Zoella Beauty The Complete Collection Review + 4 Years Later

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I was super excited to finally see that one of my favourite YouTubers Zoe Sugg was bringing out her own range of products in 2014 under SLG, I was super excited to try these new amazing products and to see what they actually smelt like and also would it be any good, When i was able to watch the video on Zoe's official Youtube channel she explained that she wanted to bring out a collection of bathing products to help people just to unwind and relax as someone people do lead hectic lifestyles and also stress and depression. When Zoe explained the products in more detail i was thinking that i believe that this collection is gonna be a sell out and also people would also be in high demand for each of the products. I was super excited to try the Soak Opera, The body lotion and the fragrance. When i saw each of the product design i found it to be very well designed and Zoe must of put so much hard work into designing each of the products witch i absolute love and adore so much.
When the collection officially launched i wasn't able to get hold of any of the products because on Superdrug's website was completely sold out and i had to wait a few weeks before i was able to get my hands on the full collection itself, As i was watching and reading people's reviews on the products 
and everyone said that the scent smells amazing and its super ideal just to wind down in the bath and just relax and let all your worries drift away. I also liked the fact that she also added the candle and the bath fizzes to the collection witch made it even more exciting. With all the videos and the reviews that i had been reading previously that i wanted this collection so badly and i just couldn't wait to get into the bath and use the scented candle with the Soak Opera.

I would also needed to be very careful on what i can apply to my skin as i do suffer with blemished Eczema as it could easily flare up while i use any kinda product on my arms and legs and this made me a little bit worried when i was trying the body lotion for the first time if i was gonna have a reaction to it,  So finally the day came when i was able to get my hands on the complete collection from Superdrug and i was so happy that it was finally coming and i just couldn't wait to see it in person as i just wanted to get my hands on it straight away. I cannot remember how much the hole collection was at it was a few years ago now but it was totally worth every single penny what i did pay. When the package finally arrived i was just blowed away with how the products were designed and also how pretty each and every item was and i do like the sticker on the bath Frizzer "do not eat" as it does look pretty much as a chocolate bar and i just had fallen in love with this collection. When i finally opened up the Soak Opera i was also blowed away with the scent as it smelt so divine and this stuff is super ideal for baths and showers but i would prefer baths with mine with the Bath Frizzers. I just absolutely loved the scent from this amazing collection and the Soak Opera it was super ideal for baths.
Since i have been using Zoe's Products since 2014 i have never ever had any reactions to the range or has reacted to my skin in any way and since i have been using all of the body lotions every day that i have also seen that my skin has improved especially on my arms more then anything and my arms and legs feel very soft after i have applied the body lotion after i have had a shower or a bath.
When i first used the Soak Opera with the  bath Frizzers for the very first time i was impressed how easy it was just to pour it into the bath with the Frizzers and watch all the super bubbles appear and also the bathroom transformed into this amazing scent that made me wanna relax in the bath even more and it was super nice in the bath that night with the Soak Opera that i didn't wanna get out as it was so good. There was only one thing that i was only a disappointment to and that was the Bath Frizzers and i was hoping that they would produce bubbles once you had placed them into the bath but saying that they did have this amazing scent to them witch i absolutely loved and the Soak Opera was more then ideal to use with the Frizzers witch i didn't mind doing. In the near future i would love Zoe to bring out some bath Frizzers that contains bubbles in them so i wouldn't need to buy more bubble bath and £5 is a excellent price for frizzers for what they do for you in the bath.

Since 2014 Zoe has come a very long way with her range of bathing collections and i have loved each and every one that she has worked on and also designed, I have been collecting and also been using her range of products now for almost 4 years and i must say its one of the best out there and i wouldn't use any other product unless it has Zoella Beauty on the item, Some of the items can be a little bit expensive but its worth every single penny that you pay as it lasts for a long time and you smell super nice with the scent that she creates on each collection that she brings out. I will never stop using Zoe's range of beauty items and collect her limited edition Christmas products because its well worth it and i love it all
At the moment my Zoella collection has come a very long way and it can be kinda tricky to store my items somewhere safe due to the size of my bedroom, I always look after my Zoella products and i also take care and pride with each and every one that i own, I am always looking on eBay and Depop to add more items to my collection every single day and when i find something for my collection i usually buy it every 2 and weeks and four weeks. 

