Zoella Beauty - Jelly & Gelato Collection

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I have been a fan of the Zoella Beauty range since it first launched and I have been a fan of Zoe since before she even started her YouTube channel as I was a blog reader first! I recently stocked up on a tonne of products as they were so cheap on Feel Unique in the sale. Zoella Beauty has just launched a brand new collection for Summer and I can't wait to get my hands on it as I love sweet scents!

This collection includes eight gorgeous looking products, I can't wait to get my hands on them all! I have already ordered one of them to make sure that I like the scent before I purchase them all but I have never been disappointed with Zoe's products so I am sure I will own them in no time. The eight products in the Jelly and Gelato collection are:

Gelato Shower Sauce £3.75 (will be £5)
This one of two shower gel products in the collection and this is the one I have actually ordered! I have always liked the formulations of the Zoella Beauty shower gels so I am sure this won't disappoint. Available - HERE

Gelato Bath Wafers £3.75 (will be £5)
I think I might have to order these next as they sound so interesting! These are fizzy bath wafers that have been enriched with extracts of Elderflower and Pomegranate to help brighten, smooth and tone. I love a bath product and these are available - HERE

Gelato Body Pudding £6 (will be £8)
This is a lightly whipped body moisturiser that has also been enriched with extracts of Elderflower and Pomegranate to help brighten, smooth and tone. This is to be massaged into clean skin for a soft yet fragrant finish. This product is available - HERE

Gelat'Eau Body Mist £6 (will be £8)
This is the perfume from the collection and I can't wait to see what this smells like! I have always loved and rated the Zoella Beauty fragrance mists, I have gone through a few of each scent and they are so long lasting on the skin and how cute is the name! This product is available - HERE

Gelato Shower Shake £4.50 (will be £6)
This is the second shower gel related product in the collection but this will not only cleanse the skin, it will also moisturise too! It has been blended with extracts of Elderflower and Pomegranate to brighten smooth and tone. This product is available - HERE

My PIP Assessment - The Experience

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I knew that the day was just around the corner for me when i had to finally put the claim in for PIP after being on DLA for almost 25 years of my life, I knew that my DLA wasn't awarded for life anymore due to the new terms and conditions of the new disability changes by DWP and i would have to face the dreaded assessment to see if i would qualify for the new benefit. I knew that DLA was being replaced with PIP and i just didn't wanna face it all and carry on as normal as i never had a issue with my current claim for DLA and everything was paid on time and it was great, I have been reading months before i actually put my claim in for PIP that there was a lot of people loosing there entitlement and just living on the normal weekly rate and not being able to pay bills and live, I just didn't wanna be one of those people who would face the chop and loosing everything and not being able to pay my bills and rent.

My current claim for DLA doesn't run out as i am awarded it for life but due to these new changes by the DWP that i just had to wait until September 2017 when the DWP would send me the details over to claim for DLA.  As my claim was running out the i deiced that i would apply for PIP myself rather then the DWP contact me about claiming as i wanted it done and sorted before September as i have a big event coming up and i didn't wanna have that worrying me and upsetting me on a very special day! I finally apply in January 2017 and they asked me a few questions over the phone about my disabilities and illnesses and told me that i would need to fill a form out and send it back within a weeks to see if i would be able to claim for the new benefit. The form was completely different to DLA and there were more paperwork that i had ever seen just to apply for the new disability benefit and i don't know how i managed to fill the form out without my mums help i do not know but i sent it all back and then i waited for a assessment letter to arrive to see a health professional.
I was reading viva the internet and support groups how people had to go though these awful assessments to claim PIP and being turned down for it and not getting the right support and needs for each person who had a disability and also not understanding about there illnesses!

