The 90s Tag

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Let’s do the 90’s Questions Tag, shall we? It’s a short questionnaire about my favorites from the 90’s. Are you ready? Let’s go!
01. What Kinda TV Services Did You Used To Have ?
We used to have the old Telewest Box (Now Virgin Media) and we had what was the first called cabled Television the box was huge and ugly looking, My mum i believe took the first contract out for the services sometime around 1997 - 1998 and then we have carried on with them when they became Virgin media, The account is now in my brothers name and we have TV Phone & Broadband with them and the services are excellent since the early days of cable and satellite.

02. What Was Your Favourite TV Programme ?
As there was so much to choose from back then and of course TV was so much better then today and there was so much to choose from, As i used to spend a lot of time with my dad we used to watch BBC two's comedy night witch was on Friday nights and this had a lot of comedy programmes including the Fast show , Shooting Stars & Red Dwarf. I used to watch a lot of comedy stuff when i was younger and Shooting Stars was my all time favourite show as i used to watch it every Friday night since i was 7, My dad also enjoyed the show as well and i just remember watching it with my dad and just laughing my head off as it was so funny all time time. At the time i didn't really understand the format of the show and i am now 26 i fully understand the full format of the show and how it all works and it is a piece of comedy history. As the BBC axed this show in 2013 i felt really sad as i grew up watching this programme and of courser Vic & Bob and no one can ever replace this show and it was very well made and formatted as a game show. I still watch it to this day even if it is over 20 years old because it is brilliant.

03. What Was Your Favourite Toy ?
I had a original Fubry when they came out in 1998 and i can remember standing outside Torys R Us with my nan and my mum waiting to get one and it was a huge line, At time time i was 9 and this new toy was fantastic and something that i had never seen before and it was super cute as well. When i first saw it on the TV i thought it was amazing how you could actually speak to it and connect other Furbys to it it was amazing toy for a 9 year old. I also had a Furby baby that was also super cute and adorable as i loved my Furby so much!

04. What Was Your Favourite TV Commercial ?
It was the Spice Girls Impulse ad as it came onto TV i always asked my mum to go out and get me some as it was the best Impulse spray ever made, I just loved how the girls caused a massive car crash and all the cars fell on top of each other and people in the cars looking at the girls with no clothes on (Actually they did have a top on while they were filming it) and it was a excellent advert for a amazing product.

05. What Was Your Favourite Collectables ?
Everyone knows that the Spice Girls Merchandise was huge and everyone wanted a piece of it and i can remember collecting there amazing stationary range from Pens , Pencils , Pencil cases and tins as they produced a lot of stationary for school etc! I loved my long spice Girls pencil case and the pencils that came in a pack of 10 and 5 and there big rulers. I am also on the look about now for some more Spice Girls stationary as i used to love it as a kid and it was so well made as well.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Hi folks and i thought that i should properly introduce myself to others in a post because i haven't really done anything as since this blog started in Jan this year! I have been meaning to write it but it has been so hard to write because my life is not one of the best.
I have written a full story and all about me on my about me section on the top of this blog and explains everything about my life and early days, You can read that HERE: It hasn't been easy for me since the early days and this will just give you a brief info about me and my life and also my blogging and YouTube hobby
As most of you might have seen that in 1992 i suffered from one of the worst infections ever called Virtual encephalitis and this caused me to have so many issues and compilations that i nearly ended up loosing my life due to it and i was in hospital for over 5 weeks because i was so unwell with it. The basic skills and communication was all destroyed and i had to relearn everything from Scratch.
When i was allowed home from Hospital i wasn't a normal child anymore and i wasn't able to walk , talk and i was in a wheelchair due to that i couldn't walk and my mom was now my full time carer and i needed 24 support nearly every single day of the week, I was awarded some money and a car from the government to help with costs for medical equipment and trips to the doctors and hospital appointments and also to help me though my development and special needs.
My mom had her own full time business working from home and packing cards for business across the country, As my mom & dad also had to look after my brother and continue there work it was very hard for the both of them and they done everything that they could to support us. My dad was always working and providing everything for us while my mom was doing her own business. We had neighbours and family and friends to come over on a regular basics to come and look after me and my brother while my mom and dad was working.
Since the early days i have had so many hospital & doctors appointments and tests because of what happened and when the encephalitis took my life away,  i had to attend hospital treatment on a regular basics to see what kinda support that i needed  and also to see what they could do for me. I was given some special walking shoes that was made specially for me and these wasn't a cheap pair of shoes we had to pick them up every 6 weeks and they was made in Bristol and they would help me walk again and gain my confidence once again.
In 1995 i attended a special needs school for people who had special needs and who was disabled and needed support on there education and learning. I was there for 5 years and witch they gave me speech and walking therapy once a week and got me where i am today and also we had special trips out and get our confidence and interact with other people too. As well we had Swimming lessons once a week that was adapted for people in wheelchairs and people like me to get some much needed exercise. The swimming pool is still there to this day! 

Zoella Awesome Drawsome Bathing Collection | Review

I wanted to share this amazing product that Zoella brought out with her new line of Christmas gifts for this year as i have been a fan of Zoella for a while now and this product is well worth a mention because it is so amazing. I have bought zoella's range of items since last year and so far i have found that the products from the soak opea and the body spray and body creme was absolutely beautiful and i am now on my 2nd tube of both items, Zoella has thought about everything about these products and has carefully thought what people would like from a body creme to make up cases and bags and even more items too. The awesome drawsome was something that i have wanted since the line was on Superdrug a few months ago but i wasn't planning to spend over £50 for it because it was a little over priced on what was inside the box itself, I was waiting to see if this product would come down in price because i was planning so hard to save up for one because it was so practical and handy to have because of storage and things. In the end i saw that Superdrug had it on sale for £45.00 and then i was thinking that was still a little bit high but i suppose it was better then paying £50 In the end Superdrug had it in the black Friday sale and i managed to get it for £35 this week and i was so happy because the time and work that had gone into getting one of these was now paid off, Until i got home with the product itself i found that the boxes and storage was a absolutely brilliant for me as i need storage for makeup and things and it was perfect, The sent smelt wonderful when i pulled out the products of the box and the products was was included was absolutely amazing too!

