The NOW TV Box | Review

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I have been looking around for a new type of entertainment for my room and my TV for a while now as i used to have SKY as i found that this was a lot of money when i hardly ever used it, I only wanted SKY for basically for SKY 1 to watch the Simpsons UK Gold & Dave to watch my comedy programmes etc! At the time my brother decided that he would cut me off from his internet so i couldn't use it anymore and told me to get my own provider! As we already with Virgin Media it was very hard to get a new line installed when my brother is the account holder for the TV, Phone and internet so it wasn't easy. So in the end i decided that i would go with SKY for the TV and the internet and when i agreed that i would sign up to them i didn't realise that i would also need a land line installed for the internet to work, I wasn't very happy with this because there was a £15 per month line rental charge including everything else what was included. I originally started my contract with SKY on 14th November 2014 and i had the family bundle witch was about £35.00 per month with the internet and the phone line and all i paid was £10 for the set up as at the time i was still insolvent and getting things like this would be very hard but it was very easy and straight forward, My bills from that period went up and down all the time as you could add different packages and box sets all the time and my highest bill that i ever had was over £189.00 as i added F1 sky sports channel and that made the bill up to the amount witch was a lot of money! I fell behind with the account just before Christmas 2016 where there was a outstanding bill for £219.14 and in that time i fell ill with my depression and then i decided that i would rip it all out witch i did and a few weeks later my brother decided that he would allow me to share the internet once again.

Since then i have been using a Freeview indoor Ariel to watch TV as i have got a Freeview TV witch i didn't know nothing about, I have bought a few of these Ariels and none of them gives out a good signal sometimes i could get a really strong signal if i lean it out of the window and stay there all day and then if i move the Ariel it would loose the signal and i wouldn't be able to find a new place to put the Ariel. As my TV is on the wall just beside my window it is very hard to put a Freeview indoor Ariel by the window as my power leads are not long enough and sometimes i wish that i just stayed with SKY And just have the SKY Q installed as i was really upset about it. Within a couple of months of me watching no TV i sometimes used the internet to watch the things that i wanted to watch and then there would be my TV on the wall just doing completely nothing, As the TV is kinda special to me as it was a gift from my auntie who bought it for me back in 2014 for my SKY to be installed so its very special to me and it means a lot to me. As i was getting so annoyed  as i wanted to watch TV again i was gonna ask someone to come out and sort me out a Freeview Ariel to put outside on the roof and feed it back into my TV but no one in my family offered to help me with it witch i was so angry about as i could easily get a good picture on my TV with it. As time was going on i thought about getting one of these NOW TV boxes Apple TV's and i really didn't want one in the first place as they wouldn't be no good for me and i went into CEX  a few months ago and bought a Apple TV but it was the wrong one and i wanted the brand new one where you can download apps from the store! As i owed this money to SKY i was thinking about getting Virgin TV in my name and in my own bedroom where me and my brother had a massive augment over it and saying its still a waste of money and you will never watch it like the SKY (He has a point there) So i went into the store in town and got everything sorted out, They found me a really good deal and told me all about the terms and conditions and went ahead with the order, As there was already a Virgin media line in our house there would have to be a credit check done and a line check as my brother is the account holder and i said thats all fine. As i paid a deposit of £20 i just walked out of the shop and waited for the information to come back from Virgin Media.