My PIP Assessment Experience - Never Again

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I knew that the day was just around the corner for me when i had to finally put the claim in for PIP after being on DLA for almost half of my entire life, I knew that my DLA wasn't awarded for life anymore due to the new disability changes and also when PIP was introduced. 
And i would have to go though this awful process for PIP as DLA was now scrapped and i really didn't wanna be put though it as i have seen and Hurd a lot of people loosing there entitlement and i just didn't wanna be one of those people that would loose everything and not being able to live and pay my bills.
I really wanted to leave my claim for PIP until the DWP contacted me to change over to PIP as my award was due to end this year (Due to the new benefit changes) and i just took the plunge and i put my claim in for it in January as i just wanted to get it out of the way and sorted with as i knew it would be a very long process and also i didn't wanna do it when my claim officially ended as it is my best friends wedding in September (When my claim ends) and i didn't wanna be worried about it on my friends best wedding, I was reading viva the internet and support groups how people had to go though these awful F2F assessments for PIP and being turned down for it and not getting the right support and i just didn't wanna be one of those loosing everything as my DLA has been with me since 1992 and i cannot complain about DLA because it has been a huge help to me ever since i became disabled and it has allowed me to go out and about and enjoy myself with friends and family on a regular basics and also let me have a social life witch is a great help
As i suffered with Viral Encephalitis when i was 2 and this caused me to have Brain damage from the infection and it also caused me so many issues that it has left me disabled for the rest of my life, The nurses who was looking after me and treating at the time suggested to my mum that she should make a claim for DLA for me as i was in need of support 24/7 and i wasn't able to walk , talk and look after myself and i was also in a wheelchair when i came of Hospital and the hospital really didn't give no support to my mum to help me with my equipment and other things that i needed so my mum needed something for me to be able to buy the the things that i needed.
The Nurses at the hospital almost 20 years ago put the claim in for me and it was a huge success and it enabled my mum to get my equipment that i needed and also to help me get to my hospital appointments as i was always having Hospital and doctors appointments and it was a huge help when my award of DLA was finally sorted it made things so much easier for me and my mum and it give me a chance to let me live a normal and active life when i was older and when i was able to have the allowance for myself, 

It was a good idea that the nurses who suggested it at the time said about the new disability benefit as i wouldn't be here now and being able to get the things that i want and lead a happy normal life, My allowances wasn't given to me until i was 16 and i was able to spend it anyway i wanted and it was great knowing that i was able to get anything that i wanted.
 A massive chunk of my DLA allowance was put on some special walking shoes that was made to my size as i do have very wide feet and my walking was very badly effected so i needed some special walking shoes to help me walk again and i would travel down to Glastonbury every few months with my mum and dad  to go and get them and they were under £500 a pair and without the allowance i wouldn't be walking today and thanks to DLA i was able to have a some shoes made and be able to walk again and i was so blessed to have these shoes and allowance to help me pay for them,

Soap & Glory Christmas Gift Sets 2017 ( + Advent Calendar)

It isn't Christmas in my house without a Soap and Glory gift set or two! This year I think they have topped their past collections and are back with bigger and better gifting. I love that they have also bought out an Advent Calendar too, this is one that I have been seriously excited about. There is definitely a gift set for every budget this year and they are on 3 or 2 at Boots! 

Winter Wonder Glam Gift £50: Packed full of makeup from brow products and eyeshadows to lipglosses. 

Flatterbox £20: Comes with my favourite eyeliner, eyeshadows, glosses and more!
Perfect Ten Palette £16: A cooler toned eyeshadow palette. 

Lip Lip Hooray! £8.50: Includes three lip products, two glossy finishes and one matte. 

Hello Superspa £20: Comes with full-sized products and travel sizes! My favourite face wash is included in this. 

Glow Maintenace £18: This is one of my favourites from the range this year. Comes with six products in a gorgeous cosmetics washbag. 

Box of DeLights £16: Includes shower gels, exfoliators and body creams. 

Try Your Luxe £16: Comes with mini body products and gloss sticks. 

The Zest a Girl Can Get £16: This gift set will satisfy your zesty-fresh obsession! 

Glow-Ball £14: Includes body wash, body cream, hand cream and a body polish. 

Pick & Spritz £12.50: Comes with three mini body sprays and three mini body washes. 

The Lime of Your Life £10: Includes body wash pods and mini sugar crush favourites. 

Wash Upon a Star £8.50: Comes with nine body wash pods, perfect for the jet-setter! 

Special Edition Soaper Heroes £10: Includes come of my personal favourites and two body wash pods. 

Pink Me Up £5: Comes with a mini Clean on Me and a body spray, a great secret Santa gift for stocking filler! 