How I Got My Very First Credit Card & Keeping Within My Limits And Spending

Most of my life i haven't been able to set my eyes on any kinda credit card because i have been in so much debit in my life that no one would give me one and plus my credit score isn't that great, When i was about 16 i had a mental breakdown that would cost me 8 years of my life in insolvency and being declared bankrupt at only 16 years of age, I went down for under 15k and this debit was mostly on mobile phones and mail order catalogs that was on credit. At the time no one knew what was going on as i was coming back from collage most days and having a mobile phone from the Carphone warehouse and i was lying about my age to get one every time when i went in there after collage and this happened quite a few times and then i would come home and look on the internet and seeing what else that i could apply for, As these bills wasn't never ever gonna be paid as at the time i had no income only my £30.00 EMA (Educational Allowance) and my other income that wasn't in my name and then bills upon bills just came pilling though the door and i couldn't cope with these bills that was coming though the door nearly every single day of the week, I went down to see my local Connections advisor and spoke to them on a few occasions  and told them what i have been going though and told me that i should keep all of the letters and try and get some help because back then i was going though some kinda stress and no one knew what it was.
I was put on some really bad medication at the time as i was seeking help from my doctors and these tablets i thought was making me worse as ever and i was doing crazy things and acting very strange and my mom and my step dad said to me on a few occasions that i am mental and mad and they was gonna lock me away into a metal hospital because they just couldn't look after me any more and i was so bad that i was causing augments and bullying people that my mom just couldn't cope with me any longer. As my behavior was so bad and i was acting very strange that i was then given the option to seek some professional help from a Physiatrist that provided me what i wanted to hear and that was i was going though a mental breakdown and also suffering from mild depression and anxiety at the same time and they also said that my temper is very badly effected due to this breakdown that i was having. After i saw the professional people and also i was taking these really bad tablets my behavior and temper slowly got worse and it got so bad that i was arrested for stabbing my step dad in the arm and i was very lucky that i wasn't locked up because what i caused to my step dad was GBH and in the end my step dad forgave me for doing it and i said sorry to him and we made up after i was well enough.

Fleur De Force By Eylure - Fleur Loves Lashes My Thoughts & Review

I couldn't wait for this moment to arrive because i have been looking around for some false eyelashes
for a while now and i knew that Fleur was very popular from her YouTube channel and she was working on something very special as i was watching one of her videos regarding it she couldn't say what it was.I have been watching Fleur since i first joined YouTube in 2008 i believe she started her channel in 2009 and i can recall watching that very first video that she done and i knew that something was coming for her, She released and bought out the Glam guide witch is a book that gives you advice for Fashion, Make up relationships and all about how she plans to make videos and blog posts and also the equipment that she uses for making the video.  The work that she puts into her videos is so much and the editing well it must be very hard for her but she has got some video editing skills because i couldn't crete what she does and i think that these false eyelashes and her brand will bring out some more products in the future for Fleur.
I have never ever had any false eyelashes before because i haven't been into them and i did learn about them on my beauty course and i was taught how to apply them and also to adjust them to the size you wanted, I first thought of the idea because i have a vision disorder and my eyes always look very dull and very tired and make up didn't do the trick so i needed something that would hide the tiredness and very dull. As i was looking around for some false eyelashes i saw that in Boots that there was ones from Girls Aloud and Tanya burr in Superdrug and i was gonna go and get some from Girls aloud because i thought that they would be ideal for me but i don't know why but i didn't get them and i wanted to see what was coming out in the next couple of weeks. When i was watching one of Fleur's video she said that she was working with a company to bring some products out and no one knew what this could of been and i was thinking a beauty line or something so the next couple of days she told us that she was bringing out some false eyelashes and i was thinking i need to get my hands on these and they looked very good, I saw the photo's of them on Fleur's instagram and i loved the way that they was packed and the quality of them! I wanted to attend the event in London but as i live so far i couldn't attend, I was looking online to see when i could go and buy some and i was waiting and waiting and i then i looked on Fleur's next video and the link was there and all the false eyelashes was there and i said i need to get some as soon as i can.

Oliver Boans Make Up & Wash Bag - Review

A  A couple of months ago i was looking for a new make up bag that was gonna be big enough to store all my stuff in, As i have always had cheap and old make up bags from Primark and they wasn't to my taste and i wanted something that was nice and stood out with some color and with more space in. I was watching a video one day and i think it was one of Fleur's and i spotted this adorable make up bag and i wanted to see where it was from so i checked the comments and found that it was from Oliver Boans and i said that i needed one very badly as it was massive and plus it had you initial on there witch was awesome! I checked on there website to see how much they was and it wasn't to bad and just around the best price for this make up bag. Two weeks after that i placed my order though them and i ordered the make up bag and a card case as well as i needed one for my other cards etc! When i had the order it was very nicely wrapped in one of there bags and when i opened it i actually ordered the make up bag instead of the wash bag and i was gutted because i had to spend some more money again! i wasn't worried at all because it was worth it in the mean time.

Fleur De Force Makeup Collection Review

I was so excited when this new range from the amazing Fleur was announced on her YouTube channel only a couple of weeks ago, I knew that Fleur had a book out and then teamed up with the team at Eylure to bring out some amazing and fabulous lashes, When i watched the video of the eye lashes i knew that Fleur was going to bring something else out as i could feel that something was around the corner. She explained in the video that she had been working on the makeup line for over a year. I was so thrilled and over the moon about this collection coming. I had only wanted to order the make up bag originally once i saw it on the video because it was something that i would like as Fleur likes stars and her makeup bag was all in the same signature look and also her glam guide book to I like the makeup bag the most because it is very compact and very stylish and very roomy and you can easily expand it to hold more of your essentials in. I love the feel and texture of this bag and it is very easy to clean and very soft to touch too. I have had so many makeup bags over the years but this one is one of the best that i have spent my money on and i am truly gonna use it for many years to come. have also seen the amazing six and fabulous lip glosses that she also brought out with the line and also has named them after stars and it feels like the names was chosen by Fluer herself as she loves Stars and i managed to get 4 of them out of the 6 when i placed my order a few weeks ago. I have managed to pick up.. 10. Little Star 20 Written In The Stars 30. Starlight & 40 Lucky Star. They smell absolutely gorgeous and i could easily eat them as they smell so nice. I also love the style and packing for each lip gloss as it also does include the signature look of stars and very stylish and very girly to add to any of the FDF's Makeup line.The lip glosses are fab. They are light weight on the lips but pack a real punch of color.  Fleur really does love stars!)