I had a phone call from the person from the shop who was dealing with me and told me that i had the all clear to go ahead to install the TV but the credit check came back as a decline and i was so shocked as i never thought that Virgin media was so strict for new customers i was so shocked to her this, So they wanted someone else like my mum or step dad to put the credit check in there name and the payments would come out my bank as normal and no one would do it for me as they was thinking that if the bill wasn't paid that it would come back onto them to pay it, They have the wrong end of the stick and i went back to the store and explained that no one would agree to do the credit check for me and got my £20 back and then left it as that! So as the next couple of days went by and i was getting really annoyed about not having no TV to watch and then i decided that i would like a Apple TV as i could easily download the apps that i would like and then i would only need to pay a few quid a month to watch some extra channels like Dave and UK gold etc! As there is a app called TV player that works with the Apple TV and on your phone too it sounded like it would be a really good idea and also i can play games on my TV as well, I was gonna buy myself a Apple TV when i could actually afford one as i found some reviews online and found it be very good and i knew that i wanted one but the price was a little bit to much for me. As there are so many smart boxes and TV boxes out there at the moment i just didn't know what i wanted as i already had my eyes set on A Apple TV but i would have to wait until i had enough money to get one and i just wanted one for the time being just to keep me busy and something to watch when i am bored. I looked in Argos and other places to see what boxes was available and i was thinking about one of these NOW TV boxes as they were great value for money and i just didn't know what they were and how they worked as i was new to these kinda boxes, It must of been a few months until i decided that i would like one or not as they don't have all the channels that i like to watch like Nicktoons and SKY1 (for the Simpsons) and there was something that i just didn't like about it and i really don't know what that was. As i was seeing these NOW TV boxes in my local ASDA store they were great value for only £25 and when i saw what you could get for that price i was blowed away and it sounded like a really good deal. I showed my mum and she doesn't really understand what these TV boxes are and she said that sounded like a good deal and i wanted one straight away and deal like this well it couldn't go to waste.

Britney Spears Curious - The Collection

Thursday, 2 March 2017

I have been a massive fan of Britney Spears from a early age and i was so excited when she released her very first Fragrance in 2004 Curious, I was 15 when this amazing perfume came out and this was my very first item of perfume that i ever had from my amazing collection witch i have today, Britney had put in a lot of work into her perfume and i was very excited to try it for the first time, I can remember having a sample of this amazing scent and i was totally speechless and i wanted one straight away as it smelt so good, I had the original bottle that was 100ml witch came with the Atomiser. I think i had the gift set that came with the amazing Lather me up Shower gel , You're so smooth Body Polish and the amazing Deliciously whipped body soufflé. When i had the 100ml bottle with the Atomiser i always found it quite easy to use and sometimes it would stick and i would need to take the lid of so i could get some perfume out but saying that they have changed the bottles now and we don't have a issue with the Atomiser ones, I would love to have the Atomiser one again but i feel like that the Atomiser would get stuck again and i would waste a lot of perfume and they are not very easy to get these days, Curious has that scent of white floral scent and has notes are Louisiana magnolia, golden Anjou pearlotus flower, tuberosestar jasmine, pink cyclamenvanilla-infused musksandalwood and blonde woods, And Elizabeth Arden put a special vanilla infused musk in it and added Louisiana magnolia. Spears said that the magnolia reminds her of home. As this was Britney's very first fragrance Curious was released in September 2004, and was very successful internationally. It was the number one fragrance of 2004 in department stores, and in 2005, "Curious" was honored by the Fragrance Foundation as Best Women's Fragrance.

Britney made a Advert for the perfume he TV advertisement for Curious, "Hotel Rooms," was conceived at agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and directed by Dave Meyers through production company The set was built on a stage instead of in an actual hotel. Actor Eric Winter plays Spears' love interest in the TV commercial.It starts off with Winter and Spears noticing each other before they go in their neighboring hotel rooms. Then, they are shown thinking about each other with Spears walking towards the door to Winter's hotel room. Then, fantasies of Spears and the latter having sex are shown mixed with things like a cartoon, a flower and a rodeo. It ends with Spears gazing at the camera. Britney also released some products that was sold individually for her Curious campaign and i can remember having the body Soufflé and i couldn't possibly live without it as it was one of the best body lotions that was out and it lasted all day long and it was quite simple and very easy to apply and i loved it so much that i wanted some more, My auntie had her first taste of it and she loved it as well and she has had a tube of the Deliciously whipped body soufflé now for a very long time and it is still going strong to this day and when i asked her for some i knew straight away that i needed some, It is very hard to find these products brand new in there boxes as it is about a few years old now but it is still going very strong and people are still love Britney's Fragrances  including me since the launch of Curious in 2004 she has released a load more that has been a huge success and even launched Curious in Control and & Curious heart (witch is very hard to find in 100ml) they are both the same Design of the original Curious bottle but has the colour changed from blue to black and pink (Curious in control) and pink and blue (Curious Heart)

