into my TV but no one in my family offered to help me with it witch i was so angry about as i could easily get a good picture on my TV with it. As time was going on i thought about getting one of these NOW TV boxes Apple TV's and i really didn't want one in the first place as they wouldn't be no good for me and i went into CEX  a few months ago and bought a Apple TV but it was the wrong one and i wanted the brand new one where you can download apps from the store! As i owed this money to SKY i was thinking about getting Virgin TV in my name and in my own bedroom where me and my brother had a massive augment over it and saying its still a waste of money and you will never watch it like the SKY (He has a point there) So i went into the store in town and got everything sorted out, They found me a really good deal and told me all about the terms and conditions and went ahead with the order, As there was already a Virgin media line in our house there would have to be a credit check done and a line check as my brother is the account holder and i said thats all fine. As i paid a deposit of £20 i just walked out of the shop and waited for the information to come back from Virgin Media.

I had a phone call from the person from the shop who was dealing with me and told me that i had the all clear to go ahead to install the TV but the credit check came back as a decline and i was so shocked as i never thought that Virgin media was so strict for new customers i was so shocked to her this, So they wanted someone else like my mum or step dad to put the credit check in there name and the payments would come out my bank as normal and no one would do it for me as they was thinking that if the bill wasn't paid that it would come back onto them to pay it, They have the wrong end of the stick and i went back to the store and explained that no one would agree to do the credit check for me and got my £20 back and then left it as that! So as the next couple of days went by and i was getting really annoyed about not having no TV to watch and then i decided that i would like a Apple TV as i could easily download the apps that i would like and then i would only need to pay a few quid a month to watch some extra channels like Dave and UK gold etc! As there is a app called TV player that works with the Apple TV and on your phone too it sounded like it would be a really good idea and also i can play games on my TV as well, I was gonna buy myself a Apple TV when i could actually afford one as i found some reviews online and found it be very good and i knew that i wanted one but the price was a little bit to much for me. As there are so many smart boxes and TV boxes out there at the moment i just didn't know what i wanted as i already had my eyes set on A Apple TV but i would have to wait until i had enough money to get one and i just wanted one for the time being just to keep me busy and something to watch when i am bored. I looked in Argos and other places to see what boxes was available and i was thinking about one of these NOW TV boxes as they were great value for money and i just didn't know what they were and how they worked as i was new to these kinda boxes, It must of been a few months until i decided that i would like one or not as they don't have all the channels that i like to watch like Nicktoons and SKY1 (for the Simpsons) and there was something that i just didn't like about it and i really don't know what that was. As i was seeing these NOW TV boxes in my local ASDA store they were great value for only £25 and when i saw what you could get for that price i was blowed away and it sounded like a really good deal. I showed my mum and she doesn't really understand what these TV boxes are and she said that sounded like a good deal and i wanted one straight away and deal like this well it couldn't go to waste.

