Owning A Volkswagen Golf For 3 Years

Wednesday, 27 December 2017
Way back in November 2015 my step dad had come into some money after he had been working so hard and very long hours to try and raise enough cash for himself to buy himself the car that he ever wanted since he was a teenager, As my mums car was also in need of some TLC and needed a lot of work done to it she decided to get rid of it because it wasn't worth the money and hassle to go and get it fixed. So while my mum was on the look about for a new car my mum was driving my step dad's car for a while why he was on his 4 days off and this was the only time that me and my mum could go out before the car was involved in a nasty accident, The insurance company offered a small settlement fee so my mum could go and get herself a little car  to run about in until she found something more suitable, My mum did managed to find herself a small little car while she was on the way to Dursley one afternoon and she stopped and had a look at it, It was only £1000 and it was just a small Mercedes that was from 99',  I really didn't like the car myself because it was all old and out of date and it didn't even have a CD Player and only a cassette radio with no clock(until we found it in the dashboard). The seats were so uncomfortable when you were driving over speed bumps and every time my mum drove over one you could easily feel the impact and it was horrible experience,

The my mum had originally bout the car she said to me that she really didn't like the car but it was the only car available at the time and easily affordable within her price range at the time, She also said that she wouldn't buy a  Mercedes ever again not that model anyway. At time my step dad had bought himself a limited edition Renault Clio that was a lime green colour and it only cost him £500 and it was super clean inside and out, Few months down the line my step dad was thinking about getting himself a new car as he always said that he wanted  a BMW X5 and he had been saving for such a long time since he was a teenager and working really long hours that he was able to draw out his pension pot to go and get his dream car, When he had told me that he was getting a BMW i really didn't believe him and i thought it was a Joke but it wasn't. In November 2015 my step dad had spotted a second hand car dealer called Mill House Motors my step dad had gone in there to see what cars was available and to see if they had any BMW X5's and they didn't so my step dad done a deal on a BMW 520 Series and i believe that he had to put down a £500 deposit for the car before he paid the full balance,  My step dad came back home and he had said that he bought a new car and i asked him what one and he said a BMW and i didn't believe him at all because i didn't know where he got all the money from? Anyways my step dad said that he would have to go and pick it up on the second day and also he would have traded in his old car for his new one for a better deal. I asked my step dad if i could come and see the car as i wanted to know what it looked liked and when he had showed me what it was i was totally gobsmacked and i couldn't believe how big it was and also it looked so clean inside and out,

As my step dad was in the office sorting out all the paperwork for the car my mum and I started to look at some cars and she knew that she wanted a new car kinda badly due to the faults and issues that my mum was having with the Mercedes, As my step dad came out of the office and paid for his car my mum asked about some cars and what was the best deals on at the time as she wanted something that was reliable and wouldn't cause any issues for me and my mum as i would also be traveling with her. My step dad said to my mum that i will buy you one for your Christmas box and my mum relied to my step dad no i would rather wait and get something when i get some more money though, My step dad said to my mum  don't worry about OK  it i will buy you a car as you need one.  Then me and my mum walked off into the yard to see what cars were available and to see if there was anything that my mum liked, My mum and I found this horrible Peugeot (and i really hate these cars as they have no power to them at all) and i can remember sitting in it and it was so small and camped inside and i just didn't like it all. The owner of the garage let my mum have a quick test drive to see if she would like it or not and i can remember that the car sounded like there was some issues with it and it sounded like the pistons were falling and it just reminded me of Chitty chitty bang bang, My mum told me that the car was horrible to drive and there was no power to it what so ever and we handed the keys back to find something else,

Zoella Beauty + Lifestyle Complete Collection Review

Friday, 22 December 2017
I was super excited to finally see that one of my favorite YouTubers Zoe Sugg was bringing out her own range of products in 2014 under SLG, I was super excited to try these new amazing products and to see what they actually smelt like and also would it be any good, When i was able to watch the video on Zoe's official Youtube channel she explained that she wanted to bring out a collection of bathing products to help people just to unwind and relax as someone people do lead hectic lifestyles and also stress and depression. When Zoe explained the products in more detail i was thinking that i believe that this collection is gonna be a sell out and also people would also be in high demand for each of the products. I was super excited to try the Soak Opera, The body lotion and the fragrance. When i saw each of the product design i found it to be very well designed and Zoe must of put so much hard work into designing each of the products witch i absolute love and adore so much.When the collection officially launched i wasn't able to get hold of any of the products because on Superdrug's website was completely sold out and i had to wait a few weeks before i was able to get my hands on the full collection itself,

As i was watching and reading people's reviews on the products and everyone said that the scent smells amazing and its super ideal just to wind down in the bath and just relax and let all your worries drift away. I also liked the fact that she also added the candle and the bath fizzes to the collection witch made it even more exciting. With all the videos and the reviews that i had been reading previously that i wanted this collection so badly and i just couldn't wait to get into the bath and use the scented candle with the Soak Opera.I would also needed to be very careful on what i can apply to my skin as i do suffer with blemished Eczema as it could easily flare up while i use any kinda product on my arms and legs and this made me a little bit worried when i was trying the body lotion for the first time if i was gonna have a reaction to itSo finally the day came when i was able to get my hands on the complete collection from Superdrug and i was so happy that it was finally coming and i just couldn't wait to see it in person as i just wanted to get my hands on it straight away. I cannot remember how much the hole collection was at it was a few years ago now but it was totally worth every single penny what i did pay. When the package finally arrived i was just blowed away with how the products were designed and also how pretty each and every item was and i do like the sticker on the bath Frizzer "do not eat" as it does look pretty much as a chocolate bar and i just had fallen in love with this collection. When i finally opened up the Soak Opera i was also blowed away with the scent as it smelt so divine and this stuff is super ideal for baths and showers but i would prefer baths with mine with the Bath Frizzers. I just absolutely loved the scent from this amazing collection and the Soak Opera it was super ideal for baths.Since i have been using Zoe's Products since 2014 i have never ever had any reactions to the range or has reacted to my skin in any way and since i have been using all of the body lotions every day that i have also seen that my skin has improved especially on my arms more then anything and my arms and legs feel very soft after i have applied the body lotion after i have had a shower or a bath.
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