unfortunately i haven't been able to find the Curious Heart fragrance in good condition on eBay as i am dying to try this one and Curious in Control witch i am thinking about buying, I cannot fault with any of Britney's perfumes as they have all been made with a lot of hard work and planning and Britney has made some incredible scents witch i love very much, My perfume collection contains about 12 bottles of perfumes by Britney alone and they are presented in the amazing boxes and also the prices are well worth it, The longest perfume that i have had is the midnight Fantasy witch i bought in June 2013 and it is still half full and i find that the 100ml that does last a long time and you can pick a 100ml bottle of Britney's perfumes for under £20.00 witch is a fantastic price as they can sometimes be over £40. I am still collecting Britney's fragrances and where i live some of my perfumes stores doesn't always stock the ones that i do need, I do have some perfumes that are only 30ml -50ml and i want the 100ml ones witch are Fantasy, Believe, Radiance, Private Show, Island Fantasy, Fantasy Anniversary Edition witch i will by very soon but i want to use the small ones up first

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Range / Review

Thursday, 16 February 2017

It’s the weekend, and to me that means one thing… PAMPER TIME!

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent the new Lee Stafford Coco Loco range* to try out. I reviewed some of the argan oil products a few months ago (you can read it here) and I’ve been using the argan oil Miracle Mist every day since – so I was super excited to review the newest range!

I love using coconut oil in my hair to try and give it some life but there are two things I hate about using it on its own: the overpowering smell, and the fact you have to sit around for hours with a ton of grease in your hair for it to work. Usually I have to take an afternoon off, cover my hair in the oil, shove it in a towel and not go anywhere for 5 hours – and THEN have a shower to wash it all out. Too much faff for me, sorry!
Luckily that’s why I’m thrilled with this new Lee Stafford range, because all of the products contain coconut oil and none of it involves the faffy, greasy, ‘leave oil in your hair for hours’ situation. Plus the smell is DELICIOUS, the coconut scent is still there but it’s subtle, sweet and pretty much edible.
I have to mention the name too, because ‘coco loco’ makes me think of “you go Glen Coco” – and anything that reminds me of Mean Girls is automatically amazing.

So, onto the products. First I tested out the shampoo and conditioner. Not much to say about them other than the fact they smell absolutely delicious and they make my hair SO shiny! I have quite damaged ends at the moment so any health boosts are much appreciated. I’ve been using both regularly and they seem to be lasting a while too!

Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Collection

That's right ladies - Garnier have bought out a NEW collection in their ever so popular Ultimate Blendsrange!
I have been a fan of the Ultimate Blends products since they came out last year - another affordable haircare brand that's good on both my hair and my bank balance, yes please!

Seeing the new Honey Treasures collection named "The Strength Restorer" whilst being in the process of changing my hair (involving alot of bleach) seemed like a god send!

There are 4 products in the Honey Treasures range - a shampoo, a conditioner, a 1 minute treatment and a serum. The products were on offer so, of course, I picked up all 4, which actually only came to about £10 - bargain right?
It is said to be for fragile hair, prone to breakage - which is me down to a tee at the moment, healthier and happier hair is my aim! 
I have used the Herbal Essences honey based range (Bee Strong) a lot and love the affect it has on my locks so trying out another hair range with honey in it made me super excited!

Zoella Beauty The Complete Collection Review

Thursday, 19 January 2017

I was so happy to finally see that one of my favourite YouTuber's was bringing out there own range of beauty items in 2014, I saw the video on Zoe's official channel and she explained that she wanted to create a range that helps people to unwind and relax and these products was just ideal. When Zoe showed us what we could look forward to i was so excited to try everything as the Soak Opera looked really nice and also the Creamy madly dreamy body lotion and they all had a vintage classic design of lace around each product, When the collection launched i wasn't able to get my hands on any of it because Superdrug online was completely sold out and i had to wait a few weeks before i was able to get everything from the new range, I thought that this new beauty range would be ideal for me because i do suffer with a lot of stress and depression that would help me relax more when taking a bath! I have to be very careful on what i can apply to my skin as i suffer a lot with blemished skin and Eczema so it could it could flare up while i was using it but, Since i have been using Zoella's skin care nothing from the range has reacted to my skin in any way and i believe that it has improved my skin so much that my skin feels even softer when i apply the body lotion after taking a shower and other products that i used to use had always brought me up in a rash.