My DLA has been with me since 1992 and i am very thankful to the people who actually put the claim in for me almost 25 years ago to help with my needs and disability, Back then DLA was just being introduced and as i was just coming out of hospital i didn't know anything about the new benefit at all and i wasn't well at all as the Encephalitis damaged my brain so much that i wasn't able to talk and walk until i was about 10 and i was in a really bad way until then. I cannot really complain about DLA as it has helped with a lot of my equipment over the years and without it it would of been very hard for my mum to look after me and also has helped me to have social life to go out with friends and family and get the things that i love so much,
The assessment for PIP was one of the worse that i have ever experienced for calming any kinda benefit and i must say that i would never ever wanna be put though it ever again even if it is a check up as they were horrible and very rude to me and also didn't have a clue about my disability and illnesses,  I had to attend my assessment at the docks (witch was new to me as i have never been there for anything) of course my mum went with me to the appointment as i cannot remember half of my life and when i became ill so it was very important that she came with me. The person who was doing my assessment was looking at me while i was walking into the assessment room and when i sat down and saw that there was paper towel covering the glass on the door and i was looking at my mum and she was looking me saying whats going to happen,

The 90s Tag

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Let’s do the 90’s Questions Tag, shall we? It’s a short questionnaire about my favorites from the 90’s. Are you ready? Let’s go!
01. What Kinda TV Services Did You Used To Have ?
We used to have the old Telewest Box (Now Virgin Media) and we had what was the first called cabled Television the box was huge and ugly looking, My mum took the first contract out for the services sometime around 1997 - 1998 and then we have carried on with them when they became Virgin media, The account is now in my brothers name and we have TV Phone & Broadband with them and the services are excellent since the early days of cable and satellite.

02. What Was Your Favourite TV Programme ?
As there was so much to choose from back then and of course TV was so much better then today and there was so much to choose from, As i used to spend a lot of time with my dad we used to watch BBC two's comedy night witch was on Friday nights and this had a lot of comedy programmes including the Fast show , Shooting Stars & Red Dwarf. I used to watch a lot of comedy stuff when i was younger and Shooting Stars was my all time favourite show as i used to watch it every Friday night since i was 7, My dad also enjoyed the show as well and i just remember watching it with my dad and just laughing my head off as it was so funny all time time. At the time i didn't really understand the format of the show and i am now 26 i fully understand the full format of the show and how it all works and it is a piece of comedy history. As the BBC axed this show in 2013 i felt really sad as i grew up watching this programme and of courser Vic & Bob and no one can ever replace this show and it was very well made and formatted as a game show. I still watch it to this day even if it is over 20 years old because it is brilliant.

03. What Was Your Favourite Toy ?
I had a original Fubry when they came out in 1998 and i can remember standing outside Torys R Us with my nan and my mum waiting to get one and it was a huge line, At time time i was 9 and this new toy was fantastic and something that i had never seen before and it was super cute as well. When i first saw it on the TV i thought it was amazing how you could actually speak to it and connect other Furbys to it it was amazing toy for a 9 year old. I also had a Furby baby that was also super cute and adorable as i loved my Furby so much!

04. What Was Your Favourite TV Commercial ?
It was the Spice Girls Impulse ad as it came onto TV i always asked my mum to go out and get me some as it was the best Impulse spray ever made, I just loved how the girls caused a massive car crash and all the cars fell on top of each other and people in the cars looking at the girls with no clothes on (Actually they did have a top on while they were filming it) and it was a excellent advert for a amazing product.

05. What Was Your Favourite Collectables ?
Everyone knows that the Spice Girls Merchandise was huge and everyone wanted a piece of it and i can remember collecting there amazing stationary range from Pens , Pencils , Pencil cases and tins as they produced a lot of stationary for school etc! I loved my long spice Girls pencil case and the pencils that came in a pack of 10 and 5 and there big rulers. I am also on the look about now for some more Spice Girls stationary as i used to love it as a kid and it was so well made as well.