Real Techniques Christmas Gift Sets 2017

I have got to admit, the gift sets from Real Techniques this year look incredible, I definitely want to pick up a few of these for myself and for gifts! Real Techniques brushes are great quality on a budget and I always recommend them so why not treat yourself! 

Holiday Eye Set £16: Comes with four brushes to get your eyes party ready! Also, comes with a purple brush pot to keep all your brushes in one place. 

Mini Contour Brush £6: A travel-sized handle with a full sized brush head to contour above and below the cheekbones. 

Mini Medium Sculpting Brush £6: Another travel sized handle brush, I have to get my hands on this! 

Miracle Sculpting Sponge Bauble £6: A handy brush housed in a triangular bauble, ready to hang on the tree. 

Illuminate + Accentuate Set £40 (Now £30): A seven-piece set including five brushes and two sponges. 

Skinny-dip & Missguided Christmas Gift Sets 2017

I love that Skinnydip and Missguided have bought out Christmas collections this year at Boots. I'm pretty sure that Missguided had a collection this year but it seems bigger and better than ever! The packaging from both brands looks stunning this year and I can't wait to head into store and see it all for myself. 

Missguided Collection

Billion Dollar Bubbles £10: Comes with a luxury bath soak and two bath fizzers. 

- Da Bomb Set £6: A trio of bath fizzers. 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$ £16: Comes with an eyeshadow quad, lip liner and two matte lip colours as well as a compact mirror inside the beauty bag. 

Glow Bar £8.50: A highlighting duo. 

Goal Digger Set £14: A Eyeshadow, bronzer and highlight palette with a matte lip colour included.

High Roller Cube £12.50: Comes with a body wash, body buff, body lotion, body spritz and bath soak. 

Quad Goals £10: Includes four gorgeous matte lip colours. 

Semi Naked Duo £6: Comes with a nude nail polish and a lip balm. 

Throw Some Shade £14: The same as the Goal Digger Set but with different shades. 

Totally Lit Contour Kit £8.50: Includes shades to strobe and contour and add blush to the cheeks. 

Casino Queen £40: Includes nine products from matte lip colours to a face mask. 

My MRI Experiences For My Brain & Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ)

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I've been hella lucky to have just 3 MRI scans done in my life since i was a child and i don't even recall having any kinda MRI scan done until my mum told me a few years before, As i had Viral Encephalitis as a child in 1991 this caused my brain to swell up like a huge Balloon and i suppose the doctors wanted me to have a Brain scan done to make sure that everything was normal and also nothing else was seriously wrong with my brain. When my mum told me about my very first MRI she said that i was around about 2 or 3 and she also remembers me refusing to go into the scanner because i wouldn't go in without my Pink Panther as i was fussing around and crying so much that  i wouldn't even lie on the bed that goes into the scanner, As i couldn't talk at the time my mum told me that once i had calmed down and i was allowed to take my Pink Panther in the scanner with me i calmed down straight away and the scan was taken with no issues at all. When the scan came back my mum told me that i had scaring on the brain from the Encephalitis and also beside my Brain scan was my pink Panther (well the outline of him) and i never knew to this day that i have a MRI scan of my brain with a Pink panther on it.
Until my mum told me about this very first Brain scan around about 1991 - 1992 i didn't even know that i had undergone a MRI and it was news to me when she told me all about it as she remembers what happened to me on that day of the scan and i just don't recall having it done,

Skip a few years later to 2003 - 2004 i was experiencing these really painful headaches and no one knew what was causing them and i was also unable to attend school as it was so bad, The doctors gave me tablets to try and stop these attacks coming on in the middle of the night but nothing ever worked for me until the doctor told me that i would have to undergo a MRI scan to check my Brain once again. I said to my mum is it gonna be OK and i am feeling a bit scared as i was just a teenager and i just didn't wanna be in that tunnel once again, The appointment didn't take that long to come and i knew that i had to take a day of school for the scan and i really cannot remember what happened  on the day but i do know the experienced that i faced that i wouldn't ever have a MRI scan done ever again not even on my brain due to what had happened to me. As the scanner was kinda old at the time and i can recall seeing it and thinking i am not getting in that thing i am? The people who was doing the scan at the time said yes you will be also wearing a head cadge so we can get some photos of your brain and i said OK, My mum was also allowed with my in the room and she was able to speak to me and touch me while the scan was being taken so i knew that my mum was with me ever step of the way, As i was getting ready for the scan i was shaking like a leaf and also very Nervous and i wanted it done and finished with as i was so scared as i had never experienced this tunnel before and the people in charge said we will keep a eye on you and gave me a button to press if i needed to stop the scan at anytime.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures Collection