Fleur de Force Makeup Collection Contents

  • Fleur de Force Lipgloss in 6 shades £6.99
  • Fleur de Force Quad Eyeshadow in 2 color ways £7.99
  • Fleur de Force Makeup Bag £8.99

My Hemiplegic Migraines Story

It has taken me a very long time to make this post because everyone wants to know what it is like living with and coping with one of the most rarest Migraines called Hemiplegic Migraines, These attacks can be very frightening when people actually get them because they are having symptons of a stroke and that means you will loose the ability to walk and talk and your memory is completely blank, I have been living with them now for over 13 years and what i have been though since i was first diagnosed with Hemiplegic Migraines well it hasn't been a very easy journey for me at all.
When i was first diagnosed with these rare Migraine attacks i had to change my lifestyle so much and also what i was eating and drinking on a regular basics because some of the foods and drink that i was having could cause me to have a Migraine attack at any time of any day, I was quite upset that i had to change some of the foods that i loved so much because i was suffering from these bad attacks.
The first time when i experienced a Migraine attack was sometime in 2004 when i was moving house with my mum and step dad and it started when i had a piece of fresh cod from the local chip shop. I didn't know what caused the attack to happen but it was very frightening experience for a 15 year old teenager,  My mum saw me go very white and she knew that i wasn't well so she gave me some paracetamol and told me to go and lie down in a dark room until the attack was over, I can remember my mum told me that i was experiencing a migraine attack and fish is one of the bad things to eat for a Migraine attack to start but these attacks was more serious then a normal attack as i wasn't able to walk and talk and also i would loose my memory for over 24 hours and my mum had never seen someone with a migraine attack like this before,

Once this attack happened they kept on coming on at 3.00 am every single morning and this made it impossible for me to go to school and i was also planning for my exams at the same time and my mum decided that she would take me to see a doctor to get some help and advice what type of Migraine that i was suffering from, The doctor didn't really offer any advice to me only to say that i was suffering from migraines and explained to my GP what was happening while i was going though these attacks and basically said to me come back if they aren't getting any better. I waited a few more weeks where the attacks was still coming on at the same time of 3.00 am and i was getting worse and worse and i said to my mum that i was fed up of being ill all the time and i wanted to go to school but i couldn't go. I went back to my doctors where they referred me to see a specialist at the hospital to see what they could do for me and also treatment, I did try to attend school as much as i could while these attacks was coming on and also attending appointments and i also had medication at school for me just incase a Migraine attack did happen. I did have a few attacks at school and the medication did work and done what it said on the packet, I was then given a MRI Scan of my brain in sometime around 2003 / 04 and i hated every single minute of it and i would never ever want to experience going in one again. My brain scan took a total of 6 months to come back after everyone had seen it and looked at it and i thought that something was wrong because it a long time to come back from the hospital.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub Review

I have been finding it very hard to find a simple and straightforward scrub / Shower gel to use  for a while now because of my condition witch is Eczema, I have had issues and break outs since i was 5 and this  has been coming and going since i have be very carful on what i put on my skin and my scalp because i also do have very sensitive skin. i have been into Soap & Glory products for the last couple of years now and i find that all there products are absolutely amazing and out of this world. I love the brand for there makeup range and of course there bath and scrub ranges! I have been hunting around for a simple every day scrub that i can use on my skin and also that would be very soft and something that won't leave me in rashes and sores. I first started to get into the Sop & Glory bath / Scrub range somewhere between December 2013 when a friend told me about how amazing everything was, I took a trip down to my local Boots store just before Christmas and i smelt every one that was on offer (As Boots has 3 for 2 on offer sometimes) and it was so hard to choose from and i must of been there for almost a 1hour smelling each one and in the end i picked up this amazing Breakfast scrub that smelt like oats and the day i smelt it the day i have to by it. I took it home and then i just forgotten to use it and in the end i chucked it in the bin not knowing what i would be heading myself for with this amazing product.

I have used every popular shower gel / scrub on the market and some of them do leave me in rashes and soreness especially Dove and some other products, I was getting pretty tired of me having a shower and coming out in rashes and soreness so i said to myself about 2 weeks ago that i was gonna get that Scrub from Soap & Glory again and see what that does for me and see how i also get on with it, The day i saw it on the shelf i knew that this was the scrub for me and my mom thinks that £8.00 or even £10 for Soap & Glory body scrubs / Body Butter / Lotion is a lot of money but in my mind it is the best stuff out there witch has been made with special stuff. I started to use the scrub last week and i never had used it on my skin when i had some in 2013 and it was very easy to open when your in the shower because your hands are very wet and sticky and the lid was straight forward to open and it was very easy and straightforward to apply to your skin, The smell was outta of this world and i scrubbed it all over my writs and body and it was forming up and it was very smooth and very soft feel and texture witch is something that i like in a scrub. I then rinsed it off and my skin was very soft and felt very clean also. Since then i have been using it every 2 days and there has been a huge improvement with my skin and there hasn't been no rashes / burns  / soreness for almost a week now and my body feels a lot cleaner then ever!  This scrub has made me feel more confident in my appearance and the way i smell witch is fantastic because all of the other shower gel and scrubs don't make me feel nice about myself.

Soap & Glory Face Soap And Clarity Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash - Revie

I have been using this amazing facial wash from Soap & Glory now and i have always struggled when it used to come to skincare as i never used to look after my skin and also my skin and was in a very bad way and i was always in spots and dirt. Until i done my beauty course in 2008 i finally released what i was doing wrong and i had to change my ways about my skincare routine and get something done as i was always covered in grease and it was not one of the nicest things to live with when i had it, I have been though so many skin care products over my lifetime and i have found that some of theGarnier Micellar Cleansing water was pretty good and it worked well with my skin and it didn't cause me to have any breakouts and blemishes as i also suffer with sensitive skin and also the price was at good value too for a 400ml too,  I also had a small sample of the amazing Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar water as i have been reading that it was one of the best brands from France that removes more dirt then other brands. I found that the price for 2x of 500ml for £15 was a great deal as a 500ml will set you back nearly £10 and i loved the product so much that i am need to get some more soon. i found that a 500ml would last me a while and my skin felt cleaner fresher and more smooth then other cleansing waters out there on today's market. I have always struggled with my skincare from a early age and i thought that skincare wasn't important so i never thought about skincare at allAs my skin use to be covered in dirt and grease all the time i was getting upset about the way i used to feel and look because i felt dirty all the time, So i decided to start learning about skincare and also all about the products out there when i was doing my beauty course in 2008, I first got my hands on a cleansing brush and that was the Neutrogena wave and i must say to this day that i really didn't enjoy using this because it just made my skin feel more dirty and my pores and spots wasn't cleaning up and also the pads was sold on there own and also it needed a battery to make it work, I had both of devices and i hated both of them and i am glad that i stopped using them as my skin was getting worse and worse before i stooped using them,