When i first used the Soak Opera and the Bath Fizzers i was very impressed with the packaging and it was so easy just to pour in the bath and watch the bathroom transform into a this wonderful scent, I also used the bath Fizzers while i was using the Soak opera and it worked really well and i enjoyed relaxing in the bath with this new product. The disappointment that i only had a issue was the Bath Fizzers as i would of thought that Zoe would make them so bubbles would Fizz out of them like Lush does but saying that these bath bombs or so expensive and i would much rather have Zoella's more then anything. I would love Zoella to bring out some more bath Fizzers that contains bubble bath so i wouldn't need to use anything else as it would be good value for only £5! Since 2014 Zoella Beauty has made some of the best products ever and Zoe must have taken so long to make and design each product for the range and one day i would also love to have my own line of beauty items but Zoella's is so much better then other brands and well worth the money what you pay for it and i will never ever stop using Zoella beauty products because its so dam good!

Dr.Dre Beats Pill | Full Review

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

I have seen a lot of Dr. Dre products around for a while now and i wasn't in any mind of me ever gonna buy anything from the range as i would thought that i wouldn't ever use any of the wireless speakers and headphones that i have been reading are one of the best on the market, I have used so many headphones in my lifetime and every pair that i have ever had has even been poor sound quality and been very cheaply made, I used to love the JMC brand for headphones until i wanted something with more base and sound in so i then turned to Sony where they wasn't as good as i thought and then i decided that i would get my mum to buy me some Dr.Dre Urbeats for my birthday in 2014 and i can remember having a purple pair and they were very expensive back then until Argos had them in the sale and then my mum agreed that she would buy them for me, When i went into Argos to get them i was very surprised to see how well they were packaged for a pair of headphones worth over £100 and i was so shocked when i placed them into my computer that the sound quality was incredible and i was the best pair of headphones that i had ever owned in my whole life, I had the headphones for over a year util i decided to blow out the earphone where i needed to get some more and i was gutted when these headphones stopped working.

I couldn't really decide on what headphones that i wanted to get next as by now there was brand new Dr.Dre headphones out and i had seen some on the Apple site that they had some rose gold ones and they were even more expensive then the ones that i had originally! As i was waiting for the next Argos sale again i asked my mum if i could have some more for my Birthday the following year and she got me the same headphones but this time in Pink and they are still going strong to this day with no problems and i cannot live without my Dr.Dre headphones now as they are one of the best headphones in the world.

Looking Back At My Childhood Home

Friday, 6 January 2017

It has never been easy for me looking back at my previous homes and where i used to live as it does upset me so much as it also brings back a tonne of memories of me my brother & my mum and how things used to be like growing up (especially me) my dad always told me while i was growing up that this house would be mine and my brothers one day whatever happened, Well in 2000 my dad wasn't very well he had so much to cope with on a regular basis that he was feeling depressed and he wanted a life somewhere else, My uncle said to my dad come on and move to Wales to make a fresh start as my uncle encouraged him to make the move on 27th October 2000! When my dad told me that he was moving over 300 miles away it was very hard to cope with for a 10 year old and not being able to see your dad on a regular basics and it was very hard for me for a couple of years until i was old enough to understand why my dad needed to move away! This house does hold so many special memories as this is the house that i grew up in between 1989 until 2000 and so much happened in this house over the years and i really don't know where to begin, My mum had her own card business that she ran for a few years and we had a extension built to store the cards and paperwork that was needed to run the company and to my surprise that extension is still there to this day and the previous owners has made it in to a living room complete with a open fire, I used to visit my dad every day after school and spend the night with him when my mum would come and pick me up in the morning for school and this was something that i will remember for a very long time as we used to do everything together and it was wonderful, Me and my dad would watch everything together even comedy programmes and it was truly special. I can also remember that my dad had a heart attack in this house and i was so brave that i called the ambulance to him and the paramedics had to put him on a stretcher and took him to hospital and it was a frightening experience for me at a young age but i am so glad that i did what i did and saved my dads life.