That's right ladies - Garnier have bought out a NEW collection in their ever so popular Ultimate Blendsrange!I have been a fan of the Ultimate Blends products since they came out last year - another affordable haircare brand that's good on both my hair and my bank balance, yes please!Seeing the new Honey Treasures collection named "The Strength Restorer" whilst being in the process of changing my hair (involving alot of bleach) seemed like a god send!There are 4 products in the Honey Treasures range - a shampoo, a conditioner, a 1 minute treatment and a serum. The products were on offer so, of course, I picked up all 4, which actually only came to about £10 - bargain right?It is said to be for fragile hair, prone to breakage - which is me down to a tee at the moment, healthier and happier hair is my aim! I have used the Herbal Essences honey based range (Bee Strong) a lot and love the affect it has on my locks so trying out another hair range with honey in it made me super excited!

The shampoo and conditioner smell great! I have used them around 3 or 4 times now and have been pleased with the results. I'd say the conditioner is quite thin compared to others out there which makes me use alot more of it to feel like I'm covering my hair well - so I can't see it lasting that long, but for the half price price being £1.94, who can complain

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Range / Review

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It’s the weekend, and to me that means one thing… PAMPER TIME!

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent the new Lee Stafford Coco Loco range* to try out. I reviewed some of the argan oil products a few months ago (you can read it here) and I’ve been using the argan oil Miracle Mist every day since – so I was super excited to review the newest range!

I love using coconut oil in my hair to try and give it some life but there are two things I hate about using it on its own: the overpowering smell, and the fact you have to sit around for hours with a ton of grease in your hair for it to work. Usually I have to take an afternoon off, cover my hair in the oil, shove it in a towel and not go anywhere for 5 hours – and THEN have a shower to wash it all out. Too much faff for me, sorry!Luckily that’s why I’m thrilled with this new Lee Stafford range, because all of the products contain coconut oil and none of it involves the faffy, greasy, ‘leave oil in your hair for hours’ situation. Plus the smell is DELICIOUS, the coconut scent is still there but it’s subtle, sweet and pretty much edible.I have to mention the name too, because ‘coco loco’ makes me think of “you go Glen Coco” – and anything that reminds me of Mean Girls is automatically amazing.

N:Rem Sleep System Full Topper | Review

As most regulars will know I have had chronic back pain for a few months and and what comes with that ( amongst a long list of symptoms) is constant chronic muscular pain which is not helpful when trying to get a good night’s sleep ( something that eludes me most nights).
I was recently given the chance to review a ‘sleep system’ that gives you the option of choosing one personal to your own needs. For me most of my pain is in my back and then my lower right leg and as  this leg can become very painful and my muscles are not very good in that leg either and i also i can get very bad cramp and pins and needles while i just lay down in bed and then it becomes very uncomfortable  to get to sleep as i am in a lot of pain.
With my back and leg pain i have tried so many products for pain relief that includes heat pads and roll on pain relief and nothing seems to work and itjust seems impossible for me to relax my muscles and i regularly use heat pads for some pain relief and very strong painkillers on a regular basis.
So, when I got the sleep system delivered I read through the information that was sent with it to help you put the sponge pieces in the right place for you. 
I was told that this could take a couple of adjustments but i was really lucky to choose the right placement for me from the first night, The system in made up of 5 sponge tablets of different support levels from ‘super soft’ through to ‘firm’ The information gives you an idea of where to place them in relation to where you need the most or least support.My placement from top (head level) to bottom (feet level) went as follows:super softSoftsuper softmediumsoft, They come in an easy to remember color code so if you do have to change them up a bit it could be done quite easily, but for me this worked very well.

HoneyColony Equilibrium Energy Superfood | Review

After my normal chronic illnesses and my chronic back and leg pain I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle.That means no more skipping meals, exercising lightly in a way my body can actually deal with, and taking plenty of supplements No, seriously, the amount of supplements that my doctor tells me what i should take on a regular basis i am shocked, When my doctor told me that i should be taking these supplements each day for my health i didn't know what it was or how to take it on a normal process as i was kinda new to the whole thing.When I given the opportunity to try and  review Honey Colony Equilibrium Energy through Chronic Illness Bloggers Network, I was excited to see how I could see if this new energy supplement would keep me in good shape and also to get me active on exercise,Creating healthy habits is a process. It supposedly takes 30 days to form a new habit— or at least my doctor told me to convince me to keep a eye on my weight and a eye on it, My advice is start off slow. Pick just one new habit at a time and work only on that until it’s part of your routine. After that, try adding in a new habit!Stuck on what to try? Here are some of my healthy ideas!