My Visits To BBC Television Centre 12.06.2009 + 12.06.2010

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Back sometime in 2002 - 2003 when i was in my final years at school we had a 2 slot lesson called Asdan at this allowed us to anything that we wanted even making something from start to finish, I think these were called challenges and we had to color in the time clocks on a sheet to show how much we was progressing on each of our projects every week. I cannot remember what my first project was called and i have no knowledge of me even doing anything as sometimes i was taken out of my lesson to catch up on some work that i had missed before hand. I don't know what made me wanna do this as a project but i was so interested in the BBC and i wanted to do something about them on my Asdan project i knew that i would able to get a lot of information i started doing a lot of research on the company and i couldn't believe how much information that i did find every week it was tonnes, Once i had all the information and history on the company i started to look at there buildings and the one that i was very interested in was Television Centre in west London and i couldn't believe how big this place looked when i saw it for the first time online and i said to myself that i really wanna work there when i leave collage and hopefully work for the BBC. I had so much work to do on my Asdan project every week that sometimes i ended up taking the folder home and doing it because there was so much to do and i was also thinking was i gonna get this all done in time before my dead line, I ended up finishing my project a week for before it was due to be collected and i was so proud of my work and what i had achieved over 4 weeks of research and information that i found on this amazing company! I was awarded a top mark for my project and i was given something for my hard work (Cannot remember what it was now) all i wanted to do now that my project was finished i wanted to there main building in west London.
When i started collage in September 2005 i was given the chance to go and visit the BBC in West London by one of my teachers who was taking the group to the center and i asked if was allowed to go and they were so kind about it and said that there wouldn't be enough room in the mini bus and i was quite gutted but i knew before i finished collage i would take myself there, I asked my friends what the tour was like and how big it was in real life and they said it is the most amazing place in the world and they saw into the studios as well and i was gutted that i couldn't go with them. I saw the photos from the tour and they had a photo taken outside the huge steps outside where the main news area was.In 2009 my birthday was just around the corner and i wanted to go to London and spend it at Television center and i knew that i was letting myself into so much as i had never been to London on my own and also using the London underground all on my own, no one wouldn't come with me so i made myself go to the tour on my own and also i still can't understand how i managed to get to the center and use theunderground all by myself and got back home safely,

Spice Girls Impulse Spray

Do you remember?  it was 1997 and the Spice Girls exploded on the scene with there amazing products and there official Merchandise, I was only 8 years old when Spice main actually took off and i can remember listing to there hit single Wannabe when i was 6, I knew when the Spice Girls started to bring out some of there products between 1996 & 1997 i knew from that day in 1996 when Wannabe went to number 1 that these Girls had more to offer then just music. When i was 8 i was attending my special needs in 1997 when the Spice girls brought out there amazing products and i cannot really recall seeing any of there products in my local stores only the impulse Spice and there amazing lollipops by Chupa Chups witch i saw in my local co - op store, I didn't expect to have any of the Spice girls official merchandise and products as my mum thought that it would be kinda too young for me but my mum one day brought home some of this spray that was made my Impulse and she said that you will love it as it has Spice Girls written all over it, As i was unable to speak very well at the time my mum sprayed some on me and i said i love that scent and since that day in 1997 i have been a huge fan of the Impulse Spice spray for over 20 years. Impulse had made this stunning can of spray and it was very colourful and attracted for girls my age to have something that was made from the Spice Girls in a Spray witch absolutely smelt like heaven, I had a few cans of it in my childhood days and when my mum would go shopping she would always get about two or 3 cans as it was very cheap and it would go on and last me a few weeks at a time, There campaign for the product was very huge and very popular as there was also a few more products that was also added to the campaign including there famous 1310 - 2 Buffalo platforms witch was signed by all of the 5 girls for a Competition with impulse to give away to a lucky Spice Girls fan, I believe that Liz west who has the biggest Spice Girls collection has these and she was the lucky winner of this amazing price, I don't recall seeing a lot of the other products that they produced as i was reading that they also brought out a limited edition perfume edition in a glass bottle and also a roll on deodorant witch i would absolutely love in my collection that was only available in Mexico in 1997 so i really don't know if you can personally still get this on eBay as i would love one.
There is no other Impulse fragrance that beats this amazing product from the Spice Girls anywhere and also the scent reminds me of my childhood and when i smell it it just takes me back to the time when the Spice Girls was around and i can also remember seeing the advert for this and i absolutely loved it and how it was made,

