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Wednesday, 18 January 2017
I have seen a lot of Dr. Dre products around for a while now and i wasn't in any mind of me ever gonna buy anything from the range as i would thought that i wouldn't ever use any of the wireless speakers and headphones that i have been reading are one of the best on the market, I have used so many headphones in my lifetime and every pair that i have ever had has even been poor sound quality and been very cheaply made, I used to love the JMC brand for headphones until i wanted something with more base and sound in so i then turned to Sony where they wasn't as good as i thought and then i decided that i would get my mum to buy me some Dr.Dre Urbeats for my birthday in 2014 and i can remember having a purple pair and they were very expensive back then until Argos had them in the sale and then my mum agreed that she would buy them for me, When i went into Argos to get them i was very surprised to see how well they were packaged for a pair of headphones worth over £100 and i was so shocked when i placed them into my computer that the sound quality was incredible and i was the best pair of headphones that i had ever owned in my whole life, I had the headphones for over a year util i decided to blow out the earphone where i needed to get some more and i was gutted when these headphones stopped working.

I couldn't really decide on what headphones that i wanted to get next as by now there was brand new Dr.Dre headphones out and i had seen some on the Apple site that they had some rose gold ones and they were even more expensive then the ones that i had originally! As i was waiting for the next Argos sale again i asked my mum if i could have some more for my Birthday the following year and she got me the same headphones but this time in Pink and they are still going strong to this day with no problems and i cannot live without my Dr.Dre headphones now as they are one of the best headphones in the world.

My Very First Item From Dr.Dre A Pair Of Urbeats Headphones (Purple) June 2014

When i first took out my o2 Contract in September 2016 i was offered a Dr.Dre beats pill 2.0 for under £119.00 rather then £200 as i was a new customer and i asked them what was there terms and conditions about the deal and they told me that the payment was going to be added to my new o2 bill so i went ahead and made the order for the pill, As i was so excited to get this new product that i wanted to get a beats pill dude to hold my speaker in and my mum got me a pink version to go with my new white speaker. When the speaker arrived i couldn't believe how small it was and also it reminded me of a massive pill that you would normally take etc! I was getting everything out of the box and there was hardly anything about setting it all up it was very simple and very easy from the start, My mum couldn't believe how much that i had paid for this and she wanted to know was it any good and i was asking myself the same question? I connected to my phone and i started to use it and at the time my phone didn't have a lot of music on it and when i switched it on the sound that came out of the speakers was incredible and you could here it miles away from the kitchen into outside the front door i was really impressed with the sound quality and how portable it was. The speaker included a special carrying case with a clip so you could easily take it out with you for a picnic in the park in the summer or something i loved my speaker so much.

My Dr.Dre Beats Pill In All It's Glory With My Pink Speaker Dude
Sadly a few months of me owning this speaker it stopped working altogether and i didn't know what the issue was and i wanted to know as soon as i could because this speaker did cost me a lot of money and its a lot to waste on speaker if it stopped working. As i bought this speaker though o2 it has been a horrible journey for me to try and get a refund on it to go and buy another one and i don't mimd going out and buying one again as they are worth then money and as i do have a small room it would be so ideal for me to have one when i wanna listen to some music or even when i am relaxing so i can listen to chill out music etc! I really wanted the speaker for listing to music and to help me relax more as this little device could be ideal for this and also when i am travel down to see my dad too. I am now waiting to see what o2 says about this speaker and see if i am gonna get a refund or not as i am currently after the limited edition pink one that was done in 2014 by Niki Minaj as they are so hard to get hold of especially the pink one. I cannot wait to get my speaker back as they are brilliant little device with loads of sound and base to them, If you are looking to own one of these Dr.Dre pill then i would highly recommend buying one from Argos and curry as i have seen they they do the brand new ranges now and they are a little bit more expensive but they look so dam good! I really don't wanna buy one from eBay as it could get a fault with it i cannot take it back for a refund or a exchange so i am thinking about getting one from Argos witch is priced at £189.99 but for a limited time only it is only £159.99 witch is a super deal as this speaker will produce more sound and base and i am thinking about getting the white one!

They both come in white or black and if i do get enough funds soon i will soon go and buy one as i think this one is a lot better then the previous model as the last model didn't have the most functions that this one has like a battery light and volume button witch was very tricky to use on the previous generations. I believe this model is the 2nd generation model that even comes with its own iPhone app how cool! At this present moment i am missing my Dr.Dre beats pill and i am hoping to be getting this new one very soon!

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