After i stopped using these nasty brushes i was just basically using my hands and using any facial cleaner on the market and i found that some of the facial cleaners that i was using on my skin was making me come up in sores and rashes and i stopped using them straight away and they was both from Garnier and i was now on the hunt for a new facial cleanser and brush for my new skincare routine, I never thought that a company would send me one of the most amazing brushes in the world in 2013, Magnitone kindly sent me a limited edition pixie lott cleansing brush that RRP: £69.99 and this brush has changed my skin so much it makes cleansing my face a lot more faster and effected.I used this brush for the first time and i used it for 30 days and there was a massive improvement in just a few days and before i had the brush my skin was covered in spots and pores and i was amazed how this brush worked on my skin very well,

Soap & Glory Smooth Star Lightly Whipped Body Butter | My Thoughts & Review | History of My Skincare

When it comes to body butter's and body lotions i have to be very careful what i get and use because half of the products that i do end up buying that i end up having a really bad reaction to them as i do have very sentive skin and a little bit of eczema as i used to get it really bad when i was a kid and i am still allergic to some things to this day. I have tried some products in the pass like body butter's and body lotions and some i have ended up in rashes and burns all over my arms and legs and there wasn't any point of me getting any more lotions and body butters because i thought that if i was coming up in rashes all the time i would be wasting my money on stuff that i cannot use,

I have been using my Chanel coco Mademoiselle body lotion that i had for my birthday last year and it isn't a cheap product either and i have been loving it since i had it from my auntie last year and the smell is delightful and it smells just like the fragrance too,  Since i started using that i have been fine and no reactions to my skin at all and it was very easy and simple to use and i have never ever had any problems with the body lotion since, i absolutely love this body lotion from Chanel and i was quite lucky to get one because its not cheap, And plus it has lasted me a very long time and also the smell lasts for a days  that most body lotions don't have, 
I have also been loving the Zoella beauty body lotions from the range and i have been using them since day one and i have been loving them and even been using them every single time i have a shave and a bath,  I am now on my 3rd tube of Creamy madly dreamy because the smell is so delightful and it goes on your skin very well and it doesn't give me any allergic reactions witch is something that i wouldn't expect from this line of products, I have also been using Zoella's Candy cream body lotion and the body scrub and that works like a dream on my skin and i have had no allergic reactions to nothing from the range and i have been using my Zoella body lotions and scrubs for a long time and i have loved using them so far, This line of products works wonders on my skin and i wish to thank Zoella for all of her amazing work on her line of amazing products,

When i started to use the Soap & Glory brand for subs , lotions , butter i thought that i would give it a go because some of the products that they make are truly one of the best and i didn't know what kinda reaction i would get with each one of them, I have been using the breakfast scrub for over 2 years now and i must say that i truly love it and it smells like porridge with lime and it works wonder on my skin when i am in the shower in the mornings, This scrub also wakes me up witch is something that i like in a breakfast scrub,  I was pretty shocked to find that i had no allergic reactions after using the scrub and then the body lotion that i used to have and i said this brand is amazing and i must get more of it because it is truly amazing,

Amelie Colourful Butterfly and Floral Multi Drawer Unit | Review

These last couple of months i have been finding it very hard to store anything in my bedroom because it is so small, I have been looking all over the place to try and get some storage boxes & cases and then theres all the hassle about how its gonna fit in my bedroom! I have been sorting things out mostly all the time when i am in my room and rearranging things all the time to try and make some room for something else, As i used to store thousands of DVD's and CD's on my middle shelf and these cd's and DVD's was taking up so much room that i would need so i ended up selling everything so i could gain some more space. Once i got rid of my CD's & DVD's then i had a extra shelf to put things on and it was nice to have that extra shelf for something new. And then i got into a new collecting habit of collecting Minions and this started to take up some of my bottom shelf and this was getting to much and i was loosing space all the time and i had no where to put anything because my top and bottom shelf was filled up with bits and bobs and of course my Minions as well. Before Christmas 2015 i had the new item from Zoella beauty and that was the Awesome Drawsome bathing collection and it was like a drawer that had all the bathing stuff inside and it wasn't that to expensive on what i was gonna use it for, Once i had taken all of the bathing stuff from the box i then rearrange some items from my makeup collection and started to add bits and bobs inside each section of the drawers so one section for foundation etc. I found that the draws was very good and ideal on what i wanted to use them for and they fitted wonderfully inside my corner of my shelf with no problem. I did have some problems reaching the things that i needed from the drawers like my foundations and things so i moved the box over to the other side of my shelf and it worked wonders.The bad points about the box that it wasn't as big as i thought it would be and this made it impossible to fit any pallets inside of the box but with things like foundations and lip glosses was so perfect and they all fitted in each drawer perfectly.