Seeing the house today it floods back so many memories for me and i cannot believe what they have done to the bathroom , the kitchen and the bedrooms it is so unrecognised with so many features inside and out. I can remember that the bathroom was yellow & black and we didn't have a proper shower only a small thing that connected to the taps of the bath, When i came to use it it would leak all the time with water the bathroom was pretty horrible when looking back on the home movies but it was 1996 - 97 so it was in style i suppose. The best thing about living in the street was that we was all a massive family and we knew one another and it was magical. My dads long time friend just lived over the road so he used to come over every day to look after me and my brother if my dad was busy working and my mum also it was such a happy big family. I can also remember that we had a massive tree bush that was in the back garden and my dad used to store my old toys and bikes that i used to have when i was living there and i used to go in there looking for them and i would get tangled up and in a right mess, I believe that this bush is still in the backgarden! The house has been redesigned inside and out as the kitchen as i can remember was the smallest and i don't know how my mum managed to cook and do everything in there it was so small. The kitchen has had a massive makeover and it looks amazing to how it used to be. I have also seen that the blue garage door has never been repainted as still has the original number 16 sign on top of the garage door. I have notice that they have dome some improvemnets  to the drive as when when we was living there my dad had his mini in the garage where we was able to have to cars on the drive, they look like that they have made this smaller so one car can only fit on the drive witch is not what i would of liked if i had still lived there i would prefer to have it where two cars could be parked. I also see that they have put posts up on the brick wall that my dad built when the extension was built and i like what they have done to it.

Zoella Beauty Christmas Range 2016 | Review

Saturday, 5 November 2016

I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner and i was looking though YouTube one day and i saw a new video from Zoella and she was showing us her brand new Christmas collection for 2016, I was kinda thinking why is she releasing it in September? I believe that she was realising her Christmas range early as there is always a high demand for it and everyone wants it from around the uk. I was very disappointed that last year i was unable to get everything from the 2015 Christmas range only the shimmer dust and puff and the awesome drawsome bathing collection and the box actually broke on me in the end! I searched all over online for the rest of the items that i needed and they was very expensive especially the lip balm duo witch cost me over £19.00 from Amazon and i was glad that i got them in the end as they smell divine.
Every couple of months Zoella always surprises us with something new and this year saw her bring out her Zoella Lifestyle range with stationary candles and a lot more to add to the Christmas collection for this year, I watched Zoe's new video for her Christmas range and said to myself that i want all of this and i am gonna get it now or later because i know that everything will sell out and i am left with nothing witch was something that i wouldn't want.
My mum said to me that i have way to much stuff from Zoella Beauty and i explained to her that this one of my favorite collections in the world since Zoe launched it in 2014, My mum doesn't even know who Zoella is until i had to explain to her who she was and what she does for her amazing fans, She then had a sniff of the soak opera and she loved it the second she sniffed it and then she said ohh... that is a really nice scent and she wanted to take a bath with it, My auntie also wanted to have a sniff of some of this amazing scent and my auntie doesn't like a lot of bathing things and she loved the mini fizz bar trio set and she said oh yes..... and she loved it and asked me to go and get her some, So as Christmas is around the corner i think i will get her some of the range as she loves the gingerbread scent hungry hands hand creme. Now my mum understands why i buy Zoella beauty items now because they are so define and adorable for your bathroom.
I have got everything from the Christmas collection for 2016 and i am so happy and thrilled with everything that was brought out and Zoella has worked so hard on these lovely gifts for 2016! Here are a few of my short reviews on each product from the range.

