Dr.Dre Beats Pill | Full Review

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 No comments
I have seen a lot of Dr. Dre products around for a while now and i wasn't in any mind of me ever gonna buy anything from the range as i would thought that i wouldn't ever use any of the wireless speakers and headphones that i have been reading are one of the best on the market, I have used so many headphones in my lifetime and every pair that i have ever had has even been poor sound quality and been very cheaply made, I used to love the JMC brand for headphones until i wanted something with more base and sound in so i then turned to Sony where they wasn't as good as i thought and then i decided that i would get my mum to buy me some Dr.Dre Urbeats for my birthday in 2014 and i can remember having a purple pair and they were very expensive back then until Argos had them in the sale and then my mum agreed that she would buy them for me, When i went into Argos to get them i was very surprised to see how well they were packaged for a pair of headphones worth over £100 and i was so shocked when i placed them into my computer that the sound quality was incredible and i was the best pair of headphones that i had ever owned in my whole life, I had the headphones for over a year util i decided to blow out the earphone where i needed to get some more and i was gutted when these headphones stopped working.

I couldn't really decide on what headphones that i wanted to get next as by now there was brand new Dr.Dre headphones out and i had seen some on the Apple site that they had some rose gold ones and they were even more expensive then the ones that i had originally! As i was waiting for the next Argos sale again i asked my mum if i could have some more for my Birthday the following year and she got me the same headphones but this time in Pink and they are still going strong to this day with no problems and i cannot live without my Dr.Dre headphones now as they are one of the best headphones in the world.

Looking Back At My Childhood Home

Friday, 6 January 2017 No comments
It has never been easy for me looking back at my previous homes and where i used to live as it does upset me so much as it also brings back a tonne of memories of me my brother & my mum and how things used to be like growing up (especially me) my dad always told me while i was growing up that this house would be mine and my brothers one day whatever happened, Well in 2000 my dad wasn't very well he had so much to cope with on a regular basis that he was feeling depressed and he wanted a life somewhere else, My uncle said to my dad come on and move to Wales to make a fresh start as my uncle encouraged him to make the move on 27th October 2000! When my dad told me that he was moving over 300 miles away it was very hard to cope with for a 10 year old and not being able to see your dad on a regular basics and it was very hard for me for a couple of years until i was old enough to understand why my dad needed to move away! This house does hold so many special memories as this is the house that i grew up in between 1989 until 2000 and so much happened in this house over the years and i really don't know where to begin, My mum had her own card business that she ran for a few years and we had a extension built to store the cards and paperwork that was needed to run the company and to my surprise that extension is still there to this day and the previous owners has made it in to a living room complete with a open fire, I used to visit my dad every day after school and spend the night with him when my mum would come and pick me up in the morning for school and this was something that i will remember for a very long time as we used to do everything together and it was wonderful, Me and my dad would watch everything together even comedy programmes and it was truly special. I can also remember that my dad had a heart attack in this house and i was so brave that i called the ambulance to him and the paramedics had to put him on a stretcher and took him to hospital and it was a frightening experience for me at a young age but i am so glad that i did what i did and saved my dads life.