How To Get A Mulberry Bag On eBay Without Breaking Your Bank To Own One

As most of you already know that i love everything from handbags and accessories from Mulberry and some of it can be very expensive for one of the icon bag the bayswater bag, I have been a huge fan of mulberry from a really young age and at the time and i thought that i would never ever be able to afford one because of there huge prices. I must of been asking my mom since the age of 13 so beg her to get me one and she said that it was a total waste of money and she wasn't prepared to spend £800 on a bayswater bag, I first wanted a Mulberry bag when i saw Frankie from the Saturdays had this lovely bag and it was just the perfect bag for me,  i just loved it and it was the Tillie tote bag and i must of looked everywhere for one and there was no way that i could afford £1,100 for it and i must of waited a few months to think how i was gonna get this money to get this bag and by the time i wanted the bag the range was gone from Mulberry in 2011 and i was completely gutted. My chances of getting this bag was not very good and i was looking on eBay for months and months until i found one and it was perfect, The seller wanted about £150 - £200 (i cannot remember the full price) there was some marks on the back of the bag and at the time i wasn't aware of fakes and i didn't know what they looked like, I saw all of the original recipes and to say that it was a real Mulberry item,I received the bag and i was completely blowed away and it was so beautiful and i can remember showing it on a video on my YouTube channel and i was so shocked that i had just bought my very first Mulberry item and my mom went completely mad when she found out that i bought it, I loved it and started to use it and people was saying thats a lovely bag and how lucky i was to have a designer bag as mulberry is kinda expensive. My first Mulberry bag was bought way back in 2013 and i have used it ever since and 4 years later it is still in fab condition but it does have some stains on the bag now and it needs a good clean but apart from that i will still remember that was my very first Mulberry that i ever bought myself.

What Have I Learnt About Being In Debit & Going Insolvent 2010 - 2016

I wanted to make this post for a very long time but i couldn't face myself to write it because i wasn't ready to tell the world what happened to me when i was 16 years old, As it has nearly reached the time when i come out of debit after 8 years i wanted to make this post and explain the ups and downs and also the completions while being in debit. As young people are forcing them selfs in more and more debit i understand what they are facing every single day as i have been there myself for so long and into todays community where money is very low and wages do not cover any house hold bills it is very difficult time for everyone who is turning to credit for help, It all started with me when i was just 15 years of age and this is the worse time of anyones life to get into debit and deal with the hassle of people coming around your house and asking for your money and also demanding letters it was very hard to cope sometimes i didn't know what i could do. My Story begins in 2006 when i just started collage and i was 16 and as i was going though so much at the time i ended up having a mental breakdown and where i was basically out of control and doing almost anything that i wanted and getting away with murder, Every night when i was leaving collage my first contact with credit came with mobile phones and back then all you needed was a chip & pin machine and it was so simple i just walked in our local Carphone Warehouse store and came out with a mobile phone in about 40 mins every single day, My mom said to me how did you get a full contract phone when your underage? I basically told lies about my age and thats how i done it and my mom knew that something was very wrong with me as i was coming home every day with new stuff and mobile phones. The next few months my behavior became worse and worse and i ended up also having things delivered to the house and having everything on credit and my mom just couldn't carry on with me anymore and i needed professional help, At the time i didn't know anything about credit and a credit score and what it could do you in the process, My mom asked me what was wrong and why i was acting like i was and she told me that i had to stop ordering all this stuff and then she said how are you gonna pay for all of this ???? I wasn't gonna because i was only having my weekly money from the government to pay for my collage essentials,

 I  stopped applying for credit and getting myself into more and more in trouble by the end of my collage course in September 2006 and i ended up having well over £15,0000 of debit that i couldn't afford to pay back and then the letters was coming though my door demanding final payment and someone was coming around to collect goods all the time and this wasn't fair on my mom and my step dad because they would of ended up taking everything that they own,I was seeking help from people afterwards after i was told that i was having a nervous breakdown and my local connections worker Jo who told me to keep all of my debit letters so she could help me with something and also to get me out of debit. My mom was also helping me at the same time and trying to get me out of this huge amount of debit that i had managed to run up, It was about 3 - 4 weeks later that my local connections worker Jo told me that i might have to declare myself insolvent and i didn't really understand what that was and how it would help me progress. My mom decided to take me over to CAB offices in Stroud to get everything sorted and i also had to keep the debit letter that i had coming though.I didn't take that long to get everything sorted and i cannot remember if a charge was made for me to go insolvent as if you had savings or something you couldn't do it so my local CAB adviser help me around that issue and on 8th September 2010 i was declared insolvent and in that time i wasn't allowed to apply for anything like credit cards and loads and mobile phones, It was so hard because i had letters still coming though the door and this stopped in a few months witch was so good and i was so happy, My court order was finally discharged on 8th September 2011.It took a year for my case to go to court and get it sorted and then there was the huge long wait of 6 years before i could get my finances and credit back where it should be in the first place.Everyday for me was a huge battle because i had to face people in banks and phone shops and trying to get this and that and in the end i totally gave up, I had to also explain to some of the companies who i was trying to get credit with that i was insolvent and i really haven't got a good credit history,Sometimes when i saw other people having new phones and a credit card made me feel so down and upset because i knew that i couldn't have it because of my credit score and in the end i never felt so down over it because my credit score was completely damaged.

Tag Time : The 90's Tag

So you want to know what i did in the 90s? well this TAG Will tell you what got up though out my Childhood living in the 90s

Q1.What TV Stations/Channels Did You Used To Watch?
As there was so many programmes an
d tv channels to choose from it was so hard to keep it on one channel every time, We used to have the old Telewest box (Now virgin media) and i would be glued to that over the weekends and after school. I used to watch a lot of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network as they had some great shows like Cow & Chicken, Dexters Lab and Johnny bravo and Nickelodeon had so many that i cannot remember half of them i do remember watching Keenan & Kel and the Amanda show. I would also love to watch BBC two on Friday nights with my dad as they had something called the comedy show that started from 9.00 pm with Shooting stars and then Red Dwarf.

Q2.What Was Your Favourite Shows?
There was so many programmes on at the time i just couldn't remember what i loved the most i do know that i was a huge Shooting stars fan and i would sit down with my dad every Friday night and watch it with him and also i used to love Red Dwaf that was on after Shooting stars.As i was only 8 in 1997 i could only remember watching BBC 2 comedy night with my dad and watching a lot of comedy stuff. So Shooting stars was one of my favourites growing up.

Q3.Did You Used To Watch Any Weekend Shows?
I used to watch SM:TV Live & CD:UK Live & Kicking and i would only watch it for the cartoons and i would never watch the full 3 hours of each programme as it was kinda boring, I would always watch CD:UK to see what new music was coming out that following week and then in the early 2000's I watched Smile & The Saturday show And Top Of The Pops Saturday.

Q4.What Was Your Favourite Band?
I can remember that i was a huge Spice Girls fan as i had all of there products from there clothing, Dolls , Shoes and Sweets. I used the Impulse Spice every day for school and i had the full range from the Christmas 1997 range in ASDA. I was also a Steps fan as i collected the CD's and on my 10th Birthday i went to see them live in Birmingham and it was one the best concerts that i had ever been too, I am on the video when the show was recored in 2000.