Meeting Peter Andre | Book Signing Tour 18.10.2016 WH Smith's Gloucester

Friday, 21 October 2016

I have never ever met any one famous in my life only the time when i was chosen to speak with Natalie (From Cascada) out of thousands of people when she was doing Eurovision in 2013 in Hannover in Germany, As i am a huge Cascada fan i thought that i wouldn't be chosen to speak with Natalie on that day in 2013 but she loved my question so much that i had won a personal video chat with my idol Natalie. Natalie is the most caring and very supportive person that i have ever met in my life and when she spoke to me i just started to cry as i was so shocked that i had won and speaking to my idol live on webcam, We had a lovely chat together and asked me all about my collection that i had at the time and she was very impressed with it and told me that she hasn't seen a collection like mine before and she was well chuffed and even retweeted it on Twitter after the day she saw it on my Twitter feed. Also i have had my hair done like Natalie's a few years ago and she loved it and even retweeted it that on Twitter! Natalie does also follow me on Twitter after the girls from Team Cascada on Facebook witch i have knowed them for a few years!

When i saw that Peter Andre was coming to my home town on his book tour to sign his brand new book i was shocked because a lot of famous people hardly comes to my town so seeing celebrities in my home town is very rare and when someone does come it is all over the news and the paper. Originally i wasn't gonna meet Peter Andre as i was a little bit unsure what the atmosphere would be like as i have never ever had a book signed by no one in person. I saw the information about Peter Andre was coming in our local newspaper and i was thinking about it if i wanted to go and see him!
On the day when Peter was coming i originally went into town and done what i needed to do and then  i spotted the information on WH Smiths door and then decided that i would wanna meet him and went in and got a wristband as it was limited to 400 people event only and it was only £13.99 for the book and also to meet Peter Himself.
I had a few hours to wait because everyone told me that he wasn't arriving until 4.00 pm and wouldn't start until 4.30 pm and as i used to work in WH Smiths i knew where everything was in the store and stock room and i was thinking at the same time where would he come out because there isn't really enough room for him to land in a chopper etc! I started to Line up just after 2.27pm as there was a line already building up and i though as i haven't got anything else to do i might as well wait here and its better to be late then early.

I met some lovely people in the line and some people had met him before and i was pretty dam nervous about it all as i was explaining to this one person, I asked what is he like in real life and everyone says that he is very sweet and very charming person and very nice to talk to, This put my mind at ease and the person who i was speaking to had only seem him a few weeks ago in Bristol and she even gave him a bag of M&M's witch was a lovely, As the Security was getting things ready and putting up a rope and checking wristbands all of the local newspapers and people was photographing us and talking to us and being filmed for BBC Gloucestershire's Facebook page where the line was just getting bigger and bigger. I was so glad that i was the 5th one in the line to be seen by Peter witch was a slight relieve otherwise i would of been there until 7.00pm that night.                

Zoella Lifestyle 2016 | Review

Friday, 14 October 2016

I was super excited when one of my favourite YouTubers was bringing out a brand new range of Christmas goodies for 2016 with a brand new scent witch was Gingerbread, I was kinda unlucky that i was able to get everything from Zoella's range for 2015 because everything just sold out and i was only able to get the amazing awesome drawsome bathing collection and the shimmer dust from my local Superdrug in store, When i found Zoella's video on her new range for Christmas 2016 i just had to go and watch it and see what she had in store for her brand new collection! When Zoe said that all of her products was scented with Gingerbread i almost died because i absolutely love that scent and i was looking forward to the amazing Pamper hamper (Witch was the expensive item) and the bake my day fragrance set with ginger cream body lotion, I managed to get everything from the collection from Superdrug online as i didn't wanna miss out on any of the items like i did last year because i know that it would be sold out the time that i would have it, I managed to get all of my items half price in the sale and i was looking forward to use the brand new Gingerbread products! I am in need of the bake my day fragrance gift set and the coin purses to complete everything from the collection, When i came to order it the last time from Superdrug the products that i wanted was sold out so i waited for them to come back into stock where i will be ordering them this week.