The NOW TV Box | Review

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I have been looking around for a new type of entertainment for my room and my TV for a while now as i used to have SKY as i found that this was a lot of money when i hardly ever used it, I only wanted SKY for basically for SKY 1 to watch the Simpsons UK Gold & Dave to watch my comedy programmes etc! At the time my brother decided that he would cut me off from his internet so i couldn't use it anymore and told me to get my own provider! As we already with Virgin Media it was very hard to get a new line installed when my brother is the account holder for the TV, Phone and internet so it wasn't easy. So in the end i decided that i would go with SKY for the TV and the internet and when i agreed that i would sign up to them i didn't realise that i would also need a land line installed for the internet to work, I wasn't very happy with this because there was a £15 per month line rental charge including everything else what was included. I originally started my contract with SKY on 14th November 2014 and i had the family bundle witch was about £35.00 per month with the internet and the phone line and all i paid was £10 for the set up as at the time i was still insolvent and getting things like this would be very hard but it was very easy and straight forward, My bills from that period went up and down all the time as you could add different packages and box sets all the time and my highest bill that i ever had was over £189.00 as i added F1 sky sports channel and that made the bill up to the amount witch was a lot of money! I fell behind with the account just before Christmas 2016 where there was a outstanding bill for £219.14 and in that time i fell ill with my depression and then i decided that i would rip it all out witch i did and a few weeks later my brother decided that he would allow me to share the internet once again.

Since then i have been using a Freeview indoor Ariel to watch TV as i have got a Freeview TV witch i didn't know nothing about, I have bought a few of these Ariels and none of them gives out a good signal sometimes i could get a really strong signal if i lean it out of the window and stay there all day and then if i move the Ariel it would loose the signal and i wouldn't be able to find a new place to put the Ariel. As my TV is on the wall just beside my window it is very hard to put a Freeview indoor Ariel by the window as my power leads are not long enough and sometimes i wish that i just stayed with SKY And just have the SKY Q installed as i was really upset about it. Within a couple of months of me watching no TV i sometimes used the internet to watch the things that i wanted to watch and then there would be my TV on the wall just doing completely nothing, As the TV is kinda special to me as it was a gift from my auntie who bought it for me back in 2014 for my SKY to be installed so its very special to me and it means a lot to me. As i was getting so annoyed  as i wanted to watch TV again i was gonna ask someone to come out and sort me out a Freeview Ariel to put outside on the roof and feed it back into my TV but no one in my family offered to help me with it witch i was so angry about as i could easily get a good picture on my TV with it. As time was going on i thought about getting one of these NOW TV boxes Apple TV's and i really didn't want one in the first place as they wouldn't be no good for me and i went into CEX  a few months ago and bought a Apple TV but it was the wrong one and i wanted the brand new one where you can download apps from the store! As i owed this money to SKY i was thinking about getting Virgin TV in my name and in my own bedroom where me and my brother had a massive augment over it and saying its still a waste of money and you will never watch it like the SKY (He has a point there) So i went into the store in town and got everything sorted out, They found me a really good deal and told me all about the terms and conditions and went ahead with the order, As there was already a Virgin media line in our house there would have to be a credit check done and a line check as my brother is the account holder and i said thats all fine. As i paid a deposit of £20 i just walked out of the shop and waited for the information to come back from Virgin Media.