Q5.Favourite Gadgets/Toys?/Clothing?
I had so much of gadgets and toys throughout my childhood and i can recall having thousands of tamagotchi's and they all kept dying on me and i loved my toy cars and garages. I loved playing with Barbie dolls and i had the popular 1994 Sindy Barbie Mountain Fun Space 4x4 Holiday home,I also loved the get set Chocolate Factory set where you make your own pieces of Chocolate with the moulds that was provided in the kit.

Q6.What Was Your Favourite Piece Of Clothing You Had?
That would have to be my skirt and trousers set that was bought from Tammy girl witch was blue and had white flowers around the skirt it was the best pair of trousers that i had, I think my mom bought them from me as i had a event to go to in Cheltenham with my school. I also had a lovely flower dress that was in Blue and my Tammy Girl sandals witch i loved very much.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics My Thoughts | Review

I was so happy and excited when Tanya burr was releasing some new products to her beauty line as i am a fan of her on YouTube and i enjoy watching her videos. I was so happy when she decided that she was gonna give her beauty line a new design and also add some new products too. At the time i was also collecting Zoella stuff at the same time and this was the reason why i couldn't get any of the original tanya burr lip glosses and in the end i never got around to place my order for some amazing  products. 
As she was releasing these new products i wanted to see what they was and also the price of each one because some makeup items including brow eyeshadow pallets are kinda expensive like the Naked ones witch i have had. I had a look on some other people's reviews on each
 item before i actually went out and bought them and people has been saying that they are very good pallets and offers a very good coverage to the cheeks and face. I wanted to get my hands on some of these amazing new items from the collection and to try and start my own little collection, Sometimes my local Superdrug doesn't always stock these items and i don't understand why that is. I had a look at the original line of stuff like the lip glosses and i absolutely loved them and i so wanted some then but i wanted for the new products to come out. I managed to pick up the Perfect brows pallet , The peachy Glow pallet & The Rosy Flush Cheek Pallet. and i have seen the colours of each pallet and they are gorgeous and very pretty and i had no problems when i applied some to my Real Techniques face brush and applied to my face. My face was flawless and was very glam and i loved how the colours went together and how pretty it looked too.

Q&A - Travel & Personality

Monday, 8 May 2017

Here is a another Q&A For my travels and my personality! i hope that you will enjoy reading thoughmy questions and answers.

1.What is the longest road trip have you been on ?
I think it was when i first visited my dad who lives in Wales. I was very young when i first made my visit down there and i think i was only 12 and the journey would take forever because of the traffic and waiting around for things. When i first saw my dad in Wales we would do half way there all the time so my step dad drove me to meet my dad and then i would get in his car and then drive me back to his and this was so long, I always found that the journey always very long and tiring, These days i take the train because there isn't much waiting around to do and it takes less time in the car.

2.What makes are your rings and what kinda style do you like ?
I currently don't use or own any rings because they just don't suit me and the only ones i like is the big massive thick ones and when i do try on rings etc! they just don't suite me. So i don't buy any they are very nice to look at and try them on but they aren't for me.

3.Where is your bag from ?
My bag is from Mulberry and i won't have any other bags unless it is by Mulberry because i love that brand for all there bags and there lush puses and clutch bags. I have been a fan of the brand since i was 13 and i have only ever been able to buy a Mulberry item since 2012. I am now saving up for a Roxanne Tote because my bag i currently have is very heavy to carry sometimes and i want something is kinda big so i can fit my laptop in and of course my iPad.

4.In one of your Instagram photo's Where did you get that item from?
I bought the Buffalo shoes from eBay because i have been after them for a very long time. Buffalo platforms made by the Spice girls in the 90s the style 1310-2 they wore some of them and some has been specially designed by the company itself. Some of the shoes are very rare to find these days and eBay is the only place where to get them from, Buffalo does keep one pair i believe in one of there collections in Germany i believe.

5.Why don't you buy any more Paul's Boutique bags?
The brand does't interest me any more and i think the brand is aimed at young teenagers now and i do know that the brand has been updated now and again and the bags are even more then they used be, I do check on there to see what kinda bags there are but i don't buy any more of them.

6.Do you like any soups?
Yes there has been a few flavours that i do like i only tend to like the ones with bacon and cheese in and the others.

7.Do you like to show off when people are around ?
Well it depends who it is really i don't like it when my other family members get to me and my mom so i try and show off and try and get my mums attention,  

8.Do you like Fendi bags?
No i have seen the brand before but i would't take my money to go and buy one.

My Visits To BBC Television Centre 12.06.2009 + 12.06.2010

Back sometime in 2002 - 2003 when i was in my final years at school we had a 2 slot lesson called Asdan at this allowed us to anything that we wanted even making something from start to finish, I think these were called challenges and we had to color in the time clocks on a sheet to show how much we was progressing on each of our projects every week. I cannot remember what my first project was called and i have no knowledge of me even doing anything as sometimes i was taken out of my lesson to catch up on some work that i had missed before hand. I don't know what made me wanna do this as a project but i was so interested in the BBC and i wanted to do something about them on my Asdan project i knew that i would able to get a lot of information i started doing a lot of research on the company and i couldn't believe how much information that i did find every week it was tonnes, Once i had all the information and history on the company i started to look at there buildings and the one that i was very interested in was Television Centre in west London and i couldn't believe how big this place looked when i saw it for the first time online and i said to myself that i really wanna work there when i leave collage and hopefully work for the BBC. I had so much work to do on my Asdan project every week that sometimes i ended up taking the folder home and doing it because there was so much to do and i was also thinking was i gonna get this all done in time before my dead line, I ended up finishing my project a week for before it was due to be collected and i was so proud of my work and what i had achieved over 4 weeks of research and information that i found on this amazing company! I was awarded a top mark for my project and i was given something for my hard work (Cannot remember what it was now) all i wanted to do now that my project was finished i wanted to there main building in west London.
When i started collage in September 2005 i was given the chance to go and visit the BBC in West London by one of my teachers who was taking the group to the center and i asked if was allowed to go and they were so kind about it and said that there wouldn't be enough room in the mini bus and i was quite gutted but i knew before i finished collage i would take myself there, I asked my friends what the tour was like and how big it was in real life and they said it is the most amazing place in the world and they saw into the studios as well and i was gutted that i couldn't go with them. I saw the photos from the tour and they had a photo taken outside the huge steps outside where the main news area was.In 2009 my birthday was just around the corner and i wanted to go to London and spend it at Television center and i knew that i was letting myself into so much as i had never been to London on my own and also using the London underground all on my own, no one wouldn't come with me so i made myself go to the tour on my own and also i still can't understand how i managed to get to the center and use theunderground all by myself and got back home safely,