A couple of weeks after i had my Christmas range i then saw that Zoe was doing a giveaway to win a trip to the Zoella apartment in London though Instagram, I knew that something exciting was happening because she said in a new video that she had been working on some new products for over a year and a half and none of us didn't know what it was all about. I did enter the giveaway but sadly i didn't have a chance of winning (As the winners was picked by SLG) When i saw the photo that she was bringing out Zoella Lifestyle i almost had a shock because i have been waiting a very long time for Zoe to bring out a collection like this and i wanted to know what each item was and when i could buy it. Zoe showed us her personal tour around the apartment and filmed it for her YouTube blog channel so we could see in more detail what every item was and when we could buy it.  I watched the video and i was just amazed how stunning everything was and how everything was put together and it must of taken hours to create this amazing Zoella apartment with a lot of people, There was a massive cardboard cutout of Zoe with a huge Christmas tree stacked up with Zoella lifestyle Christmas range and it just felt like Christmas day when i watching it! It was magical.

HoneyColony Equilibrium Energy Superfood | Review

Friday, 23 September 2016

Disclaimer "i have been given this product as part of a product review though the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and i was in no way influenced by the company"
After my normal chronic illnesses and my chronic back and leg pain I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle. That means no more skipping meals, exercising lightly in a way my body can actually deal with, and taking plenty of supplements No, seriously, the amount of supplements that my doctor tells me what i should take on a regular basis i am shocked, When my doctor told me that i should be taking these supplements each day for my health i didn't know what it was or how to take it on a normal process as i was kinda new to the whole thing.
 When I given the opportunity to try and  review Honey Colony Equilibrium Energy through Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, I was excited to see how I could see if this new energy supplement would keep me in good shape and also to get me active on exercise,
Creating healthy habits is a process. It supposedly takes 30 days to form a new habit— or at least my doctor told me to convince me to keep a eye on my weight and a eye on it, . My advice is start off slow. Pick just one new habit at a time and work only on that until it’s part of your routine. After that, try adding in a new habit!
Stuck on what to try? Here are some of my healthy ideas!
  1. Exercise for 30 minutes a day! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You don’t need special equipment, a gym membership, or even a plan. Try walking around your neighborhood or, if you’ve got better knees than me, try taking the stairs. Keep  healthier snacks and food chart to keep a record of what you are eating on a regular basis.
  2. Drink more water! Swap out a soda or coffee for a glass of water. Carry a water bottle with you while you run errands. If you don’t like plain water, try adding lemon or lime.
  3. Get an extra serving of fruit or veggies. Try your hand at making veggie noodles, or have a meatless meal once a week. If you can’t do fiber, consider treating yourself to a juice instead.
  4. Don’t skip meals! Keep some easy food on hand for days you feel like phoning it in on the dinner front.

N:Rem Sleep System Full Topper | Review

Disclamer * 'I have been given this product as part of a product review though Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and i was in no way infused by the company.
As most regulars will know I have had chronic back pain for a few months and and what comes with that ( amongst a long list of symptoms) is constant chronic muscular pain which is not helpful when trying to get a good night’s sleep ( something that eludes me most nights).

I was recently given the chance to review a ‘sleep system’ that gives you the option of choosing one personal to your own needs. For me most of my pain is in my back and then my lower right leg and as it this leg can become very painful and my muscles are not very good in that leg either and i also i can get very bad cramp and pins and needles while i just lay down in bed and then it becomes very uncountable to get to sleep as i am in a lot of pain. With my back and leg pain i have tried so many products for pain relief that includes heat pads and roll on pain relief and nothing seems to work and it just seems impossible for me to relax my muscles and i regularly use heat pads for some pain relief  and very strong painkillers on a regular basis.
So, when I got the sleep system delivered I read through the information that was sent with it to help you put the sponge pieces in the right place for you. 

I was told that this could take a couple of adjustments but i was really lucky to choose the right placement for me from the first night.
The system in made up of 5 sponge tablets of different support levels from ‘super soft’ through to ‘firm’ The information gives you an idea of where to place them in relation to where you need the most or least support.

My placement from top (head level) to bottom (feet level) went as follows:
super soft
super soft
They come in an easy to remember colour code so if you do have to change them up a bit it could be done quite easily, but for me this worked very well

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