  1. Exercise for 30 minutes a day! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You don’t need special equipment, a gym membership, or even a plan. Try walking around your neighborhood or, if you’ve got better knees than me, try taking the stairs. Keep  healthier snacks and food chart to keep a record of what you are eating on a regular basis.
  2. Drink more water! Swap out a soda or coffee for a glass of water. Carry a water bottle with you while you run errands. If you don’t like plain water, try adding lemon or lime.
  3. Get an extra serving of fruit or veggies. Try your hand at making veggie noodles, or have a meatless meal once a week. If you can’t do fiber, consider treating yourself to a juice instead.
  4. Don’t skip meals! Keep some easy food on hand for days you feel like phoning it in on the dinner front.
Call a friend. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Cultivating your personal relationships can help keep you from feeling isolated
Honey Colony Equilibrium Energy is a raw honey based superfood. It contains prebiotics (yes , you read that right!), phytoplankton, blue algae, medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic herbs, ORMUS, ginger, organic turmeric, bee pollen, bee propolis, and royal jelly, all mixed into a base of raw honey. These superfoods supposedly boost your mental and physical energy, boost electrolytes, boost anti-oxidants,  and more. It is free of gluten, soy, wheat, pesticides, nuts, herbicides, and added sugar. All the bee products come from family-owned farms in California, which is a huge bonus to me. I love supporting small or local farmers whenever possible.

The Gupta Programme | Review

It’s been a few months today since I started the Gupta programme. It seems to be helping and here are some suggestions from it:I think the trick is that when you have an increase in energy… don’t do more activity than what you’ve been doing! Give your body the chance to recover instead. Easier said than done though. It will take some time to get started on the programme. Don’t watch more than one session a day; it’s important not to stress yourself out with the program. They cover this in Session 1.
There’s also a follow-up DVD, but you won’t need it until you’ve been doing the programme for at least a few weeks. as far as I’m aware, the damage done by being in permanent fight-or-flight mode is recoverable, I haven’t seen anything to suggest that CFS sufferers age more quickly than anyone else. So once the adrenaline is switched off, you recover back to how you normally feel at whatever age; but your fitness will be shot because you stopped exercising. That’s recoverable too though; just don’t dive in too quickly to exercising again. You want to be really sure that you’re health is better first before working on your fitness.I tried changing my diet, but never saw any difference with anything I did. 
Except that when I did the Liver Cleansing Diet and totally upped my fruit and vegetable intake, I had particularly flowing bowel movements! I eat a bit healthier now that I did before CFS, but I don’t really watch what I eat that much. I’ve gone non-dairy since starting the Gupta programme
because I wanted to do everything he recommended. Going non-dairy before never made any discernible difference to me though. I think it’s stress related rather than diet related, with the proviso that a bad diet exacerbates stress and probably has a negative effect on the condition,Alcohol makes me feel really whacked. I never did respond really well to it; just made me woozy and hard to focus my eyes, rather than uninhibited. Now I avoid it almost completely.
The occasional red when I’m out socialising, or chocolate liqueur when I’m feeling rebellious is it. I avoid all exercise. I’ll go for a walk with a friend, but avoid getting my heart rate up. I’ll put energy into getting my fitness back when my health is back. I lowered my food intake to compensate so I don’t put weight on. I was going to the gym 3x per week, and dancing every other night when I got ill.I’ve been on the Gupta programme for about 2 months today. I have 3 months to go until the minimum recommended 6 months. I seem to be getting a bit better; mainly less tense. I’m hoping that means my body is starting to recover, and I’ll be less tired. I’m also axing some commitments that have been causing me extra stress, even though I quite enjoyed them when I felt OK. 

Beauty Advent Calendars 2017

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If you know me, you will know how much I love Christmas so when Christmas and beauty combine, I basically explode in excitement. I have always loved the beauty advent calendars, I had the Tanya Burr one last year and I definitely want to get another one this year. I can't believe how many there are this year, there is one for every price range too! 

Under £50

Mad Beauty 12 Days of Bath and Body £10.99: Includes body washes to nail files. 

Beauty & The Beast 12 Days £12: inspired by the 1991 Disney classic. Includes a selection of products from nail files to hand creams. 

Flutter Beauty Advent Calendar £16: For the lighter younger audience, includes mini surprises for the eyes, lips and nails. 