Spice Girls Impulse Spray

Do you remember?  it was 1997 and the Spice Girls exploded on the scene with there amazing products and there official Merchandise, I was only 8 years old when Spice main actually took off and i can remember listing to there hit single Wannabe when i was 6, I knew when the Spice Girls started to bring out some of there products between 1996 & 1997 i knew from that day in 1996 when Wannabe went to number 1 that these Girls had more to offer then just music. When i was 8 i was attending my special needs in 1997 when the Spice girls brought out there amazing products and i cannot really recall seeing any of there products in my local stores only the impulse Spice and there amazing lollipops by Chupa Chups witch i saw in my local co - op store, I didn't expect to have any of the Spice girls official merchandise and products as my mum thought that it would be kinda too young for me but my mum one day brought home some of this spray that was made my Impulse and she said that you will love it as it has Spice Girls written all over it, As i was unable to speak very well at the time my mum sprayed some on me and i said i love that scent and since that day in 1997 i have been a huge fan of the Impulse Spice spray for over 20 years. Impulse had made this stunning can of spray and it was very colourful and attracted for girls my age to have something that was made from the Spice Girls in a Spray witch absolutely smelt like heaven, I had a few cans of it in my childhood days and when my mum would go shopping she would always get about two or 3 cans as it was very cheap and it would go on and last me a few weeks at a time, There campaign for the product was very huge and very popular as there was also a few more products that was also added to the campaign including there famous 1310 - 2 Buffalo platforms witch was signed by all of the 5 girls for a Competition with impulse to give away to a lucky Spice Girls fan, I believe that Liz west who has the biggest Spice Girls collection has these and she was the lucky winner of this amazing price, I don't recall seeing a lot of the other products that they produced as i was reading that they also brought out a limited edition perfume edition in a glass bottle and also a roll on deodorant witch i would absolutely love in my collection that was only available in Mexico in 1997 so i really don't know if you can personally still get this on eBay as i would love one.
There is no other Impulse fragrance that beats this amazing product from the Spice Girls anywhere and also the scent reminds me of my childhood and when i smell it it just takes me back to the time when the Spice Girls was around and i can also remember seeing the advert for this and i absolutely loved it and how it was made,

Owning A Volkswagen Golf For 3 Years

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Way back in November 2015 my step dad had come into some money after he had been working so hard and very long hours to try and raise enough cash for himself to buy himself the car that he ever wanted. As my mums car was in need of some TLC and needed so much work done to it she decided to get rid of it and my mum used to drive my step dads old car before it was destroyed in a car accident. As my mum didn't have a car to get anywhere she had enough money from the insurance to go and get one for the time being until she had enough to save for one and something she wanted She only had a small Mercedes and it was kinda old and she only paid over £1000 and i believe that the car was around 10 years old as there was a cassette radio in there and no clock or any proper support when it went over humps and bumps and it was dreadful. My mum disliked the car and wanted to get rid of it when she had found something that she liked, At the time my step dad had a little clio and it was a lime green color and it was also a limited edition one and my step dad bought that car for a Bargain price, Somewhere in April last year my step dad wanted to get his savings out so he could go and buy his dream car that he had wanted for a very long time and get other things for himself! The process to get the funds was a very long time so buy November 2015 the day came when my step dad bought his dream BMW 520 of course my step dad wants the X5 but at the time there wasn't any X5's available and it was so clean and tidy inside and out and it was lovely car when i first went in it.
My mum was also in need of a new car and my step dad said that he would buy her one for her christmas present and the next day when we went to get my step dads car  my mum and I had a look at some cars and to see what she would like , She used to own a lot Pugs and i really dislike those cars so much as the power in them are rubbish. We tested one car and it just didn't sound right and it felt like a old banger and the seats was so uncomfortable and even my mum said that to me as well! As there wasn't any options left i said to her try this car out a Volkswagen golf and plus it was a lot cheaper as well and my mum took the plunge and tested out. The second we got in this car we knew that it would be so much better for my mum and of course me as a passenger, The ride was a lot smoother and also the seats was comfy and easy adjustable too, There was full cd and radio and also a computer in the dashboard and there was plenty of space for my mum,
I was so over the moon when my step dad agreed to get this car for my mum and the second my mum drove it home i just fell in love with it,  The car in question is a Volkswagen Golf MK5 1.6 FSI, And this car does shift very quick and the power is just crazy, I have told my mum to get a golf for a very long time ago because they are good cars and also has a lot more features in them then most cars on todays market.

The NOW TV Box | Review

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I have been looking around for a new type of entertainment for my room and my TV for a while now as i used to have SKY as i found that this was a lot of money when i hardly ever used it, I only wanted SKY for basically for SKY 1 to watch the Simpsons UK Gold & Dave to watch my comedy programmes etc! At the time my brother decided that he would cut me off from his internet so i couldn't use it anymore and told me to get my own provider! As we already with Virgin Media it was very hard to get a new line installed when my brother is the account holder for the TV, Phone and internet so it wasn't easy. So in the end i decided that i would go with SKY for the TV and the internet and when i agreed that i would sign up to them i didn't realise that i would also need a land line installed for the internet to work, I wasn't very happy with this because there was a £15 per month line rental charge including everything else what was included. I originally started my contract with SKY on 14th November 2014 and i had the family bundle witch was about £35.00 per month with the internet and the phone line and all i paid was £10 for the set up as at the time i was still insolvent and getting things like this would be very hard but it was very easy and straight forward, My bills from that period went up and down all the time as you could add different packages and box sets all the time and my highest bill that i ever had was over £189.00 as i added F1 sky sports channel and that made the bill up to the amount witch was a lot of money! I fell behind with the account just before Christmas 2016 where there was a outstanding bill for £219.14 and in that time i fell ill with my depression and then i decided that i would rip it all out witch i did and a few weeks later my brother decided that he would allow me to share the internet once again.

