Looking Back At My Childhood Home

Friday, 6 January 2017
It has never been easy for me looking back at my previous homes and where i used to live as it does upset me so much as it also brings back a tonne of memories of me my brother & my mum and how things used to be like growing up (especially me) my dad always told me while i was growing up that this house would be mine and my brothers one day whatever happened, Well in 2000 my dad wasn't very well he had so much to cope with on a regular basis that he was feeling depressed and he wanted a life somewhere else, My uncle said to my dad come on and move to Wales to make a fresh start as my uncle encouraged him to make the move on 27th October 2000! When my dad told me that he was moving over 300 miles away it was very hard to cope with for a 10 year old and not being able to see your dad on a regular basics and it was very hard for me for a couple of years until i was old enough to understand why my dad needed to move away! This house does hold so many special memories as this is the house that i grew up in between 1989 until 2000 and so much happened in this house over the years and i really don't know where to begin, My mum had her own card business that she ran for a few years and we had a extension built to store the cards and paperwork that was needed to run the company and to my surprise that extension is still there to this day and the previous owners has made it in to a living room complete with a open fire, I used to visit my dad every day after school and spend the night with him when my mum would come and pick me up in the morning for school and this was something that i will remember for a very long time as we used to do everything together and it was wonderful, Me and my dad would watch everything together even comedy programmes and it was truly special. I can also remember that my dad had a heart attack in this house and i was so brave that i called the ambulance to him and the paramedics had to put him on a stretcher and took him to hospital and it was a frightening experience for me at a young age but i am so glad that i did what i did and saved my dads life.

Seeing the house today it floods back so many memories for me and i cannot believe what they have done to the bathroom , the kitchen and the bedrooms it is so unrecognised with so many features inside and out. I can remember that the bathroom was yellow & black and we didn't have a proper shower only a small thing that connected to the taps of the bath, When i came to use it it would leak all the time with water the bathroom was pretty horrible when looking back on the home movies but it was 1996 - 97 so it was in style i suppose. The best thing about living in the street was that we was all a massive family and we knew one another and it was magical. My dads long time friend just lived over the road so he used to come over every day to look after me and my brother if my dad was busy working and my mum also it was such a happy big family. I can also remember that we had a massive tree bush that was in the back garden and my dad used to store my old toys and bikes that i used to have when i was living there and i used to go in there looking for them and i would get tangled up and in a right mess, I believe that this bush is still in the backgarden! The house has been redesigned inside and out as the kitchen as i can remember was the smallest and i don't know how my mum managed to cook and do everything in there it was so small. The kitchen has had a massive makeover and it looks amazing to how it used to be. I have also seen that the blue garage door has never been repainted as still has the original number 16 sign on top of the garage door. I have notice that they have dome some improvemnets  to the drive as when when we was living there my dad had his mini in the garage where we was able to have to cars on the drive, they look like that they have made this smaller so one car can only fit on the drive witch is not what i would of liked if i had still lived there i would prefer to have it where two cars could be parked. I also see that they have put posts up on the brick wall that my dad built when the extension was built and i like what they have done to it.
When i see this house on the market today i almost cry in pain because i feel that no one wants to buy it and all of the work that people has put into this lovely family home,  I would buy this house it i was able to afford it and i would move back in there tomorrow with my mum and now my step dad but it will never happen only if i won the lottery. If i did move back in my childhood home i would strip it all back to how it used to be like and i can relive all of memories in there once again at a much older age. I am so sad that this house will never be the same how i used to remember it and one day i would love to go and visit and see what they have done to the place as it looks amazing on the photographs but i think i would get so upset because of what happened there while i was growing up in the 90s.
It was a magical time with my family and living by some of the most wonderful neighbours that i had ever met, I also made two friends while i was living in the close at the time and always had time for me when i wanted to play with them, Sadly i cannot remember there names so i cannot contact them viva Facebook as i would like to see them again. Apart from that this was a fab home and i was brought up here and i am so sad that it is for sale again and like i said that i would buy it tomorrow if i had the available funds Also while i was living in the close i was told that Fred West's wife Rose west was living a few houses away from us as we had police houses then. The house is on the documentary from the ITV one that was aired in 2008 with a white van and skip on the side of the road. Apart from all that went on throughout that house  i would live there again for sure i just need the £270,000 to buy it Happy memories !

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