Britney Spears Curious - The Collection

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I have been a massive fan of Britney Spears from a early age and i was so excited when she released her very first Fragrance in 2004 Curious, I was 15 when this amazing perfume came out and this was my very first item of perfume that i ever had from my amazing collection witch i have today, Britney had put in a lot of work into her perfume and i was very excited to try it for the first time, I can remember having a sample of this amazing scent and i was totally speechless and i wanted one straight away as it smelt so good, I had the original bottle that was 100ml witch came with the Atomiser. I think i had the gift set that came with the amazing Lather me up Shower gel , You're so smooth Body Polish and the amazing Deliciously whipped body soufflé. When i had the 100ml bottle with the Atomiser i always found it quite easy to use and sometimes it would stick and i would need to take the lid of so i could get some perfume out but saying that they have changed the bottles now and we don't have a issue with the Atomiser ones, I would love to have the Atomiser one again but i feel like that the Atomiser would get stuck again and i would waste a lot of perfume and they are not very easy to get these days, Curious has that scent of white floral scent and has notes are Louisiana magnolia, golden Anjou pearlotus flower, tuberosestar jasmine, pink cyclamenvanilla-infused musksandalwood and blonde woods, And Elizabeth Arden put a special vanilla infused musk in it and added Louisiana magnolia. Spears said that the magnolia reminds her of home. As this was Britney's very first fragrance Curious was released in September 2004, and was very successful internationally. It was the number one fragrance of 2004 in department stores, and in 2005, "Curious" was honored by the Fragrance Foundation as Best Women's Fragrance.

Britney made a Advert for the perfume he TV advertisement for Curious, "Hotel Rooms," was conceived at agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and directed by Dave Meyers through production company radical.media. The set was built on a stage instead of in an actual hotel. Actor Eric Winter plays Spears' love interest in the TV commercial.It starts off with Winter and Spears noticing each other before they go in their neighboring hotel rooms. Then, they are shown thinking about each other with Spears walking towards the door to Winter's hotel room. Then, fantasies of Spears and the latter having sex are shown mixed with things like a cartoon, a flower and a rodeo. It ends with Spears gazing at the camera. Britney also released some products that was sold individually for her Curious campaign and i can remember having the body Soufflé and i couldn't possibly live without it as it was one of the best body lotions that was out and it lasted all day long and it was quite simple and very easy to apply and i loved it so much that i wanted some more, My auntie had her first taste of it and she loved it as well and she has had a tube of the Deliciously whipped body soufflé now for a very long time and it is still going strong to this day and when i asked her for some i knew straight away that i needed some, It is very hard to find these products brand new in there boxes as it is about a few years old now but it is still going very strong and people are still love Britney's Fragrances  including me since the launch of Curious in 2004 she has released a load more that has been a huge success and even launched Curious in Control and & Curious heart (witch is very hard to find in 100ml) they are both the same Design of the original Curious bottle but has the colour changed from blue to black and pink (Curious in control) and pink and blue (Curious Heart)

Dr.Dre Beats Pill | Full Review

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I have seen a lot of Dr. Dre products around for a while now and i wasn't in any mind of me ever gonna buy anything from the range as i would thought that i wouldn't ever use any of the wireless speakers and headphones that i have been reading are one of the best on the market, I have used so many headphones in my lifetime and every pair that i have ever had has even been poor sound quality and been very cheaply made, I used to love the JMC brand for headphones until i wanted something with more base and sound in so i then turned to Sony where they wasn't as good as i thought and then i decided that i would get my mum to buy me some Dr.Dre Urbeats for my birthday in 2014 and i can remember having a purple pair and they were very expensive back then until Argos had them in the sale and then my mum agreed that she would buy them for me, When i went into Argos to get them i was very surprised to see how well they were packaged for a pair of headphones worth over £100 and i was so shocked when i placed them into my computer that the sound quality was incredible and i was the best pair of headphones that i had ever owned in my whole life, I had the headphones for over a year util i decided to blow out the earphone where i needed to get some more and i was gutted when these headphones stopped working.