Studio London 12 Days of Christmas £16: Suitable for vegans, includes nail polishes, and makeup. 

Q-KI Cosmetics £19.99: Not a brand that I have heard of before but I really want to see whats behind each door! 

Mad Beauty Christmas Light Up £19.99: includes beauty must haves and nail polishes. 

Technic Love Your Selfie Advent Calendar £20: Includes a little bit of everything from hair brands to lipglosses. 

Superdrug Bloom 12 Days of Christmas £24: Behind each door is one of 12 mini Eau de Toilettes. 

Technic Glitter Ball £24: Includes a little something behind each door to get you ready for the party season. 

Yankee Candle Wreath Advent £24.99: Includes tea lights in six scents as well as a tea light holder. 

Tanya Burr 12 Sweet Days £30: Pretty much identical to last years. Includes nail polishes, glitters and lip glosses. 

Jack Wills £35: Out on the 18th of September. Includes skin care, hair and nail products. 

Sleek A Gift a Day £35: Includes everything from matte lip products to contour kits. Coming soon to Boots. 

Benefit 12 Days £34.50: Includes miniature must haves. Available from November. 

Feel Unique 12 Days of Beauty Calendar £35: Launching on the 18th of October, you can join the wait list now. Includes the likes of NYX and Elizabeth Arden. 

Marks & Spencer £35 (with £35 spend): Back for 2017 with the likes of Eyeko and Nails Inc. 

Yankee Candle 3D Advent Book £34.99: Includes 12 tea lights and 12 votives. 

Soap and Glory It's a Calendar Girls! £40: Coming soon to Boots. Includes makeup and body products. 

Laura Ashley Royal Bloom £40: Includes body and bath products. Coming soon to Boots. 

The Body Shop £45: Three different versions available for different price points. 

Zoella Lifestyle Christmas Range 2017

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I was so excited by the Zoella Beauty Christmas Range (full details of that here) but I am even more impressed by her lifestyle Christmas range! I have got to hand it to Zoe and her team as I have been a massive improvement to her products and packaging this year, I feel like they are better suited towards a slightly older audience. I can't wait to buy a couple of things and put a few on my Christmas list!

12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar £50 - includes 12 exclusive treats from candles to baking goodies 

Journal £14 - for keeping all your notes in one place! 

Weekly Planner £10 - for keeping your week ahead well organised 

This Is Your Year £10 - a gorgeous desk calendar 

Catching Zzz's £20 - a hot water bottle and sleep mask duo 

Stationery Bento Box £12.50 - for all your stationery needs 

On the Case £6 - rose gold pencil case

Cosy Vibes Mug £8.50 - to get your day started this Winter with a cup of tea (or coffee!) 

Warm and Toasty Set £18 - a travel mug and bobble hat duo 

Cosy Christmas Candle £12.50 - a candle with a winter spice and sweet cinnamon scent.

Festive Cookie Candle £12.50 - a warm sweet gingerbread scented candle. 

Bits & Bobs Set £12.50 - a set of two storage tins 

Cosy Christmas Reed Diffuser £14 -  a warm sweet gingerbread scented reed diffuser for the home. 

Festive Cookie Reed Diffuser £14 - a reed diffuser with a winter spice and sweet cinnamon scent.

Zoella Beauty Snowella Christmas Collection 2017

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As soon as I spotted the Zoella Christmas collection online, I knew I had to share it with you! I love Zoe's beauty products and this collection has seriously impressed me! There are so many gift sets to choose from and the packaging looks even better than last year if you ask me. How amazing is the name too (Snowella) - I love a good pun. I love that's there's a gift set or product for every price range too and I'm almost sure they would be on 3 for 2 closer to Christmas too. Snow'ella is said to be a very fresh fragrance and I can't wait to give it a sniff! 

Winter Wonderhand £6: hand cream with enriched peony and mint. 

Snow Balmy Lip Balms £7: star shaped lip balm duo enriched with peony and mint, 

All Four You Mini Mist Set £16: includes Blissful Mistful, Snowella, Gelateau and Bake My Day. 

I'm Dreaming of a Bath Filled with Bubbles Gift Set £14: includes exfoliating mitts, body lotion, bubble bath and a bow head band. 

Snowella Fragrance Set £14: Includes a Snowella body mist and a body lotion. 

Brew Me a Bath £14: includes bath milk powder and bath tea bags with the uplifting Snowella scent. 

Snowella Body Mist £12: A slightly bigger sized body mist at 100ml. 