As there was about 2 or 3 boxes to choose from i didn't know what kinda NOW TV box that i required as there is a new updated box now that is called the NOW TV smart box where you can watch live TV with a Ariel but i couldn't have one of those as i currently don't have a Freeview Ariel outside and no one would connect one up for me and it would be ideal for me as well. As ASDA only had a few of these boxes there was only the original box that was available and when i saw it online and in ASDA i thought that it looked huge but i said that was OK as i like bigger boxes so i know that its on etc and working! As time went buy i always looked at these NOW TV Boxes in ASDA and i just wanted one and i never had the chance to go and buy one when i did have the funds for it and i was getting so annoyed that i didn't have one of these amazing boxes, Well on Tuesday 14th March i went shopping with my auntie who gave my mum £200 for her birthday so she could buy herself a Tablet (as she broke the last one) and then went to ASDA and asked my auntie to buy me one of these NOW TV boxes and she didn't understand what these boxes were and then didn't say anything about it and carried on with her shopping, As we was ready to leave my auntie said here is the £25 for the NOW TV Box and i was so shocked and was quite pleased all at the same time and i thought that i wouldn't have anything as my auntie had spent a lot of money that day and i was very shocked. As these NOW TV boxes came with passes i got the one with the 3 months entertainment that will last me until June / July and i was so pleased with the outcome and also what was available though this box, I got the box home and i left it for a few hours before i decided that i would set it all up as time was getting on and i just wanted to read all about it first and see what needed to be done and also to set up a NOW TV account.
As time was slowly getting late i decided that i would set it all up and see what this amazing little box would do and when i first saw this box i was so shocked to see how small it was and it was super tiny and it looked massive on the picture,  I had everything in the box from the HDMI cable to even the batteries for the remote witch was very handy for what i paid for it, I also found my 3 months entertainment pass witch needed to be entered into the NOW TV's webpage and when i started to set it all up i ran into some problems witch made me feel very upset, I was having issues trying to connect it to our network as otherwise it wouldn't work and i must of been loosing my temper and i just wanted it to work so could watch my programmes and in the end i must of spoke to two people on the live chat on the NOW TV's webpage and none of them had a idea what i was talking about and in the end i decided that i would give up and take it back to ASDA where i was told that i would need the modem connected by a lead from the back of the box to make it work? By now i had it all over my bed and decided that i would take it back and get a refund for it. As i calmed myself down and watched a few more videos on YouTube i knew what the problem was and as i don't know half of the controls on the remote i just watched some videos and then i started to unbox everything and started to try again. This time i watched a video while i was doing it and then i followed the same method and then it worked and i had to go into the main settings of the box and change something to make it work, As it now connected to the network i was shouting in joy that i got it to work and i knew what the issue was but as i was so tired i just couldn't think what was going on. As it was finally connected to the internet i had to log in a activate my box and also my passes and it all worked and i was so happy and it was working. As the menu and set up screen is very easy and very simple to use all i had to do was put in a few details and i was up and running it was so fast and very easy to do.

Here are some photos of my new set up.....
As you can see that it does give a excellent picture as i have a 1080 HD tv the quality is quite amazing and i was quite amazed how well it tuned out and there are so many apps to choose from but i would of liked to have seen things like Netflix added so i could watch my programmes on there but i read that it isn't possible to add it, I am very pleased and how easy it was to set up and also to add the passes for under £2.99 per month witch is a super ideal price as i was paying double when i had my SKY installed in 2014, As these NOW TV boxes are like on demand service where you can watch all of your shows and box sets under a few quid per month. There are three passes to choose from that all come with a 14 days free trial and then you pay so much a month for.
The passes.....

  • The Entertainment Pass - £6.99 per month 
  • Sky Cinema pass - £9.99 Per month
  • Kid pass - £2.99 Per month
  • Sky Sports Pass - Exclusive Live sports (Choose from 3 packages)
As you can see it is great value for money and also you can have monthly passes that works out a lot cheeper.
It is so much cheeper then SKY and virgin Media and as i don't want TV that much that this box was a great thing and i can just watch it when i want and add the passes when i want pay monthly or value packs so it is worth the money, I will continue to use my box and see what comes up in the next couple of months and see what is new to offer! I will be getting the apple TV still and to play games and other things but i still think this is a lovely little device and great value for money and with me who has a very small room it is super ideal for me and it sits perfectly on my small bookshelf that i created when my SKY box was ripped out, If you are looking for a great deal for catch up TV and some live channels then this is super ideal and great value for money too, My Live TV contains SKY 1 UK gold and other witch i am really happy about as i watch SKY 1 for the Simpsons so it is perfect for me.

If you are thinking about getting ones of these NOW TV boxes i would highly recommend it and they are great money savers and ideal for kids bedrooms and small bedrooms too! There are so many boxes and passes to choose from you can take a look on the NOW TV's webpage to see whats on offer and also there terms and conditions and everything that you need to know about these super boxes! I am very pleased with mine and i will use it for a long time to come!

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