Since then i have been using a Freeview indoor Ariel to watch TV as i have got a Freeview TV witch i didn't know nothing about, I have bought a few of these Ariels and none of them gives out a good signal sometimes i could get a really strong signal if i lean it out of the window and stay there all day and then if i move the Ariel it would loose the signal and i wouldn't be able to find a new place to put the Ariel. As my TV is on the wall just beside my window it is very hard to put a Freeview indoor Ariel by the window as my power leads are not long enough and sometimes i wish that i just stayed with SKY And just have the SKY Q installed as i was really upset about it. Within a couple of months of me watching no TV i sometimes used the internet to watch the things that i wanted to watch and then there would be my TV on the wall just doing completely nothing, As the TV is kinda special to me as it was a gift from my auntie who bought it for me back in 2014 for my SKY to be installed so its very special to me and it means a lot to me. As i was getting so annoyed  as i wanted to watch TV again i was gonna ask someone to come out and sort me out a Freeview Ariel to put outside on the roof and feed it back into my TV but no one in my family offered to help me with it witch i was so angry about as i could easily get a good picture on my TV with it. As time was going on i thought about getting one of these NOW TV boxes Apple TV's and i really didn't want one in the first place as they wouldn't be no good for me and i went into CEX  a few months ago and bought a Apple TV but it was the wrong one and i wanted the brand new one where you can download apps from the store! As i owed this money to SKY i was thinking about getting Virgin TV in my name and in my own bedroom where me and my brother had a massive augment over it and saying its still a waste of money and you will never watch it like the SKY (He has a point there) So i went into the store in town and got everything sorted out, They found me a really good deal and told me all about the terms and conditions and went ahead with the order, As there was already a Virgin media line in our house there would have to be a credit check done and a line check as my brother is the account holder and i said thats all fine. As i paid a deposit of £20 i just walked out of the shop and waited for the information to come back from Virgin Media.

Britney Spears Curious - The Collection

Thursday, 2 March 2017

I have been a massive fan of Britney Spears from a early age and i was so excited when she released her very first Fragrance in 2004 Curious, I was 15 when this amazing perfume came out and this was my very first item of perfume that i ever had from my amazing collection witch i have today, Britney had put in a lot of work into her perfume and i was very excited to try it for the first time, I can remember having a sample of this amazing scent and i was totally speechless and i wanted one straight away as it smelt so good, I had the original bottle that was 100ml witch came with the Atomiser. I think i had the gift set that came with the amazing Lather me up Shower gel , You're so smooth Body Polish and the amazing Deliciously whipped body soufflé. When i had the 100ml bottle with the Atomiser i always found it quite easy to use and sometimes it would stick and i would need to take the lid of so i could get some perfume out but saying that they have changed the bottles now and we don't have a issue with the Atomiser ones, I would love to have the Atomiser one again but i feel like that the Atomiser would get stuck again and i would waste a lot of perfume and they are not very easy to get these days, Curious has that scent of white floral scent and has notes are Louisiana magnolia, golden Anjou pearlotus flower, tuberosestar jasmine, pink cyclamenvanilla-infused musksandalwood and blonde woods, And Elizabeth Arden put a special vanilla infused musk in it and added Louisiana magnolia. Spears said that the magnolia reminds her of home. As this was Britney's very first fragrance Curious was released in September 2004, and was very successful internationally. It was the number one fragrance of 2004 in department stores, and in 2005, "Curious" was honored by the Fragrance Foundation as Best Women's Fragrance.

Britney made a Advert for the perfume he TV advertisement for Curious, "Hotel Rooms," was conceived at agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and directed by Dave Meyers through production company The set was built on a stage instead of in an actual hotel. Actor Eric Winter plays Spears' love interest in the TV commercial.It starts off with Winter and Spears noticing each other before they go in their neighboring hotel rooms. Then, they are shown thinking about each other with Spears walking towards the door to Winter's hotel room. Then, fantasies of Spears and the latter having sex are shown mixed with things like a cartoon, a flower and a rodeo. It ends with Spears gazing at the camera. Britney also released some products that was sold individually for her Curious campaign and i can remember having the body Soufflé and i couldn't possibly live without it as it was one of the best body lotions that was out and it lasted all day long and it was quite simple and very easy to apply and i loved it so much that i wanted some more, My auntie had her first taste of it and she loved it as well and she has had a tube of the Deliciously whipped body soufflé now for a very long time and it is still going strong to this day and when i asked her for some i knew straight away that i needed some, It is very hard to find these products brand new in there boxes as it is about a few years old now but it is still going very strong and people are still love Britney's Fragrances  including me since the launch of Curious in 2004 she has released a load more that has been a huge success and even launched Curious in Control and & Curious heart (witch is very hard to find in 100ml) they are both the same Design of the original Curious bottle but has the colour changed from blue to black and pink (Curious in control) and pink and blue (Curious Heart)

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Range / Review

Thursday, 16 February 2017

It’s the weekend, and to me that means one thing to try the brand new Lee Stafford range!
A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent the new Lee Stafford Coco Loco range to try out. I reviewed some of the Argan oil products a few months ago  and I’ve been using the Argan oil Miracle Mist every day since so I was super excited to review the newest range!

I love using coconut oil in my hair to try and give it some life but there are two things I hate about using it on its own the overpowering smell, and the fact you have to sit around for hours with a ton of grease in your hair for it to work. Usually I have to take an afternoon off, cover my hair in the oil, shove it in a towel and not go anywhere for 5 hours  and Then have a shower to wash it all out. Too much faff for me, sorry
Luckily that’s why I’m thrilled with this new Lee Stafford range, because all of the products contain coconut oil and none of it involves the faffy, greasy, leave oil in your hair for hours’ situation. Plus the smell is yummy, the coconut scent is still there but it’s subtle, sweet and pretty much edible.
I have to mention the name too, because coco loco makes me think of you go Glen Coco and anything that reminds me of Mean Girls is automatically amazing.
So, onto the products. First I tested out the shampoo and conditioner. Not much to say about them other than the fact they smell absolutely delicious and they make my hair SO shiny! I have quite damaged ends at the moment so any health boosts are much appreciated. I’ve been using both regularly and they seem to be lasting a while too!

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