Owning A Volkswagen Golf For 3 Years

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Way back in November 2015 my step dad had come into some money after he had been working so hard and very long hours to try and raise enough cash for himself to buy himself the car that he ever wanted. As my mums car was in need of some TLC and needed so much work done to it she decided to get rid of it as it wasn't worth the money and hassle to fix it as it would cost more then what my mum originally paid for the car in 2005, So while my mum was on the look about for a new car my mum was driving my step dad's car while he wasn't at work to get out and about before the car was in a car accident. As my mum couldn't carry on using my step dad's car as he would need it for work so when my step dad was at work me and my mum would be stuck indoors, The insurance company offered a small settlement fee so my mum could go and get herself a little run about until she found something that was more suitable. My mum managed to find a small Mercedes that was from 1999 witch she found on her way to Dursley one afternoon. The car only cost £1000 and it was only a run about until my mum found something more reliable, The car didn't even have a CD player and only a cassette radio and no clock (until we found it in the dashboard) the seats were really uncountable and when you drive over a bump in it you can feel the full impact and it was something unbelievable when i was in the car with my mum going all over these bumps you could feel everything! As my mum had the car for a while i was experiencing some back pain and i wanted to know what was causing the pain as some days it would be really bad and i have never ever suffered in back pain before, Anyways i had to go out and get some food shopping one day and i also had bad back at that time and i really didn't wanna go out as my bad was in chronic pain but as there was no food in the place i had to go and get some, When i stepped into the car it was very hard for me due to my bad back as my mum was driving to the supermarket she went over this speed bump and i felt the full force of it and plus i Hurd a massive crack in my back! I thought that i did some damage as the crack was so awful and i couldn't go and get my food shopping that i went out for in the first place as my back was completely gone! After a few days i went to see my doctor and he said that i had pulled a few muscles in my back and take some painkillers for the pain and rest as long as you can until you get back on your feet, The reason for me pulling my muscles was due to the seats in this Mercedes car and the seats and i just couldn't bare sitting in in those seats ever again. In the end it was time for my mum to go out and fund another car that was more reliable and had better features and seats.

When my mum bought that car she said at the time that she really didn't like it but that was the only car that was available in her price range at the time and she said that she wouldn't buy a Mercedes ever again not that model anyway! At time my step dad had bought himself a limited edition Clio that was a lime green colour and it only cost my step dad £500, and it got him from A To B and he was thinking about getting a new car as the car that he had was kinda small and it only had two doors so getting people in and out of the back was kinda hard and my mum hates 3 door cars. Sometime in November 2015 my step dad wanted to get his savings out that he had been saving for years so he could go and by his dream car a BMW X5! The process to get his savings was a nightmare as my mum had to fill out a lot of forms and do everything for my step dad to get his money paid into his bank as my step dad just didn't know how the process works and what was involved to get your life savings out of the savings pot and i must admit it took months for it to be all completed.
As the process was going on for the funds to be released my step dad spotted a second hand car market called Mill House Motors, My step dad had gone in there perviously to see what cars were available and to see if they had any BMW's X5's of course they didn't have any of those cars in stock and they were quite rare to get hold of one in a manual transmission as some of the models were only automatics, Anyways my step dad done a deal on a BMW 520 series and my step dad had also put down a deposit for the car to make sure that everything was ok with the sale and to see if anything needed to be repaired before picking it up the following week!
When my step dad told me that he had bought a BMW i didn't believe him at first and thought that he was telling me lies as i knew that he didn't have that much money to go and buy a brand new BMW as he didn't have that sort of cash in the bank, When i saw the information about what he had bought and the car then i believed him and asked when do you pick it up and he said on November 15th 2015 and i asked could i come and see the new car and he said yes!

When we drove up to the place my step dad said theres my car and i saw What!!! Thats my car over there and i said what that black BMW? and he said yes and i went OMG! it was so clean and shiny that i couldn't believe that we would be sitting in this car in a few minutes and it looked so comfy inside and it was so clean and professionallycleaned. As step dad was sorting out the paperwork and doing the deal my mum and I started to look at some cars as my mum needed a new car kinda bad due to the issues that she was having with the Mercedes and it was causing my mum and i chronic back pain and we also wanted a cd player in the car as tapes no longer exist for cars so it was the perfect time to get a new set of wheels. my step dad said if you need a car so badly that i will buy you one for your Christmas present and my mum said no i am fine and i will get one when i have the funds available of course my step dad couldn't refuse the offer and i said to my mum just go and pick something and then we went off and had a look at some cars, As me and mum was looking around this place there wasn't a lot of cars that we liked the look of only this his horrible Peugeot (and i really hate these cars as they have no power to them at all) and they were asking a lot for this car mind and it was so ugly and so small inside, My mum asked the owner for the keys to take a look and have a test drive and i can remember it was very small and cramped and i really didn't like it at all and i felt that the seats were so uncomfortable. When my mum started the car it sounded like the pistons was falling out of the engine and it just reminded me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car makes when they drive it in the film it was a horrible car.