I couldn't really decide on what headphones that i wanted to get next as by now there was brand new Dr.Dre headphones out and i had seen some on the Apple site that they had some rose gold ones and they were even more expensive then the ones that i had originally! As i was waiting for the next Argos sale again i asked my mum if i could have some more for my Birthday the following year and she got me the same headphones but this time in Pink and they are still going strong to this day with no problems and i cannot live without my Dr.Dre headphones now as they are one of the best headphones in the world.

Looking Back At My Childhood Home

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It has never been easy for me looking back at my previous homes and where i used to live as it does upset me so much as it also brings back a tonne of memories of me my brother & my mum and how things used to be like growing up (especially me) my dad always told me while i was growing up that this house would be mine and my brothers one day whatever happened, Well in 2000 my dad wasn't very well he had so much to cope with on a regular basis that he was feeling depressed and he wanted a life somewhere else, My uncle said to my dad come on and move to Wales to make a fresh start as my uncle encouraged him to make the move on 27th October 2000! When my dad told me that he was moving over 300 miles away it was very hard to cope with for a 10 year old and not being able to see your dad on a regular basics and it was very hard for me for a couple of years until i was old enough to understand why my dad needed to move away! This house does hold so many special memories as this is the house that i grew up in between 1989 until 2000 and so much happened in this house over the years and i really don't know where to begin, My mum had her own card business that she ran for a few years and we had a extension built to store the cards and paperwork that was needed to run the company and to my surprise that extension is still there to this day and the previous owners has made it in to a living room complete with a open fire, I used to visit my dad every day after school and spend the night with him when my mum would come and pick me up in the morning for school and this was something that i will remember for a very long time as we used to do everything together and it was wonderful, Me and my dad would watch everything together even comedy programmes and it was truly special. I can also remember that my dad had a heart attack in this house and i was so brave that i called the ambulance to him and the paramedics had to put him on a stretcher and took him to hospital and it was a frightening experience for me at a young age but i am so glad that i did what i did and saved my dads life.

Meeting Peter Andre | Book Signing Tour 18.10.2016 WH Smith's Gloucester

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I have never ever met any one famous in my life only the time when i was chosen to speak with Natalie (From Cascada) out of thousands of people when she was doing Eurovision in 2013 in Hannover in Germany, As i am a huge Cascada fan i thought that i wouldn't be chosen to speak with Natalie on that day in 2013 but she loved my question so much that i had won a personal video chat with my idol Natalie. Natalie is the most caring and very supportive person that i have ever met in my life and when she spoke to me i just started to cry as i was so shocked that i had won and speaking to my idol live on webcam, We had a lovely chat together and asked me all about my collection that i had at the time and she was very impressed with it and told me that she hasn't seen a collection like mine before and she was well chuffed and even retweeted it on Twitter after the day she saw it on my Twitter feed. Also i have had my hair done like Natalie's a few years ago and she loved it and even retweeted it that on Twitter! Natalie does also follow me on Twitter after the girls from Team Cascada on Facebook witch i have knowed them for a few years!
When i saw that Peter Andre was coming to my home town on his book tour to sign his brand new book i was shocked because a lot of famous people hardly comes to my town so seeing celebrities in my home town is very rare and when someone does come it is all over the news and the paper. Originally i wasn't gonna meet Peter Andre as i was a little bit unsure what the atmosphere would be like as i have never ever had a book signed by no one in person. I saw the information about Peter Andre was coming in our local newspaper and i was thinking about it if i wanted to go and see him!
On the day when Peter was coming i originally went into town and done what i needed to do and then  i spotted the information on WH Smiths door and then decided that i would wanna meet him and went in and got a wristband as it was limited to 400 people event only and it was only £13.99 for the book and also to meet Peter Himself.
I had a few hours to wait because everyone told me that he wasn't arriving until 4.00 pm and wouldn't start until 4.30 pm and as i used to work in WH Smiths i knew where everything was in the store and stock room and i was thinking at the same time where would he come out because there isn't really enough room for him to land in a chopper etc! I started to Line up just after 2.27pm as there was a line already building up and i though as i haven't got anything else to do i might as well wait here and its better to be late then early.