Suffering From Hemiplegic Migraines For 17 Years - How Do I Manage With Them ?

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It has taken me a while to come on and actually write all about my Migraines and what really
happens during a attack, I have had a lot of people including doctors what type of Migraines that i actually do suffer with as they have never Hurd of them before and they also ask me all about the symptoms from each attack that i have. When i tell people about the symptoms when i am having a attack i explain to them that i am having a Stoke and i cannot do anything bar lying in bed in a dark room and they are very shocked to hear that i am having these symptoms with the attack and i also tell them that i cannot walk & talk and i go paralysed on the right had side of my body (either side) and i also loose my memory for unto 24 / 74 hours and they say you poor thing you must be so brave that you have these very rare Migraines and coping really well with them. Some people don't actually know what a Hemiplegic Migraine is as they are very rare and only a few thousands suffer from them and they also do have the symptoms of a stroke with them and it can be very scary for someone my age when i first experienced the attack almost 17 years ago.
I first experienced a Migraine sometime in 2002 - 2003 (I don't know the date for sure) when i started high school I was also moving house at the time also as we were fed up where we're were living and i was also being bullied so it was a good idea to move somewhere quite and peaceful,  As moving house is very stressful and it was a lot of hard work that we hadn't had no tea as we were busy sorting everything out that my step dad decided to go and get some Fish & chips and then this is when the trouble began for me. When i first told my mum that i had a headache (as i never had one before) and told her that my head was banging and i was also loosing my vision she told me that i was experiencing a Migraine attack and told me to go to bed in a dark room and take some pain killers,  It took me a while for me to get to sleep because the pain was so bad that i was crying in so much pain that i wanted my mum & dad so much, The pain was something that i had never experienced before and i couldn't call my mum as i wasn't able to speak as my mouth was numb and my right side of my body was also numb so i couldn't do anything for myself. My mum came up to check on me and to see how i was doing and i tried to explain to her that the pain was very bad and i couldn't move my arms and legs and it felt like i was paralysed from the waist down. My mum just couldn't understand why my Migraine was so bad and also why i was having these kinda symptoms from a stroke she was puzzled, My mum watched me for over a week and these attacks were coming on every morning around about 3.00 am and this made it impossible for me to attend school so my school life was sadly ruined for me since that very first attack.

As my Migraines wasn't getting any better my mum made me a appointment to go and see my doctor and to see what the next stages were as i was so fed up that i couldn't go to school and i was so unwell and i just wanted to get better more then anything, The doctor gave me some tablets to take (and i cannot remember what they were called) and they told me to take 2 tablets every night before bed and see how i get on with them and if they stop the attacks for me. Well after 2 weeks the medication didn't do anything for me and i had to go back to the doctors where they decided to send me to the hospital for further treatment and medication, When i attended the Children's hospital for my Migraines and they also asked me what was going on with the attacks once they come on and also the symptoms that i was suffering with them, I explained all this to the doctor and they gave me some more medication and asked me to come back in a few weeks if nothing had improved for me. Well the medication never worked for me and these attacks were very slowly getting me down and i just wanted to go to school and have a active life, The next time i went to see my doctor at the hospital they were going to do a MRI scan just to double check if my brain was ok and if there were any problems causing my attacks to be so bad, The MRI Scan that i had was a very fighting experience for me as i had never ever been in a scanner before (well my mum told me that i had one years ago but i don't remember it) and my mum was with me on the appointment as i was so scared about going in that tunnel on my own, The staff who was looking after me told me that my mum can come in and talk to me while i am having the scan done witch made me feel a bit better and getting on the bed was very hard for me and they put a cadge over my head and then i went into the scanner. When i was in the scanner all i was looking at was a square piece of metal that was placed on top of the scanner and i could still here my mum and the nurse who was taking my pictures and then the noise of that machine was very loud and at the time i wasn't given any headphones to listen to any music and the total time of the scan took over 2 hours and when i came out of the scanner i was so stiff that i had to be put in a wheelchair because i couldn't walk and if i have to have to go though a scan like this again i don't think i would because it is to fighting for me to go though all over again.